Annotating the Canadian DMCA "Radical Extremist" speech

Michael Geist sez, "When Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore delivered his speech last month labeling any opponents of his copyright bill 'radical extremists,' some noted that the comments ran counter to many well-known groups and individuals who had expressed concern with the digital lock provisions found in C-32. Working with one of my research assistants Tamara Winegust, we've created an annotated edition of the speech that mixes in comments from politicians and groups involved in copyright issues."

James Moore's "Radical Extremists" Speech: Annotated Edition (Thanks, Michael!)


  1. the problem in Canada is the fact that the populace is numb to change – it’s really about covering your own ass in Canada, get my truck, pay my mortgage, get my kids to hockey… People in Canada never suffered on their own soil, they are not ever challenged to a great degree – so it’s let’s keep it between the ditches and not discuss the BS. there hasn’t been a solid govt here in years.
    the best example is the amount the monopolized Telco’s gouge out of the masses. tons of documented arguments/petitions/etc, and ZERO change.
    anyway, way to go MG, again!
    anti-DMCA film from 2002:

  2. Even if this guy thinks what he’s saying is completely true, he’s still being a douche about it. That’s not how you approach politics … I would prefer to see him using false figures and citing people to his advantage; but instead he clearly just states that anyone that disagrees with him is wrong.

    THAT is wrong.

    Democracy is about choice, not right and wrong. Besides … he’s wrong anyway.

    I wonder how much he’s getting in his back pocket from the music industry?

  3. James Moore, you need to be fired, so your position can be filled with someone who represents the needs of actual Canadian citizens.

  4. This a great idea Mr. Geist, but your video would have more impact if you included still images of the “radical extremists” along with their rebuttal text, name and titles.

    Narrating what they have said would fit the medium better as well.

    The ideal would be to have them repeat their messages to camera or by phone/Skype. This would be rather time consuming, and countering Ministerial bullshit in a timely manner is important.

    The ultimate would be to get Samantha Bee to interview Minister Moore et al. Not gonna happen but a boy can dream can’t he?

  5. My wife-to-be is currently working on behalf of the government through a contracting organization; she researches natural health products and determines the efficacy of their ingredients for submission in a report to health Canada. The thing I found/find funny about this legislation is that my dear lady’s job is based around collecting digital copies of various studies and reports from all over the web, through any means necessary: extending through pillaging databases and scientific journals to acquire these studies as pdfs.
    The pdfs she finds are then submitted alongside the report about the health product, to the government, without any consideration for where they’re coming from, nor whether they are under copyright. Surely the bureaucratic process in this country extends its legislation to include its own government? then again, apparently not.

    1. Here’s the thing though: he’s actually a tool who *does* know what he’s talking about but is willfully ignoring reality to further his political career. He’s my MP and I’ve spoken to him at length on this issue – he’s not a moron, he’s a crook. Just check out the interview he did with George Stroumboulopoulos a while back – he’s not the brightest bulb on the planet, but he makes most of his colleagues (including Tony Clement) look like Opie from Family Guy when it comes to this issue.

  6. Yes Canadians are busy trying to get through the day, which is not always easy. It certainly still looks as though there IS still a recession on, even if the government has decided there isn’t in hopes it will go away if they pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Most Canadians don’t even know there is a problem, and won’t until there is a Canadian DMCA in place and our kids start get hauled off to jail for things that were legal yesterday. Our media is not telling people.

    Canada’s “National Newspaper” routinely equates downloading with illegality.

    The worst of it is, Bill C-32 WILL impact negatively on all Canadians. What offends me the most is the total governmental regard for individuals.

    I am both a consumer and a creator and Bill C-32 will affect me. Yet Mr. Moore’s only concern is for the agenda of a corporate special interest group.

  7. Never mind the fact that everything he’s saying is complete crap.

    Never mind the fact the everything he’s saying is essentially just putting words into other people’s mouths, and therefore, one gigantic straw man.

    Never mind the complete hypocrisy in a speech which warns against fear mongers, and then goes on into a highly conjectured speech about secret ulterior motives.

    Never mind all that, listen to the way he’s talking – the tone, the flat out nervousness. Any cop worth his salt would know that doughboy is lying through his teeth at 100 paces.

    ….. so if you want to talk about ulterior motives…….

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