Insectile leather mask from Bob Basset

Ukrainian mask-maker Bob Basset is really exploring the insectile with this latest mask, the DRTM 10.



  1. Actually, it looks just like a TIE-fighter pilot crossed with Greedo (who shot first).

    Johannes Ochs

  2. There’s a disturbing pattern of these things popping up on boingboing lately… has there been a market shift? Is there a larger proportion of `fetishists’ among us? ;)

    1. Nope. But they do seem more vocal lately. Or should I say “we”? I kind of like this too.

  3. Awesome helmet for motorcycle drag racing, maybe. Zero peripheral vision in this thing. You’re looking out the bottoms of two soda bottles.

    Otherwise I’d drive around in my car wearing this awesomeness.

    Greedo wants a cut for modeling his head.

  4. Yet another amazing mask. The first thing I thought of was the daring jumping spider, Phidippus audax. It just needs six more eyes and some irridescent mouth parts. Come to think of it, Phidippus Audax would make a great Steampunk name. He could have a steam-powered exoskeleton to jump from dirigible to dirigible.

  5. These would be much cooler if they were modeled on an actual person. They lose something just being on a bust.

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