Scott Albrecht's typographical fine art

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New York painter and graphic designer Scott Albrecht has a show of new work opening August 27 at San Francisco's Curiosity Shoppe. I wasn't familiar with Albrecht's work until now, but I find his fine art, typography, and woodworking to be very warm, rich, and modern. The show, titled "SOMETHINGMISTAKENFORNOTHING," runs until September 26. "The title of the show comes from a constant theme throughout the works, which deals with the idea of discardness within human interactions," he says. "There will be a bunch of new works as well as two prints, and a zine cataloging most of my more recent work." You can also see a nice selection of Albrecht's art on his personal site, Scotty Five Alive (Thanks, Maléna Seldin!)


  1. That one right there looks like it was made in 1978. We used to have a dining room table that was refinished in that same greenish-oakish stain.

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