The Venn Diagram of cardigans

The Venn diagram of cardigans. (via Information is Beautiful)


    1. I agree. The diagram, while amusing, doesn’t really ring true to me about the people who choose to wear cardigans.

        1. Any cardigans of mine that are old and lonely would probably only direct their hatred towards those damn pesky moths.

  1. I too, have several old, lonely cardigans in my cedar wardrobe, so I am confident that their hatred is less directed at moths, given the environment, but is more of an angst directed at those blah shaped – non-styled wind breakers that pass for light weight evening slap dash.

    It was a phase, what can I say? However, I have a jet black shiny zipper front windbreaker from the original Northrop Stealth Bomber project, and it is tres chic &
    cool cool cool and I shall never part with it, despite the fact that it exists as a testament to the Military Industrial Complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us against. The warning is worth reading on a regular basis. That is why I keep the jacket — that’s it — it is as a timely reminder. Also, it is very cool and tres chic. Well it is.

  2. After polling each of my cardigans, it is the Argyle alone who purports to being lonely and/or hateful. In addition, these emotions are directed solely at Old Navy for their recent attempt at rendering Argyle as “cool” thus negating any validity to the concept for a period of 10 years, minimum.

    As to that which is “tres chic” and “cool”, I refer you back to Fred Rogers who, in addition to being an accomplished pianist, receiving the presidential Medal of Freedom, working with early Child Developmental Psychology developer Erik Erikkson, being an ordained Presbyterian minister and almost single-handedly saving PBS, also reassured each of us that the bathtub monster would never pull us down the drain since we couldn’t possibly fit.

    I will never forget the episode, viewed later in life, where Mr Rogers jammed on the Neighborhood’s theme music with Wynton Marsalis. Fred Rogers had some serious chops; the man could PLAY. The very epitome of cool.

    Truly, it IS a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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