Giant, fetishistically detailed Little Nemo art

Zak sez, "If you've ever seen Windsor McCay's LITTLE NEMO -- particularly the gorgeous full-sized collections -- you know how involved the illustrations got. Cartoonist Jeremy Bastian just did an enormous commission of Little Nemo that captures McCay's style perfectly. It is 13 by 9 inches and is inked by brush. According to the person who commissioned it, it took Jeremy two weeks of 10-hour days to draw it. The person who commissioned it has several close-ups of the details on this page."

Jeremy Bastian, The Little Nemo Commission (Thanks, Zak!)


  1. The most amazing thing about this illustration is that Bastian’s insane detail can make 9×13″ look so huge. Apparently he uses a size triple zero brush and works really really small.

    Also, word is that the Cursed Pirate Girl tpb is coming out around December. Which is great news since I just saw a fourth printing of issue one at my LCS.

  2. Fetishisticly? “Excessive attachment or regard?” Doesn’t look excessive to me.

    “The displacement of sexual arousal or gratification to a fetish.”

    That’s saying too much. And says more about the speaker than the artist.

  3. I named my dog (and half my online ID) Nemo after this cartoon 14 years ago then that damn Disney fish movie ruined everything and I’ve spent years explaining, “no not the fish, the cartoon and Jules Verne characters” and get blank stares. Nice to see I’m not the only one who loves this stuff.

  4. A lovely homage, altho Flip isn’t as scrofulously subversive as usual, and a bittersweet alas: no Impy, who was an intregral part of the Befuddle Hall adventure, but it’s understandable at this date. Only McCay’s architectural depth and range is lacking. The word balloons are just about perf!

  5. Jeremy’s Cursed Pirate Girl comic is AMAZING as well. Unfortunately, his work is still a bit of a well kept secret instead of him getting the attention his fans feel he deserves.

  6. You had me at “Giant, fetishistically detailed”.

    Literally, I use a scrolling RSS feed ticker thing and all it took was those words (and a quick prayer to Kibo that it wouldn’t be pr0ny) to get the click.

    So glad I did.

  7. That’s gorgeous stuff. I had to smile at the “13 by 9” size, having seen some McCay originals at the Newark Museum (well, -a- Newark Museum, anyway). They’re just plain huge. Even the book that prints the strips at original size is an order smaller than the pen and ink pieces.

    Which, incidentally, show no hesitation or sign of corrections, except for one that looks like he spilled the ink bottle on it and used some white paint to clean up. How I’d love to stand in front of Bastian’s original and drift into that world.

  8. Jeremy is one of the nicest artists you could ever meet. I always make it a point to go to his table when he is in the artist’s alley. I got a nice drawing of a turtle from him a few years back. Nothing like this though.

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