Death Star/TIE-fighter ear tattoo


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  1. vetnoir says:

    OK, I tried to resist….
    It’s a Tie fighter not an X-wing

  2. Cory Doctorow says:

    Mea maxima culpa. I plead jetlag, having crossed nine timezones over 30 hours yesterday, and risen at 2:30AM this morning to blog.

  3. Scuba SM says:

    Yeah, signed in for the same reason as the first two people. I’m actually surprised there’s not more posts on it.

  4. irksome says:

    Think before you ink.

  5. endymion says:

    Pretty cool. Too bad it’s Return of the Jedi…

    (Remember, before the three prequels, when Star Wars and Empire were basically awesome, and Jedi just wasn’t? Hard to remember those days. The prequels were the best thing that could possibly have happened to Jedi’s place in history.)

  6. danwarning says:

    I know a fellow who got a peace symbol tattooed on his ear many many years ago and the ear being made of what it is, turned it into a big old black blob fairly quickly.

    Not a great place for ink.

  7. TEKNA2007 says:

    That looks … inflamed.

    Great shooting, kid, don’t let it go to your … head.

    OK, I tried to resist….

    None can resist the powah of the dark side…

  8. benher says:

    All fresh tattoos have a bit of surrounding redness… I would be more worried about the design staying fresh and crisp due to the difference between the skin of the ear and, say, the skin of one’s arm.

    The ideas are always fun, but when it comes to tattooing certain areas of the body, one can only hope for so much.

    • jackie31337 says:

      That’s what I was wondering too. Ears seem like an unusual place for a tattoo. I think this is the first example I’ve ever seen.

  9. felsby says:

    what an absolutely lame display of diminished self-control and ditto taste.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why does that man have a cufflink and a mouse-eaten wheel of cheese tattoo onto his ear?

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