IT Crowd DVD boxed set, complete with fantasy RPG!


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  1. foobar says:

    Oh come on, how can you not love a papercraft d20?

  2. snakedart says:

    Eifel Tower!!!

  3. adonai says:

    Damn, I just hope they release the boxset without the show, seeing as I already have them all :\ Must. Have. Maurice. The. Destroyer.

    Also, can I point the Americans to multi-region DVD players, which we in the rest of the world have had to get in order to buy the awesome things from Amazon which never got distributed? Very handy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So in regards to the D20 being an abomination…what are the odds of someone buying this (someone who actually cares about the RPG swag) that doesn’t already having a desk drawer full of actual D20′s?

    • Anonymous says:

      -waves hand in the air- I want the special edition simply for the game. And whilst I could get a D20 from one of my friends, I don’t have any of my own.

      They had better release this edition in Australia.

  5. tuckels says:

    I must have a poster sized image of Maurice the Destroyer.

  6. Niklas says:

    That dice is an abomination! Every geek know that the sum of the opposite sides of a d20 is 21.

  7. Anonymous says:

    One, That DIE is an abomination, and two, also, THERE ARE TABS ON EVERY EDGE WTF. Couldn’t they have put a real d20 in the box? sheesh.

  8. Felton / Moderator says:

    “I’ve got a sword! I’ve got a ruddy sword!”

  9. Todd64 says:

    The IT Crowd was released in the US in Region 1 format
    there are special features

  10. mdh says:

    yah hah! the cutout version has different faces than the complete one in the foreground.


  11. Anonymous says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF DOUGLAS REHNHOLM, let me buy this in the US and play it????????

  12. facetedjewel says:

    Mmmmmmm . . . Richard Ayoade. I’ve tried turning it off, but I just get turned on again.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Unless it’s a turn-counter D20, I’ve seen an enormous one used for that. Designed so that incrementing it is easier.

    OTOH, this one is wrongwrongWRONG and I have a d20 that seems to be randomly assigned and it makes my head hurt every time I use it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way we can put pressure to get these awesome shows released in all-region format, or at least region-1 format for those of us in the united states ?

    I love the IT crowd, but thanks to these DVD region restrictions, I can’t even play their disks legally if I want to.

    So, yeah, for now, I’ll have to be one of the ones who continues to illegally download, until the DVD Copyright Control Association can get their collective heads out of their asses and you know… let me play media I buy on devices I own.

  15. cjp says:

    I hope they remembered to send a complimentary boxed set to the Elders of the Internet.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Note that these are region 2 encoded and will not play in the United states.

  17. petsounds says:

    What is up with UK TV shows seemingly unaware that the Blu-Ray format exists? Mighty Boosh is only available on DVD as well. Is this some sort of BBC directive?

    • Blue says:

      Mighty Boosh wasn’t recorded in HiDef so why does it need Burry again?

      Nelson.C • #21 • 1
      Channel 4, not the Beeb.

      Ah, but we Brits all look the same with our ‘bad teeth’ and bowler hats.

    • Anonymous says:

      If there is a BBC directive it won’t affect The IT Crowd since that’s neither made or shown by the BBC.

      I suspect that neither show was shot in HD and thus a Blu-Ray release would be pointless. That’s almost certainly the case for the earlier series anyway. The first series of Mighty Boosh was made in 2004, long before the HD push. First series of The IT Crowd was 2006. Also, I don’t know what the budget of The IT Crowd production was like, but The Mighty Boosh budget was small. The budget for the second series was smaller than the first.

    • adralien says:

      Quick scan of the surroundings:
      Number of TVs : 0
      Number of BlueRay players: 0
      Number of HD-DVD players: 0
      Number of computers: 10
      Number of DVD drives in those computers: 9

      From my bitter of new consumer technology perspective I’d say the BBC gets it. This box set looks awesome.

  18. Grey Devil says:

    I wonder if the US will get a nice boxed set like this. The show is mostly obscure here so i don’t see the BBC bothering to package something great for fans.

    Wonder if i can play the UK version in my PS3 despite the region lock… probably not ):

  19. Billy Green says:

    This is really pedantic and nit-picky, but I’m going to say it anyway because I’m a pedant and a nit-picker…

    Isn’t the correct word (and Simpsons reference) “embiggen,” not “enbiggen”? Urban Dictionary lists “enbiggen” as a “common misspelling of ‘Embiggen’.”

  20. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried turning it off?

  21. BookGuy says:

    Allegedly, a little program called VLC will allow you to play DVDs on your Mac (possibly other systems, too?) from any region.

    I haven’t tried it myself, but I’m sorely tempted to roll the 20-sided die for this and see if it works.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alas, AFAIK VLC lost its ability to play other-region-coded DVDs on Macs once the locking was done in the drive itself probably over half a decade ago.

      • JonStewartMill says:

        In that case, you can download and use DVDShrink. You can remove the region encoding while ripping.

        … Not that I’m advocating that people violate the DMCA by making a backup copy of media they’ve paid for.

        • Steiny says:

          I don’t believe DVD Shrink can overcome the region encoding issue. You’ll get a “region mismatch” error when you try a disc that doesn’t match the drive.

          The one to use is DVD Decrypter. It won’t do any shrinking, but you can feed its output to Shrink later if you so require.

      • BookGuy says:

        Thanks for head’s up, anon. I should just pony up the <$75 for a region-free DVD player and not worry about this anymore.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that looks ruddy mysterious!

  23. awerich says:

    Genius idea. I would love to have that in my collection.

  24. arkizzle / Moderator says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    ahh quit crying about the dice. Those who have a real one can use it and use the paper one as a bookmark or conversation piece. The rest who wouldn’t know a gelatinous cube from a displacer beast can use the paper craft dice.

  26. toyg says:

    Very few organizations on the planet are as “clued in” as the BBC in the realm of digital media. Let’s be honest, how many geeks would pay for a DVD, in this day and age? So they add crazy “bonuses” (remember the “l33tsp34k” subs?) to their offer. And lo, their milkshake brings all the geeks to the yard.

  27. Nelson.C says:

    Channel 4, not the Beeb.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Just a couple reminders for those living under some rock who don’t know what they’re missing.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Why do so many people seem to assume that any British TV show is made by the BBC? There’s more to British TV than the BBC.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Roy should have been the barbarian and Moss be the wizard. I mean, come on, giving Moss 20 strength and 4 wisdom?

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