Darth Vader takes the Empire mini-golfing

Franco Brambilla's "Imperial Minigolf Final Exam" is available as a giclee print, signed and numbered. It's a damned surprising look at the way the Empire trains its elite troops, I'll say that much.

Imperial Minigolf Final Exam (via Super Punch)


  1. You… want this. Excellent. I can feel your anger. That mechanical windmill is defenseless. Take your putter. Score a hole in one with all your hatred and your journey toward the dark side will be complete! And I will punch your card, good toward a free smoothie!

  2. OK, so WTF is that stromtrooper doing? Is that a Death Star beach ball thing? Is that a statue, part of the minigolf course? What? What?!

  3. Hoping the 18th hole is in the mini death star there. Just gotta put one right in the little ventilation shaft for the win.

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