Die Antwoord's $O$ album drops Oct. 12, the Amazon description is somethin' else

So, Die Antwoord's $O$ album comes out Tuesday October 12. The item description over at Amazon is hilarious. You have to read this. I'm guessing Ninja typed this in himself, and is having the time of life fokkin with everyone, in what's become a spectacularly epic media hack of grand scale. (thanks Sean, fok!)


  1. That’s the first time I ever heard all that about him and Yo-Landi having a kid and so on. I have more respect for the guy now that I have that context. I just thought he was your garden variety up-and-comer before. That’s also the funniest Amazon description I’ve ever read for anything.

  2. They seem weirdly out of context on Amazon. It’s like turning on the TV and seeing your cousin with Tourettes on Jeopardy.

  3. The album drops on Oct 12th?

    That’s odd, I ordered it on Amazon, and received it a few days ago.

    WAT KYK JY!!

  4. He didn’t write that specifically for Amazon. That text was copied from their bio on their website.

    Kinda odd you wouldn’t have spotted that, considering you are the huge fans you proclaimed to be. Poes!

    *stolls away nonchalantly*

    1. What the heck was the description? It’s been changed apparently – unless you all think “2010 release from the Cape Town, South Africa Rap trio (Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek). The band mixes several different cultures and styles into one unique whole.” is somehow hilarious.

      Their website is now “Dirk f*cks whores.” repeated hundreds of times with an entrancing psychedelic color change effect, so I can’t read the bio on their website where this description supposedly was taken from.

      1. I didn’t memorize it.

        Really dig the new colour-scheme, though. ^_^

        Anyone know where I can find nude pics of Yo-Landi???

  5. Ninja also tweeted out a link that led to a photo of his dick — which a work colleague, of course, spotted despite my efforts to close it right quick. Good thing I’m a journalist and I can pass it off as “research.”

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