Adorable Jawa Costume

Look at this 4 year old's adorable Jawa costume her grandmother made her. This is way better than my juvenile attempt of wrapping myself in an old blanket and stumbling around on my knees.

Last year her brother went as a Tusken raider. Apparently she was jealous and wanted a similarly cool costume this year.

[Jawa video link] [Raider video link] [shamelessly pilfered from Reddit]


  1. I had to send this link to all my pals: E-mail heading:

    “The only legitimate, possible reason to have children.”


  2. My dog is going as Chewbacca this year, but she’s a golden retriever so all we really needed to do was add an ammo belt.

  3. Awesome costumes! I was a Tusken raider for Halloween way back in 1977…course there’s not any pictures because them was the dark ages!

  4. Back in ’77 these two girls from up the street had homemade Jawa costumes. They were the shit, with hoods, lights, masks: the works! It was one of the few times I wished I was short.

    Some day I will take full advantage of being 6’6″ and get a full-scale high quality Chewbacca costume.

  5. So many memories of my childhood in the 70s come flooding back! Where are my Star Wars action figures!
    (Oh yeah…mom sold them at a garage sale)

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