We challenged you to take something that is usually computerized and remake it with natural media. The incentive: great prizes from HP including a brand new laptop. Here are the entries we received, with the winners and runners-up at the bottom.

Jesse Vital of Hollywood (Homepage) painted this beautiful watercolor of an iPhone tuned to a live channel.

Jim Woodring -- you know his work for sure - created this amazing wireframe Möbius thing that seems both wondrous and sinister.

Sean "LupinFan" Smiley offers "A light cycle that always cleans up the competition."

Dorkus1218 (Dan FitzGerald ) recreated the Photoshop tool menu with real tools.

Andy Havens' sidewalk has its own progress bar. I fear that luggage will be waiting a while.

K. McQueen converted a diagnostic electron microscope image of a computer chip defects into a three-dimensional wall art, complete with removable wearable element.

h0n0rb create a zoetrope featuring the Flying Toasters of legend.

Sillybicycle's piece is a sound waveform recreated to be a tangible work of art

Rubirubi created a QR code quilt from recycled clothes.

The quilt is 33 squares wide by 33 squares high (1089 total). It is about 56 inches wide. I could not be sure until it was completed whether or not it would work. Although I did many tests with color threshholds, there was no way of telling if an imperfect seam or one misplaced square would render it unreadable. If so, I would have no way of knowing which one. In the end, though, everything worked and my quilt is readable, wrappable code.

glatt1's stop motion animation "pays homage to the CGI that Pixar did in its famous first all CGI film, Luxo Jr. back in 1986."

Boing Boing fans will recognize Jackhammer Jill and the Unicorn Chaser. The animation consists of 194 individual still shots that I took with my still camera and joined together into an animation. Jackhammer Jill and the unicorn were drawn by me in crayon and Sharpie.

Look at steotch's entry. Just look at it.

Vadermoss's entry, 'Totoro Wins Mario Kart' was painted with watercolor on illustration board.

Sheala made a Pac-Man out of junk.

GarageDragon's animated Paper Tetris looks like more fun than the (un)real thing! View the full-size animated GIF at Flickr.

Technoplastique writes in: "I've been doing some paintings of space, and since I'm pretty sure they aren't actually making movies/tv shows on location in space yet (though I'm sure it will happen eventually) I think this probably qualifies."

In Rogue Entomologist's entry, an analog robot finds kitten.

Simon_for_hire's Macaroni Matrix seems destined to glitch out in a pan of boiling water. Swallow the red sauce?

Robert Wheelwright made the 3d pipes screen saver from windows out of PVC piping: "It's 96 frames, which took two evenings with the blinds closed (for uniform light) to take. There's 30 feet of 1/2" pvc pipe and 22 pipe couplers in the shot. Pictures were taken with a Nikon D60." See his work in progress report.

Floris Kristin Wheelwright made an incredible arrangement "plucked from Pandora's flower fields."

Clara Plata animated an entire journey, with auto navigation imitated with glass markers. Click the image to view the whole series assembled as a (4MB) animated GIF.

Also Seisaku Katayanagi-Van Enck "swore I'd never do an ironic Mario painting," but found that "there are no certainties in life."

I had to leave for school a day earlier than expected, so this turned into quite a rush job. I had about 2.5 hours to paint it. I was experimenting with a different surface, which cracked quite badly when heated. I fixed the crack and removed dust specks in Photoshop. I hope that doesn't violate any guidelines. As I said, it's quite rough currently, but hopefully someone finds it somewhat amusing.

:J.W. created a nuclear explosion with a unicorn chaser. Or is it a unicorn with a nuke chaser?

Luke Mathews' drew a cute picture of blinky. Thanks, Luke!


The Winners are Rubirubi's QR Code Quilt, Jim Woodring's Möbius vector loop, and Dorkus1218's life-size Photoshop tools!

The caliber of entries this time around was beyond all expectations. So high, that we're offering some unnanounced runner-up prizes, sourced from the Dungeon of Unreturned Test Gadgets. If you're in the list, pick from the following: an HP Netbook ($250 value), Joule iPod/iPad stand ($130 value), an iPad Sleeve from Saddleback Leather ($70 value), padded netbook sleeve ($40 value). First come, first served! Winners:

The Runners-up are Steotch's cross-stitched banana, GarageDragon's Tetris animation, Jesse Vital's watercolor painting, K. McQueen's wall art and Floris Kristin Wheelwright's glass flower.

Never has it been harder to deny every entry a prize. Truly amazing work! To receive your prizes, email rob at bb net with your mailing address.


24 Responses to “Awesome Gallery of De-CGI Competition Winners”

  1. dculberson says:

    Agree 100% with both the difficulty in choosing and in the ones you did end up choosing. Woodring’s device, in particular, was astounding.

  2. kaini says:

    the QR code quilt is magnificent. DO WANT.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t get the QR quilt to read even after going grayscale, posterizing and manually fixing some of the blue-ended pixels. Any advice?

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    Having Jim Woodring show up for your art contest is in the same league as having Richard Thompson show up for your local coffeehouse’s open mic night.

  5. SamSam says:

    So cool!

    The QR code was great! It read from my phone without a hitch — the image was about the hight of my screen, and I just pointed the camera at it. Cute message! Definitely my first-pick for first-prize.

    I also thought the pipes were amazing, and was disappointed that they weren’t in the final group. But high-quality overall, without question.

  6. Mark Crummett says:

    Wha! Where was I when you announced this? I have several things I could have entered! Sigh…maybe next time. Anyway, lots of good stuff!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The QR Quilt is totally cool. More than just the concept, the workmanship and execution is brilliant. Use of recycled materials is a big bonus. I want one!

  8. Rayonic says:

    The QR code reads:

    How to be happier:
    -buy art
    -consume less

    I’m gonna go buy some art and put it in the recycle bin right now. ;-)

  9. Susan Oliver says:

    The link to “Choose Wisely” is broken – I’d love to see it. Fix please?

  10. tuckels says:

    I had to greyscale the quilt, then play around with the levels/contrast a bit before the Google iphone app would read it, but it’s impressive none-the-less.

  11. Chentzilla says:

    Ah, but JPGs and YouTube videos are hardly natural media. That should have been a real exhibition… which I sadly probably wouldn’t be able to attend.

  12. Dewi Morgan says:

    Great entries, and well-deserved winners!

  13. Anonymous says:

    This was SO AMAZING!! I liked the pipes and the Pandora flowers best…not that I’m prejudiced…the Mobius strip made me laugh!

  14. robulus says:

    Holy crap, these are unbelievable! Well done to all of you. As a side note, if you’ve sworn you’ll never do an ironic Mario painting, you are almost certain to do an ironic Mario painting.

  15. glatt1 says:

    These are all awesome, but I need to give a shout out to Andy Havens, who did the sidewalk chalk progress bar to track his progress of packing his car. I was very funny. The absurdity of it really tickled me. I can picture his family rolling their collective eyes while he took the time to update the bar when he should have been packing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Dorkus was inspired by this:
    or maybe great minds just think alike.

  17. gamesnight says:

    I enjoyed them all, except I really would like to see the Clara Plata Gif. The link is still a broken one. *pout*

    Please fix the Clara Plata link.

  18. Fuzzy says:

    I also had problems decoding the quilt using the QR-reader on my iPhone, so I downloaded the image above and fed that into the ZXing decoder:

  19. Anonymous says:

    The cross-stitched banana totally made my day. Also, what HalloweenJack said.

    • dorkus1218 says:

      Haha I hadn’t seen that, but I was afraid that someone might’ve beaten me to my idea. My quick skim of the tubes did not bring me to that humbling ad.

  20. Sork says:

    Zxing can also decode from URL.

    I like the inclusion of the teapot easter egg in the pipes.

  21. Itsumishi says:

    The GPS Gif wouldn’t work for me. I just got 404.

  22. Anonymous says:

    WOW-the photoshop toolbar,the Qr code quilt,and really everything-ultra fantastic

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