LA Police Department's stolen art database

 Assets Jpg Paintings Ackerman Fran Trans East  Assets Jpg Collectibles Nazi Armband  Assets Jpg Collectibles Action Superman

 Assets Jpg Collectibles Netsuke 107  Assets Jpg Photo Bernard Brujo Marilyn 06  Assets Jpg Sculpture Oscar Statuette

 Assets Jpg Paintings Carolus-Duran Charles Spring  Assets Jpg Paintings Dali Salvador Fallen Angel  Assets Jpg Paintings Moran Earl Untitled

 Assets Jpg Paintings Nerdrum Odd Sleeping  Assets Jpg Paintings Petruccili Lisa Liddle  Assets Jpg Paintings Skelton Red Red  Assets Jpg Paintings Tu Zhiwei Learning

Laura Cochrane says: "The LAPD keeps a database of artwork that has been stolen. It's interesting, because I think these are mostly pieces are from people's private collections, and the only reason the internet masses are now able to see them is because they have been stolen, so they get added to this database. There's quite a range of stuff -- Picasso artwork, a Nazi armband, a couple blank Oscars, an alligator skull, various movie props..."