Have you seen him? (Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


"Have you seen him?," photographed in Minneapolis, MN, and contributed to the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by BB reader Phil Jones (website).


  1. On the downside, you Minneapolites have permasnow. On the upside, you have cheap-ass banh mi, winter cyclists, and NINJAS, which might be the same thing as the winter cyclists.

  2. uummm… is that… ya thats… no… wait… is it??? ya it is… its my brother… ummm… i think his name is… JOSH??? no… wait its… MIKE!!!

  3. We get a ninja or two at least once a week! That’s just par for the course for Minneapolis. Didn’t anyone tell you that we are the ninja capital of the world?

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