The Business of Malware


Information designer Jess Bachman's latest creation explores the "financial motivations and transaction that take place in the underground malware and trojan markets." The flow chart "follows the point of infection to monetary gain of the botmasters, scammers and fraudsters who operate these nefarious lines of code." View the full image.


  1. Huh, I wonder why there is a price difference in zombies? I guess that’s why the first predictive search result in google to the phrase “why can” is “why can’t i own a canadian”. ;)

  2. Seeing this just makes me even more pissed about the Gawker comments hacking. Hopefully they didn’t see my voter registration form in an 8-year-old email (and yes, I guess it’s my fault for not deleting it sooner).

    1. Speaking of Gawker, if you need to change your BB password, there’s an edit button in the black box on the sidebar. It might take the system a little while to catch up with the change. Remember that you log in with your user name, not your display name or your e-mail.

  3. Worth pointing out that Jess does these infographics for SEO. Very interesting when you dig into it actually.

    Basically she creates an infographic and markets the hell out of it on social networking sites and blogs (like here). If you look at the domain the image is hosted on, it is and the “Add this infographic to your website” code at the very bottom contains a backlink to the site with the link text of “computer school.” This helps grow the targeted backlinks to the site and ultimately increases their rankings in search engines.

    Typically these sites put fun general content up until they build enough backlinks up to rank well, and then they edit the site to slap up a lead-gen affiliate program form. In this instance it would be an edu lead-gen form for computer schools which I’m guessing pays anywhere from $5-$15 per submit depending on quality.

    If you look at her website portfolio, she makes it very apparent that she is targeting her services to companies looking to develop backlinks for SEO, not really about the content itself (as shown by how random some of these things are in relation to the sites they are placed on).

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