Vintage hypnosis rotating disc machine

vintage-hypnosis-rotating-disc-machine1.jpgIf you stare at this vintage hypnosis rotating disc machine long enough you probably will find yourself forking over the $1685 required to purchase it.

I wish the website had a video showing the device in motion. It would be a fun how-to project to replicate this.

UPDATE: I forget that Kaden Harris made a hypno disc machine for David!

Dr. Hietrick's Vertigo Therapy. Bi-Directional Rotating Metal Disc (Via Dinosaurs and Robots)


  1. step 1: import the above image into the vector graphic software of choice.
    step 2: trace the design into new layers in said software.
    step 3: print out results.
    step 4: glue print out to flat disc attached to small hobby motor.
    step 5: enjoy your freak out.*

    *heavy drugs optional for adults were applicable.

  2. John Waters used one of these in the movie Hairspray to hypnotize Tracy Turnblad. I think he just whipped it up out of a power drill and a round sheet of cardboard.

  3. I used to space out watching my Black Sabbath LPs going round and round on the turntable…

    the Vertigo label was notorious…

    ps. anyone know what /bandtrack is playing on that vid? it’s something proggy, but not to my recollection ELP

  4. I actually have a smaller necklace sized version of it I found at a thrift store. I should make a flip video of it!

  5. I love the 3d optical illusion aspect that these have (in contrast to the more conventional monochromatic hypno-spiral).

  6. I used a version of this optical illusion to entertain my fellow mutants at the Boing Boing picnic in SF this past summer.

  7. I have an Ectomorph picture disc like this but in red, black and white. I’ll play that and post a video…

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