SSSCat Cat Training Aid

MultiVet SSSCAT Cat Training Aid.jpeg This terrific product is perfect for dealing with minor stubborn behavior in your cat. I didn't like our cat going up on the counter behind our kitchen sink to look out the window, but every time I went outside, there she was laughing at me. I tried many different deterrents, but she was like the Borg from Star Trek. She would just adapt. SSSCat solved the problem. SSSCat is a can of compressed air (like for cleaning the dust out of your keyboard), but with a motion sensor that sprays when the cat gets near. It doesn't harm or hurt the cat in any way, but it does condition them to avoid the area where the SSSCat has been. We've also used it outside of our bedroom door to prevent the cat from persistently meowing and jumping up at the door in the wee hours of the morning. The can of compressed air the unit comes with is about half the capacity of the cans you get for dusting keyboards. After it ran out, I found that I could use the keyboard duster cans. Just popped the trigger off the keyboard duster and attached the SSSCat nozzle. Jean Luc Picard could have used this against the Borg. They never would have figured it out. [Note: Make sure you pick up four AAA batteries as they are sold separately. -- OH] -- Bill Dorfmann SSSCat Cat Training Aid $22 Comment on this at Cool Tools. Or, submit a tool!


  1. I used a spraybottle full of fresh spring water–hah, but seriously, just a spray bottle used strategically works like a charm, it makes the hiss with the added bonus of a surprise mist of kitty kryptonite…

    now all I have to do is put the spray bottle where I don’t want him to sit (like on my fresh watercolor sheet) and he gets the point.

    No batteries needed!

  2. I would just like to say, we have solved every cat problem ever with this stuff. It takes about two days to create a permanent don’t-go-there habit in our stubborn cats.

    Also, Ebay is your friend for this stuff. Waaay cheaper than $22.

  3. I live with a cat whose memory is shorter than that guy’s in Memento: no matter how decisively I communicate what I don’t want him to do, within 10 minutes he’s doing it again. So conditioning techniques seem not to work (however, his memory of being able to run out in the hall and bite feet in his previous household is unimpaired). And I’m not sure I’d NEVER want him to meow by the bed. Sometimes it’s reassuring in the wee hours. It’s also great if I go back to sleep after the alarm.

  4. I’m definitely going to have to try this. I tried the water bottle trick with my cat, and it didn’t work. At all. Sure, I spritzed him and he’d jump down from wherever he wasn’t supposed to be…and then he’d come back, less than a minute later. He would do this until he was soaking wet, and he still wouldn’t stop going where he wasn’t supposed to go.

    Plus, I can use this near my electronics, which is my real problem. Hard to watch TV with the cat in front of the screen! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  5. Couldn’t this be more “green” if it used some kind of balloon or hand powered air compressor?

    In my experience cats really don’t need much to get the message.. they hear that hiss, and they’re gone. Seems like a small bladder could provide more than enough hissing to get the job done.

  6. This scared the bejesus out of my cat…it was almost cruel. I’d only use it as a last resort. He was scared of the water bottle though..all I had to do was point it at him and not even spray after a while. He also wouldn’t go anywhere where he could see it sitting.

  7. This works really really well for both of our cats. I’m surprised it’s on here since it’s not really boingworthy…..

    I too use canned air from wal-mart. The SSSCat bottles are freaking ridiculous.

    Also, this thing gets us more than the cats :(

  8. I wonder if this would work to keep the kids out of things they aren’t supposed to be in? Put pledge or some other spray that smells like “chores”…

  9. Sounds like a great solution for training your cat while you are away. Spray bottles only work when you are there. Cats know this. Not all cats are that dumb. Mine is pretty intelligent. She knows when she’s ticking me off.

    Now, can we get something that magically makes them use scratching posts? Best I could come up with is two sided tape on the couch to keep her from scratching there and catnip on the place where I want her to scratch. Its been a long (2+ years) battle, but she’s only just now using the cardboard scratcher.

    1. We’ve found that a squirt gun works, and it has the added benefit of being good cruel fun. I’m surprised others haven’t had success.

      As to scratching furniture, we used a can of stuff whose name escapes me; whatever it was, it smelled like cilantro and after applying it diligently every other day for a few weeks we haven’t had an issue since.

      Sadly, I threw the can away long ago so you’re on your own.

    2. dampen a cotton ball just a little and rub it gently through your cats front toes for a minute. They have scent glands in their feet that mark things with stuff like “yeah! woo! awesome! scratch this!” “This is fun” and makes them want to keep rubbing that area. Rub the cotton ball on the scratching post and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were scratching it in no time

  10. We took a whole bunch of these things and set them up all over the house. Now the cat just stands in one spot in the middle of the living room and won’t move.

    A living sculpture!

    Perfect. :)

  11. All I do is point at my cat and say “No, kitty.” She stares at the ground in shame and walks away.

  12. Alternately, you could just sprinkle some cayenne pepper there. Kitties fear to tread where hot pepper powder has been spread

    1. @cans, cayanne might work, unless, like my cat, the kitty thinks it’s tastey. We tried chili oil on the little rubber caps on door stops since she likes to pull them off and play with them and she just liked them better that way. *Sigh*

      A squirt bottle works ok on my eldest cat but only where I can see her. She knows I can’t get her if I can’t see her. My youngest one just hunkers down and looks sad but won’t move. I might have to give this a try, though. She spooks when I hiss at her so this might keep her out of my poor plants.

  13. Also I have to wonder: why is it so much of a problem for a cat to be in your bedroom? Is the cat’s ultra-soft fur a potential suffocation hazard? The only things my cat isn’t allowed to do is hurt herself (get onto the stove, etc).

    It’s a cat, not a robot.

    1. my cats are so disruptive it’s impossible to sleep if they’re in the room. They’re big, clumsy and prone to fighting. Kitties get locked out of the room until morning.

    2. >travtastic #17
      >why is it so much of a problem for a cat to be in your bedroom?

      I think it’s the part where the cat wakes them up in the middle of the night because it feels like being in a different room *Right Now*

    3. Our cat is shut out of the bedroom since she scratches and bites our feet when they move under the covers. Not so bad in winter with lots of blankets on the bed, but now in summer it is painful (and she has made me bleed). Also, she wakes at 5am and promptly decides to attack our feet. Our last cat did not do this and was welcome on the bed. Hence, not all cats can be trusted to sleep on the bed.

  14. I tried a similar product to prevent a cat from urinating on my bed. It only ended up freaking out the wrong cat, and not spraying when the other cat jumped up. Hopefully this is a better product.

  15. My roommate’s disobedient cats drive me absolutely bonkers messing around with all my stuff. I can’t put it up high or out of the way enough. They refuse to be conditioned by noises or spray bottles.

    Buying one right now. Hope it does the trick.

  16. Wow, y’all truly have pussy-cats! We set up a bunch of these on the countertops, fireplace mantle and a couple of other spots we simply did not want her to go but for which our now one-year-old Yukiko showed a proclivity towards. What a waste of money — she simply *closes her eyes* when passing through the line of fire. Then she sits on those “forbidden” spots anyway.

    Our previous cat, Corners z”l (of blessed memory for you non-Jewish readers) learned not to do things that provoked the simple command “NO!” We can’t decide if it’s that Yukiko is that much more willful or just so stupid she can’t be taught anything.

  17. The problem with water bottles is that sometimes you don’t want your stuff getting wet. My darling fuzzball likes to one-by-one pull the books off of my bookshelves at 2am. I don’t want to spray water near those, or my phone, which is the other item he loves to send crashing to the floor. All he has to do is see the air can now to stop in his tracks (not that he doesn’t try again when I’m back to sleep, but that’s why I’ma to get me one-a these auto-mat-ic thingies post-haste). My can of 3M dust remover claims to use 1,1 difluoroethane, which according to the NLM Hazardous Substances Data Bank, is pretty low on the toxicity/ozone depletion scale (unless you’re intentionally huffing cans of it at a time).

  18. Sounds like a waste of money to me. Just put some orange peel around the area instead. Cats recoil from the smell of that stuff.

  19. I tried something similar with my cats; using a foam disk gun “autoturret” toy that was motion activated.

    Upon returning home each day, it would be empty of foam disks. I think they were just playing with it.

  20. Our cat is also verboten from the bedroom when we’re sleeping, due to a particularly un-cute habit of licking our eyelashes and chewing/sucking on our fingers in the middle of the night. Waking up with raspy kitty tongue on eyelids is uncool, as is waking up with your fingers in a cats mouth going nom nom nom.

    It definitely awakens my primal “nibbled to death by predators” fears, which I didn’t even know I HAD until she did it.

    It’s been “OK” shutting her out by closing our door, but it causes circulation problems. It’s worst in the summer.

  21. Manx got in and pooped on the bed.
    Two piles – one for me and one for the spouse.
    This aggression will not stand.

  22. Not that you’d use it around cats or animals, but could you attach the sensor head to say, a can of spray paint, or silly string for some practical joking?

    Serious booby-trap potential…

  23. Man, some people will buy anything. Oddly, my cats never needed to be trained, minus the litter box. Then again, we are keeping animals in our homes, so one must expect anything.

    And I never understood why people bought these pressurized air cans. I’m a smoker and I have more than enough breath to blow out and more than enough endurance to shake out dust from my case or keyboard instead of getting robbed per can.

  24. That product is not so great IMHO. The pressured cans are small and very expensive.

    Also, 95% of the time, the sensor will get accidentaly triggered by humans when you set the device somewhere to turn it on/off.

  25. My cats would read the instruction sheet and figure how to use it against us. Just kidding.

    Actually they are both well behaved. I have only had to tell my male cat twice (in seven years) to stay off the kitchen counters and he doesn’t go there.

    As to sleeping in the bed; my male cat comes to bed around 3:00 or 4:00 AM and nuzzles nicely at my feet. As I am prone to nightmares I like the feel of him against me, it calms me down.

  26. This product definitely did NOT work on teaching our Ragafuffin kitten not to jump up on the kitchen counter.

    He was quite scared the first time he set it off. Then a little less scared the next time, then he quickly learned to ignore it. We did not buy a third can of air.

    I’d say, it depends on the cat!

  27. Sometimes it helps to have a cat come and wake you up:

    “BANDIT the hero cat saved the lives of his family after a blaze broke out in their home.

    “The amazing moggy raised the alarm as flames engulfed the kitchen while his owners Marie Smith (29) and her partner David Howlett slept in the neighbouring room on Tuesday morning.

    “As deadly smoke from the fire began to fill the house, where David’s daughter Claire Chambers (36) was also sleeping upstairs, the 15-year-old friendly feline scratched Marie to wake her up.

    “Marie then woke everyone else in the house, in Dozens Bank, West Pinchbeck, Spalding.

    “David, who is in his 50s, said: “The fire brigade said ‘if the cat hadn’t woke you up, then you would have been dead’.””

  28. A cat is a smart creature which humans have domesticated. Cats in the wild have a LOT more interaction. The fact that it’s looking out the window is because it’s the little recreation it can get (I assume you have an indoor cat).

    The cat is not “laughing at you” — get some compassion and give your cat a little a little life. It sounds you’re just upset that you can’t control everything in your house.

  29. I used a squirt gun on my cat, who used to poke at my face in the wee hours thinking he’d get fed.

    One morning I opened my eyes and saw the cat with the squirt gun in his mouth BACKING AWAY from the bed. I grabbed it back then wished I hadn’t so I could have seen where he planned to put it.

  30. And one day if your place is ever on fire, your cat will terrifyingly stay off the counter and away from the window where it could escape, thanks to your “training”.

    Who gets a cat and then insists it stay off higher places where it lives? Let the darn thing explore it’s world.

    1. For starters, cats that are trained to stay off the counter usually have free run of all the other window sills. Second, if there’s a fire, your cat isn’t going to sit there if the window is open. It’s training, not the Manchurian Candidate.

  31. I tried to convince my cats not to chew on our artificial Christmas tree by spraying the bottom branches with Bitter Apple spray — supposed to taste terrible to cats.

    The cats were back to gnawing on the plastic branches within minutes. Meanwhile, I forgot to wash the spray off my hands before cutting up an apple for lunch. When I bit into a slice with the spray residue on it, the taste was so beyond terrible that I actually had a synesthetic experience — colors flashed before my eyes. I can still only describe that stuff as “it tastes like a bruise.” So I know it works on humans. Apparently my cats just don’t care.

    One of my cats is also apparently immune to capsaicin. We tried deterring her from the countertops by sprinkling ground cayenne pepper. Her reaction was to stick her nose into the pepper, give a few good sniffs, then proceed to walk all over the counters. I later found her playing with, licking, and chewing on a whole dried cayenne pepper (she liked it because the seeds rattled inside).

    Now, if I could hook the vacuum cleaner up to a cat motion detector, that might work. They’re utterly terrified of the vacuum.

  32. One of my cats doesn’t seem to mind getting wet. He even likes to go out in the rain. He has habit of jumping on my nightstand and purposely throwing things down, including my glasses. He isn’t simply being clumsy, he swats at things with his paws until they’re on the floor.

    1. Mike3k, you have a water cat! Is mostly white by any chance?

      Our water cat will come running if you pick up a squirt bottle. She loves leaping about in the rain, catching raindrops in her mouth, and she will jump into the bathtub with you if you let her. Her favorite place to be is in curled up in the sink with water running over her head.

  33. From experience, I can endorse the ScatMat brand electrified mat. It cured my cat from his habit of jumping up on the stove.

  34. My solution to the scratching-post problem is multiple posts and cheap furniture. I bought a used easy chair from a young woman who went on about how she’d had it for years and how carefully she had taken care of it. And she had. I didn’t have the heart to tell her how much the cats would enjoy it.

  35. OMG! Think of the practical joke capabilities here! I’m getting two for work and two fore home. I’m hiding one behind the headrest of the toilet, and making a peep hole that says please don’t look in here. If it only had a built in video camera!

  36. When I was in college, I used to sort my laundry into pile, which was sort of animate like trash heap. Then our resident tomcat started marking territory.

    Canned, I suppose that would be SSSSHUMAN.

  37. Ugly Canuck @ 47 – mutant cats? Well, duh, we said they were cats.

    Cats jumping on counters – put aluminum* foil on top, and hang some down the sides so it rattles if they try to climb up it. It’s worked really effectively for my latest cat, a large rescue cat who used to get fed on counters, and having the food dish on the floor reinforces it. He learned fast, and we didn’t have to leave the foil up very long.

    * The reason people think tinfoil hats don’t work is that they’re not using real tin any more; aluminum’s not going to keep the CIA mind control rays out…

  38. SSSCat works great, for the brief time that it works. The concept itself is great–it’s just that the execution is horrible.

    First of all, they discontinued the alarm, so you can’t switch to sound-only after the cat’s been exposed to it in order to cut down on use of the compressed air. That enables them to sell a lot more compressed air.

    Second, the interface between the SSSCat and the spray can is horribly designed, weak and unstable, which means that when the can gets empty and you replace it you’ll probably find the interface is warped enough that it has a slow leak and the new can empties out overnight.

    Buy the StayAway, which is an identical concept but executed much better. It has an alarm and a sound-only option, for one thing, which enables you to save a bundle on cans.

  39. Sometimes double sided carpet tape can be used to train cats. They don’t like stepping on something sticky.

  40. So, in theory you could pop the top off a can of bathroom air freshener, and put it on top of the toilet tank…

  41. Oh wonder of wonders, where have you been all my life? Definitely giving this a try, thanks for the recommend! :D

  42. With a little maker hacking this product can be attached to a great variety of equipment. Blenders, Screaming Meanies…

  43. Also, Walmart usually carries these for about the same price as Amazon, so if you need one without the shipping delay, you can probably pick one up locally.

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