10-second video of filmmaker Ross Harris' house

Filmmaker Ross Harris made a 10-second video consisting of a bunch of photographs of his house, yard, and studio. What a fun way to show off your environment! I want to try doing the same for my place.

10 Second Visit


  1. I really enjoyed that. Watched it three times, and the images that stuck in my head were: a picture of Mr. Spock, the words “Ginger Ale” and of course the sleepy dog at the end. I’d like to make one of these too. :)

  2. Neat! I did a similar video life study of my parents from scanned family photos spanning about 75 years.

  3. I enjoyed it!

    If I ever went to Ross’ house I would look for more outtake footage of Elliott Smith! :D


  4. This is wonderful. VHS of Mon Oncle! A group of 8mm movie cameras! So many wonderful things.

    I am another person who wants to make a similar video.

  5. Bedroom-Mood-Meter, Vernor’e Ginger Ale, Mr. Spock, Philip K. Dick paperbacks, and is that Gary Coleman in the photo at 0:10?

    Clever idea.

  6. I did this a few days ago with all the photos I took last year. It’s a laugh-out-loud hoot to see a thousand-picture year flash by at several frames/sec.

  7. Want to try your hand at your own 10 seconds of glory? The Soap Factory hosts a Ten Second Film Festival each summer, on the 4th of July in Minneapolis. You can check it out here: soapfactory.org

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