Wonderland cutlery with magnifying glasses in the handles

Tina Tsang's wonderful Wonderland Cutlery comes complete with little magnifying glasses in the handles, and delightfully eccentric silhouettes. Of course, they're bizarrely expensive (£43.50 per piece!), but that's life through the looking glass for you.

Wonderland Cutlery (Thanks, Alice!)


  1. Wonderland spoons killer rabbit – Knife

    Wonderland spoons lady emmanuel – Fork
    Wonderland spoon George – Spoon

    Ah yes, Lady Emmanuel and George – as I recall, they were Carroll’s Vladimir and Estragon, in a sense.

    P.S. I just made that up.

  2. Now you can see what’s REALLY in the food you eat! “Say, it looks like something is growing in there!”

  3. Well, it’s two things at once. It’s beautiful handmade art, but it’s also something you eat your dinner with. I’m sure Cory was referring to the latter, not the former…

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