Boing Boing Giveaway #whatsinthebox


Inside this box lies hundreds of dollars worth of stuff: gadgets, CES swag, gris-gris. It belongs to one of our followers on the social networks, but I'm not sure who. Trusting chance, I'll mail it off tomorrow evening after selecting one at random. If you want a shot at getting it, do any of the following:

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Then retweet this post with the #whatsinthebox hashtag, or comment below to tell us why you absolutely must know what is in the box.. The recipient will be selected from the hashtag search and commenters here.

UPDATE: A recipient has been selected. Thank you, everyone!


  1. The contrast between the exotic background & the very plain box intrigues me.


    Dan Bostaph

  2. being a “cat person” curiosity is deeply ingrained through a happy mutation in my evolutionary biology. needless steampunk reference.

  3. I need to know what’s in the box because it most likely has a cable to something that I already have, but do not have the cable for.

    Also, stickers.

  4. I have nothing in this world, not even a twitter account. This mysterious box of stuff would grant me the fulfillment that years of searching for enlightenment did not- I beseech thee to help me rid myself of desire by giving me the box. नमस्ते !

    1. Meh..don´t need it really.

      firebush69 got my vote

      @firebush69: But if you ever find some of that enlightenment, throw some my way plz

  5. ‘Cause it’s a closed box!!!!
    Gotta gotta know!
    And since BB has been a reliable source of interesting info and guidance for decades for me now (just found my stash of print copies).

    Bruce “Gimme Gimme Boxy Toast” Young

  6. I need to know if my missing purple wool sock is in the box and how about a ‘don’t have to enable $%^ing facebook’s apps’ link to do the facebook follow? You guys should know better than to encourage people to enable that cesspool of broken security. :-P~.

  7. I no longer have a Facebook account. I deleted it several months ago after much thought and consideration. I do have a Tumblr, however, and my reasons for deleting my Facebook, and never obtaining a Twitter account, can be read there. (

    Do you remember when you were a child and you’d frequent your local drug store or dollar store and there they’d have for sale, generally for $1, grab bags? What thrill and excitement existed within the $1 grab bag! The items that were found inside the bag were things that on their own you probably wouldn’t have purchased, even if for less than $1, but because they were bundled together and mysteriously concealed within a brown paper bag it made them fun. I remember being so eager to rip the staple from the bag and peer inside to see what items awaited me, and then removing them from the bag and laying them out and examining all the items at once.

    When we grow and age from child to adult we often miss out or forget about the simple pleasures in life, like the $1 grab bag. Maybe that is because there aren’t really any grab bags out there for adults, and what items generally are bundled together are much more elaborate, complicated, and simply never as simple as what we’d find in those brown paper bags.

    While I expect what rests in the box to be far superior to what I once found inside the $1 grab bag, I expect it to provide the same sort of excitement and pleasure. Opening the box and peering inside not having the slightest idea what rests inside.

    I want to experience the same excitement that I once experienced when I was younger from the $1 grab bag. That’s why I’d like to receive this box.

  8. Because over the last month, my Drobo has broken, my iPod broke, my doctor told me my cholesterol is WAY high (and yet somehow messed up my prescription 3 times so far), my car’s struts turned up broken, my car tires wore out, my group therapist has pushed back me joining group therapy nearly 2 months, I’ve been tagged for federal jury duty (2 weeks of jury duty!) and I’m catching a cold.

    Not that I’m complaining, but I could use a little bit of a pick-me-up. :D

  9. Oh. OH! Do want. All your box are belong to me *^_^* Please.

    Why? Because I adore Boing Boing and anything in that box is going to make me insanely pleased. Also, I have NEVER won anything in my life and if I win this than YIPPEEEE!

  10. Since becoming a father 2 years ago, my life has changed in a number of ways. One of those is fiscally. I no longer spend money on myself or my hobbies. Another is time. I no longer dedicate time to myself – especially now that my wife is pregnant with #2 and is typically exhausted. The anticipation of receiving the box would be wonderful; the anticipation of opening the box would be fantastic; discovering what is inside of the box would be amazing; owning the stuff in the box may or may not be the climax. If anticlimactic, I’ll be giving it away on craigslist, one piece at a time. Please pick me. I need the excitement.

  11. Would love to know what’s in the box as long as it’s not full of just bio degradable packing pellets.

  12. I must know what’s in the box because this isn’t a Monty Hall production.
    This is BoingBoing.
    And that means cool stuff in a box.
    (and everyone likes and wants “Cool Stuff in a Box”)

  13. My life is consumed by curiosity. I write encyclopedias for a living. I’m a former Jeopardy! champion. Pushing 37, I have a great job, a beautiful wife, a son who makes my heart seize up with joy. This is a good life, a lucky life.

    But today, everything is in peril.


    Do you understand? I have spent an hour staring at a fucking pebble with a loupe. Do you know what I would do to look inside that box? YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW.

    Just… just hand over the box. Oh, God. Everything I’ve built and done. I will let the world burn. I just need to look inside that box. Just this once. Oh, sweet box. Oh.

  14. I need to know what’s in the box because it’s my job to find out what’s inside of boxes. I spend much of my life opening boxes, and I would find it an honor and a pleasure to open your box.

  15. I must know what is in the box, because my monitor makes the box appear orange, and only GOOD things come in orange boxes. Also, my boss went to CES and didn’t even bring me a stinkin’ t-shirt!

  16. Hmm… I want the box. I’m willing to tweet it; actually not a problem at all.

    The problem? I don’t want to follow you on Facebook. I use FB as little as possible and I avoid following anyone who isn’t an actual, real, personal acquaintance. I don’t follow businesses or celebrities.

    Oh well.

    1. What part of “OR” don’t you understand? (presuming that wasn’t edited from “and” before I got here)

      As it is, I could tweet it and Rob would never know, because I choose my followers. Counterintuitive in today’s “share everything, max your circle” dominant paradigm, I know. But worth it for the quality of relationship.

      Sure, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. I’ll post an unboxing video, shot at a hacker space (most likely the one nearest me, Ace Monster Toys), including what people decide to do with the contents.

  17. I no longer have a Facebook account. I deleted it several months ago after much thought and consideration. I do have a Tumblr, however, and my reasons for deleting my Facebook, and never obtaining a Twitter account, can be read there. (

    Do you remember when you were a child and you’d frequent your local drug store or dollar store and there they’d have for sale, generally for $1, grab bags? What thrill and excitement existed within the $1 grab bag! The items that were found inside the bag were things that on their own you probably wouldn’t have purchased, even if for less than $1, but because they were bundled together and mysteriously concealed within a brown paper bag it made them fun. I remember being so eager to rip the staple from the bag and peer inside to see what items awaited me, and then removing them from the bag and laying them out and examining all the items at once.

    When we grow and age from child to adult we often miss out or forget about the simple pleasures in life, like the $1 grab bag. Maybe that is because there aren’t really any grab bags out there for adults, and what items generally are bundled together are much more elaborate, complicated, and simply never as simple as what we’d find in those brown paper bags.

    While I expect what rests in the box to be far superior to what I once found inside the $1 grab bag, I expect it to provide the same sort of excitement and pleasure. Opening the box and peering inside not having the slightest idea what rests inside.

    I want to experience the same excitement that I once experienced when I was younger from the $1 grab bag. That’s why I’d like to receive this box.

    1. There are grab bags for adults:
      Goldmine Electronics also has some boxes of miscellany you can purchase, I’ve ordered at least two, they’re good fun, and have stuff you’d never think of using in a project, like laptop trackpads. I haven’t actually used any of the stuff, but someday… when I have time…

  18. I must KNOW what’s in the box, so I can become the box. And in knowing, I gain strength. Strength leads to more knowledge, and soon I will know all boxes. I will be the king of cardboard, living in a sweet corrugated fortress.

  19. I need to know what’s in the box because Gris-Gris has been regrettably absent from my personal explorations of spirituality. Also, the techie bits would make great favors/cake decorations/hair ornaments for my geeky wedding.

  20. I have been obsessed with mystery boxes for years! I constantly toll the internet looking for the fabled objects. Every year, I buy a mystery box from Archie MacFee and am never disappointed. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S IN THIS BOX!!!!

  21. I must absolutely know what is in this box to make sure it’s not Schrodinger’s cat. Of course, even once I do know, it may or may not be Schrodinger’s cat. . .

  22. Well, okay, I guess. I already have a lot of other boxes, but I guess I could find room for one more. Should I wait by the door?

  23. I *must* know, for the sake of all that is fair and good. Puh-lease!!!

    Here’s a deal: I’ll take a picture of box and contents by my office window that overlooks Times Square. That’s the best I can do!

  24. I’ve had traumatic experiences with mysterious boxes in the past and need this to help move on with my life.

  25. I NEED to know because I am a geeky girl who cannot resist setting things on fire or blowing them up in the name of science. Also, my classroom kids have made a game of guessing. On group believes it is an invisible platypus with neon clothes and its best friend a purple glitter pony

  26. I recognize that box! I left my cat in there a few days ago, along with a geiger counter, a chunk of radium, a hammer and a vial of hydrocyanic acid. I wonder how the cat’s doing… no way to know until I open the box!

  27. At age three, my daughter used chant incessantly “What’s in the box? Cheese!”
    How did she predict this giveaway three years ago? Was she right about the cheese? The only way to find out is to win the box…

  28. I must know what’s in that box because my head might explode due to sheer curiosity.

    How did you think the cat died?

  29. There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

    Before this posting, the box was an unknown unknown. Now it is a known unknown. Let’s make it a known known.

  30. What’s in the box? has been a primary motivation for so many adventures, and I’m sure this won’t disappoint.

  31. Because I must know if that theoretical cat is dead or if I’m stuck buying more catfood for the next ten years. So many states, so little time.

    1. So many cat comments in the minute we all wrote in. Must be something in the air.

      In any case, as Lawrence Stern once said, “The desire of knowledge, like the thirst of riches, increases ever with the acquisition of it.” It’s not that I just want a nice box filled with shiny things, I must know what’s in it. Getting it ensures that I will know (can I trust others to report what is inside truthfully?).

      Plus, I’d be the winner and able to lord it over everyone I know in a common, base, noveau rich way. Isn’t that what we’re all really looking for here? Except for TommyHans, who just wants to sleep in a box.

  32. I want to know what’s in the box, believe me. But if you send it to me, I will NEVER OPEN IT. It shall remain a mystery for ALL TIME. The secret will be YOURS and YOURS ALONE! MWA HA!

  33. My job as a librarian is to remove/reduce barriers between people and the information they need. If I received the box, I would be able to let EVERYONE know what was in it.

  34. The only thing holding me back from becoming my neighborhood’s first vigilante is a lack of good gadgets and some swag for my costume.

  35. My young boys were fighting over empty cardboard boxes last night, ignoring the new b’day toys that came in them. Giving them a new box after I empty it might lessen the discord.

  36. I’ve got a box of knick over here. That looks a lot like a box of knack. Surely, these two boxes belong together!

  37. Because I believe that the last thing in the box, after I plunder and enjoy all the swag, will be Hope.

  38. I would really like to know what is in the box. Mainly because I am poor and it would be like cable for me. I would set in on the desk and watch it for hours. Maybe that cat would come out or maybe I would get bored and look for food or vitamins inside thus keeping me alive for a few days longer so as to enjoy more of the box.

  39. I am certain that what’s in the box is a dead cat… wait, then again, I am also certain that it’s a live cat, so I suppose I’m just generally uncertain about what’s in the box. On principle, I NEED to observe what’s in the box! But then would it be the same thing?

  40. I absolutely must know what’s in the box because it’s my laptop’s dying wish, and he’s served me so well until now. Perhaps it’s something that can save his life?

  41. I have been indoctrinated by countless video games to instinctively break open any boxes or crates that I come across to get health and ammo.
    I feel the need to do the same to this box.
    Thank you and have a nice day.

  42. I must know what is in the box because I have a feeling it contains **THE MOST FABULOUS OBJECT IN THE UNIVERSE**

    If not that then at the very least it could contain digital watches. If it does I shall gain an understanding of digital watches. And with that understanding of digital watches soon I shall have understanding of video cassette recorders and car telephones. And when I have understanding of them, I shall have understanding of computers. And when I have understanding of computers, I shall be the Supreme Being!

  43. I would like the box so I could verify for everyone that it isn’t a “million box.” I’m hoping you know what I’m talking about and give me the opportunity to share.

  44. It could be Justin Timberlake’s dick. And let’s face it, we haven’t seen enough of that, am I right? Who’s with me? High five!


    (Only saying this because the Schrodinger’s Cat joke has already been done twice.)

  45. Mystery provides life with coolness. Solving mystery with even more, well, coolness. And a sense of accomplishment. And, of course, the mystery of how you could have been so lucky or smart as to solve a mystery. And then solving that, is . . . Okay, you get my point. Like sharing a magic penny, mystery never stops giving.

  46. I need to know what is in this box because my psychic abilities say it is filled with Narwhal tusks, and I would like to confirm. Thanks!

  47. I’d really like to know what’s in the box, as it’s important for me to know what’s in ALL boxes. I’m nosy that way. Additionally, I would like to be the OWNER of the box so that everyone would want to know what’s in MY box. I’m an asshole THAT way.

  48. Thanks rob, for reminding me of this scene from Se7en:

    William Somerset: [to Mills] Put the gun down.
    [throws down his own gun]
    David Mills: [to Somerset] I saw you with a box. What was in the box?
    John Doe: Because I envy your normal life. It seems that envy is my sin.
    William Somerset: Put the gun down David.
    David Mills: No! What’s in the box?

    Just what I needed this morning.

  49. The box contains the parts I am going to have used to build a time machine to send those parts back into the past, into that box. Thus, if I don’t get the box, a paradox will be created, ripping apart the fabric of the universe, ending all time and space as we know it. So we’ll all be better off if you just give me the box.

  50. Most likely I already own everything in this box. It would be good to open it to see what you people need so I can donate.

  51. I only have six months to live. I have made it my dying wish to gain the knowledge of what lies within that box…

  52. It’s a problem, a compulsion, when I see or know about things I am not supposed to see or know about – I must see and know about them. Wikileaks is a problem for me because of this. Closed doors, unopened presents, those Japanese collectible figures that don’t tell you which item in the series you are getting, people’s minds…I want to turn it off. I want to tell the voices to shut-up about the freaking box, “SHUT UP ABOUT THE FREAKING BOX!”, but I know they won’t listen. they never listen. Just let me have the box, and I’ll Facebook it for all it’s worth so everyone can know what’s in the box, and the voices will be quieter…

  53. I have to know, because JJ Abrams is wrong; it’s definitely better to know what’s in the box than the limitless possibilities.

  54. I’m an at-home dad, and offers a precious window into the world of people-whose-food-I-don’t-have-to-cut-into-squares.

    I asked my 2 1/2 yr old daughter “Juliet, what do you think is in that box?”
    She says: “I think a robot.”
    “Anything else, honey?”
    “a shirt… a gem…. and a snowflake.”

    There you have it folks. Now you all know the contents.

    Now she’s telling me: “Daddy, Please click on the box so I can see in there.”

    She’s hella cute… if you saw her asking, you’d already have it addressed to her. If you do send it our way, I’ll post the videos of her opening it.

  55. My two cats need the box itself. It’s vital to their world domination plans. I need the stuff inside the box because at least 5% of it would help neutralize the dreary dullness of my cubicle.

  56. I’ve been taken prisoner by a gang of maurauding, fashion-savvy eco-terrorists and am being dangled by my ankles over a vat of really terrible cologne. My only hope is to answer the question they’ve posted to me time and time again: “What’s in the box, huh? WHAT’S IN THE BOX??”

    Well, I suppose that’s a bit silly. But I didn’t think you’d buy my real explanation involving the FBI, Billy Ray Cyrus and a squirrel.

  57. I want to see if an alternate universe is inside of it, and if so, to see if the evil-version of me is clean shaven. Or am I the evil one?

  58. I must know what’s in the box because if it’s a cat, I’ll need to know if it’s alive or dead, or perhaps in some kind of quantum half-alive, half-dead state.

  59. I must know what is inside this box because I am eternally curious. The conundrum for me is that my mind will constantly fill and empty this box with odd combinations of various tech. My mind will spin as I contemplate the odds, reel through the statistical likelihood and chase wish-driven hunches. I may not sleep for the next few days as I pace the floor wondering… hoping… praying for a peek inside the box.

    If I were to win the box, I would agree to chronicle it’s arrival and broadcast the opening ceremony in grand fashion on the web to help others that are similarly afflicted with curious minds.

  60. I need to know what’s in the box so that I can finally tell that Schrödinger to leave me alone.

  61. I must know what’s in the box because I’m nosy and it will drive me crazy till I know!

    Sarahjd766at yahoo dot com

  62. I think I know what’s in the box. It’s either the new Kenneth Cole spring collection, or a groupon for a Tibetan restaurant

  63. I get it. It’s a trick question. The real question is “Who’s in the box?”

    Not that I know the answer to that one either. Send me the box and I’ll answer it.

  64. What’s in that box?!: A Haiku

    Perhaps it’s not what’s
    inside, but that it could be
    a really sweet fort?

  65. wonderful things, that’s for sure. I must know ’cause it might be the weapon to fight the 30 feet Vegan invaders… mmm maybe not. I wonder how it’s going to work since I have an e-mail for this comment account, another e-mail for Twitter, and yet another e-mail for the Facebook account.

    Maybe there’s a special detector for that inside the box?

  66. Why do I need to know what is in the box? Simple.

    I need to know what is in the box because leaving something unanswered just does. not. compute.

    What kind of boring existence would I have if I saw something of interest and just thought “meh, guess there is no way to know what that is.” No, I’m definitely the kind of person who will pick up a stick and poke it, take it apart to see how it works, and if it’s an unopened box, I’ll open it, gosh darn it.

    There is *always* a way to find out what is inside the box. Conveniently, you could send me this box of wonder and I could easily find out what is inside. If not, I fully expect a lovely post showing all of the glory contained in the wondrous box, if only so all the rest of us can revel in the glory of discovery.

  67. I’m running out of time to find a gift for my Valentine. I need to know what’s in the box; there might be something to express my love inside!

  68. My OCD DEMANDS that I know what is in the box. My OCD DEMANDS that I know what is in the box. My OCD DEMANDS that I know what is in the box. My OCD DEMANDS that I know what is in the box. My OCD DEMANDS that I know what is in the box. My OCD DEMANDS that I know what is in the box. My OCD DEMANDS that I know what is in the box. My OCD DEMANDS that I know what is in the box.

  69. I need to know for personal growth, plus I could use the box to re-gift some xmas gift cards I’ll never use!

  70. Either a Slaver weapon or my burning, intense hatred of contests that require people to join trendy social networks.

  71. I assume there is a head in there, but until I know for sure I am like Brad Pitt – “What’s in the box?” “What’s in the box?”

  72. I need to know what’s in the box because gris-gris has been regrettably absent from my personal explorations of spirituality. Also, the techie bits would make great favors/cake decorations/hair ornaments for my geeky wedding.

    Also want: where was that gorgeous box photo taken? The background makes the box seem so grand and mysterious!

  73. I absolutely must know what’s what’s in the box because I made a bet with my imaginary pet monkey about its contents. If I’m right I’ll win a bag of peanuts.

  74. Very clever, Rob, but I’m still not signing up for facebook or twitter!

    Really nice fireplace there, by the way.

  75. Can we get some PERSPECTIVE on the size? Is that a fireplace background or a door? 12 inches high or 5 feet?

  76. I used to run a small press comic publishing company that had in the works a compilation/group project tentatively called “What’s in the Box?!” which would have contained stories about a box that never got opened. Unfortunately we went bankrupt before we could put the book out. If I get the box, I will write/draw a comic about what’s inside in honor of the “What’s in the Box” compilation that never came to be.

  77. I hope there’s a kitty!

    Oh wait, I don’t actually hope there’s a kitty in there. Unless there’s kitty life support too.

  78. I need to know if the parallel universe inside contains an alternate me who is clean-shaven. Does that mean I’m the evil one?

  79. “You took the box. Let’s see what’s in the box.
    NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!
    STUPID! You are so stupid!”

  80. Please send me the box, boing boing! I am a faithful follower and would love to know what’s in the box!

  81. I used to work in a box factory.

    Seriously, I did – nothing like the one from the Simpsons, with the preassembled boxes with lids open flying by on conveyors – way cooler than that.

    There’s this enormous machine called a corrugator that makes the wavy part of corrugated cardboard with a combination of vacuum suction and mechanical pressure – glues it all together with a mixture of cornstarch and wastewater from the printing presses. This machine is over 100 meters long, could make over 240 KM of cardboard in a day and was LOUD – ear defenders and earplugs wouldn’t work if you were close enough.

    I would stare at it for hours trying to figure out how the thing worked.

    I loved the idea that our boxes would go out and be used by every part of industry – everything goes in a box.

    I’ve moved on to other pursuits, but I still look back on my time there with fondness.

    That’s why I need to have that box.

    Oh, and the stuff inside. I bet it’s real neat.

  82. I need to know what is in the box for two reasons. First, I am a poor university student. Second, I am a poor university student studying a discipline of science. My scientific mind demands to know what is in the box, so I can stop wondering about it and all the various permutations of objects which the box may or may not contain. Plus, a box full of gadgetry would be fun to play with. ^_^ Whoever said girls can’t enjoy science and math and technology can go play elsewhere.

  83. I need to know what’s in the box, for I am a significantly gadget-less geek. I live in a terribly repressed world with comics on paper and increasingly skinny newspapers and magazines.


    Please help me.

  84. I must know what’s in the box so that I can tell my son what he shouldn’t be playing with. Then I will put him in the (emptied) box and everyone will be happy.

  85. Is it the head of a Superbowl Half-time Show dancer?

    If so, I don’t want what’s in the box :(

  86. Please I hope its not a Pox. There, that’s my Nightmare Before Christmas reference.

    But I truly must know what it contains. And I’d like to get to know in person when I open it in my apartment. I would like some awesome tech and boingboing swag.

  87. Because I need it. I don’t know what it is or what it does (yet!), but I know I need it to do my work better, faster, stronger.

  88. I’m hoping it’s a large box filled with other smaller boxes, which in turn are filled with still smaller boxes, and so on, until at some point approaching atomic size, they stop being boxes, and start being spheres. In the shape of an iPad or something of course.

  89. Who cares what’s inside. That’s the most magnificent box I’ve ever seen! I’ve just got to have it! (I’ll take what’s inside as well).

  90. Because J.J. Abrams convinced us all the mystery box was SO important in his TED talk, and somehow I still thought he’d wrap things up at the end of LOST. And you know what? I’m STILL ticked we never found out what the (expletive) was going on in THAT (mystery box) island. I NEED ANSWERS.

  91. I feel like there’s a good Schrodingers joke in here somewhere… probably in the box.

    I need to know what’s in the box! Whoever wins this had better do an unboxing video. AND I hope this person is as gadget-ly-clueless as I am too so that everything that comes out of this box of mysteriousness is reacted to with cool confusion.

  92. I must know what’s inside the box, because the box already knows what’s inside of me… the circle must be completed.

  93. Just the opposite I am insouciant to what is in the box. It could be a quite living feline caught in the perverse machinations of some sadistic would be Mengele, tangled in a sick web involving quantum decoherence and poison most foul. To be curious would be to be cruel. But… now that I think about it… what if the poor kitten is alive in the box? Why?! Why?! We have to get it out of the box? But how? The implications are too cosmic to ponder! Poor Kitty! You psychos! Call the ALF!!! CALL THE ALF!!!

  94. I need to know what’s in the box so I’ll what NOT to think about. If I win it I can take them outside the box and then think about the items.

  95. By Odin’s great beard! I have sought to answer the mystery of this box for years: I scoured ancient texts for signs that might prophesy its contents, I had my mind reprogrammed to tap into the collective unconscious, I broke all of my legs and three of my arms on an expedition to gain a better vantage point on what is contained within.

    You see, it is the final requirement for crafting a black hole which will unlock a parallel dimension where I believe I will finally be able to trick gods into powering automobiles with zero waste.

    Crazy. I know it sounds that way, but this is all backed up by extensive research and experimentation. I can’t explain to you exactly how it will all be done: your mind would be thoroughly blown. But to prove that my methodology is indeed sound, I can tell you this: it involves the use of safety goggles.

    Please, for the love of all mankind, I must know what is inside the box.

  96. Because there is SWAG! I am a total swag hag. At any conference I go to, I use the two pass method of swag collecting. The first pass is to evaluate the quantity and quality of the swag on offer and then collecting the cream of the crop on the second pass. After all, with bag weight limits, you have to be selective at larger conferences. Plus, unless you are selling them, pens are not worth picking up anymore, unless they are top of the line quality or have a cool mod like a built in laser. So I. WANT. IT.

  97. If it’s gris-gris, I know exactly what I’m doing with it. If not, I just want the fun of getting something in the mail that I don’t know what it is. Either way, I simply *must* know what’s in the box, or it will haunt me for the rest of my days.

  98. I absolutely must know what’s in the box because I teach high school and want to sponsor a Makers Club with a box of abandoned electronics.

  99. I have been slowly losing the ability to distinguish pixels from atoms. I want to bring the box into my living room, log on, and, as I remove each article inside, read any related manual, reviews or Wickipedia entries. Then, maybe, I’ll know the difference.

  100. Because I just want that damned wave function to collapse for once and for all- the uncertainty is too much to take.

  101. I want to know what’s in the box because I’m insatiably curious and a complete gadget nut, but I never have the money to really satisfy my desire to have way too many gadgets.

    *crosses fingers for the heck of it*

  102. I will lay awake tonight thanks to my brain running wild with speculation on what is in that box! If I don’t know what’s in that box I may end up not getting a wink of sleep for days, nay, weeks! Only you can prevent the fallout from not knowing…mail…me…that…box! Avert certain disaster and help me get a good night’s sleep!

  103. I need the Box to make an awesome unboxing video to satisfy all the curious people arround here. So i need to know whats in that box to let u know whats in the box

    1. I need the box because I want voerdus to make an objective, dispassionate unboxing video about someone else opening the box. I want that someone else to be my adorable son.

  104. I Want this thing. I must have it. I have always wanted since I was this wee tall.
    Its a gogdamn box, who in their right mind could not want to pry in it and learn its secrets. Do i want this box?
    Repeat with me in Nic cage voice. “I WANT IT.”
    Sides, if it turns out to have all the sins in the world I want to be the one to open it up and get my name in history.

  105. As a preservice teacher working on licensure at a Title I school I’m sure I could find something useful to do with a box full of new tech goodies and swag. If nothing else I could just shake the box and have my students guess at what is inside (5th graders are oddly like puppies in that way).

  106. Well, I’ve just received my Zelda style life meter t-shirt (a long-time nerdy desire). In light of that, I feel the need to hold the box proudly over my head and then smash it on the floor, all considerations of vandalism, destruction of public property or basic human decency be damned. I hope its full of over-sized gems or arrows.

  107. Because not knowing would be like wondering what’s behind Door Number Three on Let’s Make a Deal just after you’ve passed on the new car…
    Besides, the one gadget I need to solve all the world’s problems might be waiting for me inside that box. The mysteries of the universe could be solved, diseases cured, verifiable proof of the existence of intelligent life in Alabama might be discovered, and someone somewhere might have their life forever improved from the simple scientific advances I might provide, given the contents of that one box of goodies.
    How can you deny humanity this opportunity?
    That, and I’m just nosey…

  108. Initially, I came here to make a joke about Se7en or Schroedinger’s cat, but I see that territory has been covered.

    I need to know what’s in the box because I covet technology that I can’t afford and don’t need. But gee whiz, do I like toys.

  109. The box MUST be bigger on the outside than on the inside. And if not it should have jammy dodgers, a fez, a sonic screwdriver, a Roman centurion’s armor, some lipstick, and a nurse’s uniform!

  110. I’m fairly certain that if I don’t find out what’s in the box then my head will explode.

    I just hope my ladyfriend Pandora doesn’t open it first…


    no, mostly because I LOVE GADGETS AND SWAG and cannot go to awesome industry things like you guys can.

  112. Is it a robot?
    A giant slinky?
    *Please let it be Hugh Jackman…or Joaquim Phoenix’s beard*
    I promise to be good to whatever is in the box…I will even recycle or reuse the box.

    I want to know what’s in the box so I can torment my brother with the exact same game!!

  113. I would like to see whats in the box but more importantly I would like to use it once emptied to help me start a fire in that great fireplace behind it.

  114. I don’t want to know what’s in that box. I couldn’t care less about what’s in that box. If that box disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, I wouldn’t even notice it.

  115. There’s a bar or pedal in the box, when pressed, causes a little mechanism to release a food pellet into your cubicle. It’s totally free – technically – but they rig it so you get addicted over time.

    In the beginning, you get food pellets very quickly for very little effort. As time goes on, you have to do more “work” to obtain the same reward, but by then you’re hooked and you keep playing to try to advance in the box. It’s easy to earn lots of pellets, but it’s hard to earn “Cubicle bucks” which you need to get the biggest advantages (more space, new stapler etc).

  116. I know it’s full of bottle caps. I need to replenish my supply since I bought those stupid thrust modules for the ghouls rockets from that crazy coot in Nipton instead of just stealing the key to the metal box. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

  117. it’s totally random. Nothing cute or talented will work. totally random folks. Send it to me and I’ll sell it all on craigslist or kijiji and fuel my addiction for sub$30 guitars and model trains

  118. I absolutely must know what is in the box because I love stuff, but more importantly, my boyfriend loves stuff. He’s been really sad lately and I’d love to win something like this because it would really cheer him up. Thanks for doing this!

  119. Upon reading this post, initially I was quite excited. It’s a box of surprize!

    Then I realized I already have boxes of electronics sitting around here already, some of which need to be recycled. And if it is not something I already want in that mystery box, it’s just only going to add to my problems.

    Sigh. I’m better off not knowing.

  120. I need to know what’s in the box because, as most happy mutants do, I have a curious nature, and it drives me mad when teh googles has not the answer.

  121. I would love to find out the box’s contents, I’ve been looking for supplies for a random project! What a better way to start than an unknown box of stuffs!

  122. If I dont find out whats in the box my life is over. I guess ill just join the French Foreign Legion and start a new life under the name “Pepe”.

  123. Hello Rob, I’m an avid box collector from Russia! Yes, I collect all kind of unusual packaging, however due to areal limitations of my living space, I have to restrain myself, when it comes to bigger boxes. For years, I’ve been hunting that particular specimen, trying to catch it on ebay, trying flea markets and pawn stores, but, alas, wasn’t so fortunate. Upon seeing this wondrous photograph and reading the well-versed description I was so overwhelmed with feelings, I forgot my password. At the same moment tears of joy uncontrollably bursted from my eyes, almost causing a short circuit, due to an opened PC case lid. And how not to cry here? Check Williamson-Drake’s Guide To The Box Rarities book (2009 ed.) on rare packaging, this baby scored 8.6/10 there! Rob, we all hope you’ll make a right decision tomorrow!

    Always yours, E.S.

  124. I don’t really care so much about whats in the box as the box itself. It looks rather large, and I hope to reuse it to store my vast fortune once it arrives from Nigeria. Prince Akjula from the Republic of Turai will be very pleased with my newly acquired storage device.

  125. I need to know because there is an innate desire in me to know the world around me, and knowing the box’s contents will fulfill that desire at least momentarily.


  126. Life is a constant mystery filled with wonders we can never hope to understand. From aspects of science we’ve yet to wholly grasp to considerations of a spiritual nature, everything should be explored. This exploration, however, can rarely result in truly “answering” the question that was asked. If I can find out what’s in the box, at least I will find the answer to one mystery.

  127. Because someone needs to observe the contents in order to set the state and end the mystery, and I am willing to be that someone.

  128. This box is full of love; love in all different shapes, sizes and forms. It could be love in the form of stickers, or legos, or munny dolls. It could be actions figures, or Getter Robo toys, or crayons. It could be fuzzy love, or plastic electronic love. Love in the form of songs, or movies, or pictures.

    Whatever is in the box, it will hopefully create “oohs” and “ahhhs” from whoever opens it up.

  129. I need to know what is in the box because I actually thought it was partially foggy today, while looking out of my glass sliding doors. Then I looked again, and realized it was from steam, but only on one half of the glass.

  130. I need to know what’s in the box because everyone tells me to think outside the box. Since I’m always thinking outside the box, I have no idea what’s inside the box in the first place.

  131. I’m quite sure that there is a bowling alley in the box. I’ve always wanted a bowling alley of my very own.

  132. “The thing’s hollow—it goes on forever—and—oh my God—it’s full of stars!”

  133. I’m moving offices soon. I could use that box pack away my stapler and my Berlin wall paper weight.

  134. I need to know what is in the box because I am an English teacher. I need to learn more about tech and gadgets to effectively communicate with my students, and I am too improverished to ever buy new tech for myself. I am also a direct descendent of Pandora, so I need to open the box just to see if any hope is lurking within. We need more hope in the world. Free the hope.

  135. I deserve everything in the box because I am the coolest and most awesome person you have never met. I have magic powers, big ears and throw beach parties. Once I receive this box I will take pictures of everything in the box with my toy camera and post them to your boing boing website so that everyone can see. Don’t be frightened by my autographed copy of the bible. My head is floating. Wolves good, quiche bad. Swimming sheep. Best,
    Lord Dickie McBoogerton

  136. I must know what’s in the box. Because I’ve just cleaned my closet of stuff that I don’t need. And now there’s room for more!

  137. We are in the box, and when we open it the rest of the universe will be revealed.

    Its that or SHINY STUFF!

  138. Inside is a Boxee Box. And a box of chocolates. And new-in-box gadgets. It’s a nearly infinite supply of boxes.

  139. I bet I know what’s in there.

    Inside the box there’s a can.

    Inside the can there’s some toast.

    Inside the toast there’s a stick.


  140. If I were to find out what was in the box I’d have had to open it first! I like opening boxes. Opening things is fun!

  141. I simply must know what’s in the box. My kidneys are starting to hurt the desire is so strong within me.

    I’m guessing it’s a box of double rainbows. And maybe an Arduino controlled Xeni lovebot.

  142. I absolutely must know what’s in the box because I think it’s some awesome banana paraphanelia but the suspense is killing me.

  143. Because I have to know if the box is filled with old cell phones and Barbies. If this works for you, my partner wants me to copy the process as a way of reducing the clutter around our house.

  144. I want to enjoy the joy of opening unknown surprises!
    If you let me have it, I promise I will share most of it with other readers! give this poor stressed out college student a break..

    either way, I hope the reader shares his discoveries with everyone else…

  145. I bet inside is “a green metal cube about fifteen centimeters on a side…[with] one side…open – black and oddly frightening.” I want to find out if there really is pain inside.

  146. I need to know what is in the box so I can buy food for my adorable new pet!

    I’m currently stocked up on cat food, electrons, fertilizer and booze. There is a cheese log in the fridge, just in case.

    I am following on Twitter, but it’s more fun to comment here. :)

  147. I have to know whats in that box, Ive climbed to the top of everest, Ive made love to a beautiful woman, Ive enjoyed fine wine, Ive won the super bowl, and Ive swam for miles in a pod of dolphins, but i would trade it all for the wonderful mystery box…

  148. I’m quite sure it’s the formerly lost, now digitally remstered outtakes of The Sound of Music, which i absolutely have to watch.

    If i do get the box and it turns out i’m wrong about the outtakes i certainly hope it’s no Apple stuff. I wouldn’t want that.

  149. Why do I need to know what is in the box? Why?

    BoingBoing is the repository of all that is neat and cool. Obviously it could be the lost evidence of the existence of some remarkable cryptid, or a cure for cancer. Or evidence of a cryptid that cures cancer.

    Regardless of what it is, I most possess this mighty bit of Boing Boing Magic

  150. I want to find out what’s in the box because I could really use a fun break from Library school.

  151. I must know what’s in the box because curiosity killed the cat and even though I’m not a cat (I’m actually quite allergic to cats, but that’s beside the point) I can totally relate and I love techy crap and swag is great and there’s probably a ton of pens and little squeezy LED flashlights and superballs and my kids love that crap. It’ll be like a great big giant box full of Happy Meal toys, only for tech geeks.

  152. I must know what is in the box because I don’t have anything clever to write in this comment, and therefore I desperately need consolation.

  153. I am addicted to grab bag style purchases. And while you might not want to feed the addiction of your friends, you really don’t know me yet so go for it!

  154. Something in the box
    Definitely something in the box
    How many somethings in the box
    Need to count the somethings in the box
    Something in the box
    Definitely something in the box
    How many somethings in the box
    Need to count the somethings in the box
    Something in the box
    Definitely something in the box
    How many somethings in the box
    Need to count the somethings in the box

    Time for Wapner

  155. I will find a unique and awesome use for every item in the box, then document it and blog about it on boingboing as a guest blogging section on the usefulness of everything

  156. I need the box so I can empty it for my cats, thus buying myself time to play with all the cool gadgets while they subdue the cardboard interloper and establish a schedule of who is in charge of keeping it safely held prisoner.

  157. I wish this box contained answers to the mysteries of the universe, secrets to happiness and world peace, radiant images of the feminine divine, and other cooler stuff. But, I guess I’ll be satisfied with just the “other cool stuff” for now. Plus, I promise to share (a.k.a. re-gift) most of it anyway.

  158. I must have this for two reasons.

    1. I just lost my job, and need a little goodness in my life right now.

    2. That’s a great looking box, and my cats like boxes. If I get the box I will post pictures of my cats in the box.

  159. I am the sort of person who cannot sleep when she is presented by a mystery. If I do not receive this box, I will die of exhaustion. Alarmist media will blow the incident out of proportion, condemning “the weblogs”. Sarah Palin will personally shoot Boing Boing dead.

    So, really, I’m just thinking of you guys.

  160. I have to know what is in the box because of the theory of entanglement!!
    It could be Schrödinger’s cat!
    Or….Schrödinger’s gerbil!
    Or…Jimmy Hoffa’s Wallet!

  161. I need to add it to my collection of hoax devices. Or just leave it out on the curb until the bomb squad shows up.

  162. I’ve recently opened a tiny museum in my front yard here in Helsinki, Finland. I only have five items so far, and all of them are still encased in ice. The items in the box will be put on display for the “Future Now But Also Yesterday” display, and will be sure to attract locals, foreigners, and polar bears alike.

  163. Is Schrodinger’s cat in that box? I can’t tell if it’s dead or alive. I have to know. SEND ME THE CAT!!!!

  164. If I win this box, my wife will kill me, or at least make me throw out an equivalent mass of basement matter.

    I could live with that.

  165. WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Come on, what’s in the box…don’t make me be vengence, i want to be sloth, sloth of gadgets!

  166. Because I just want that damned wave function to collapse for once and for all- the uncertainty is too much to take.

  167. The only thing better than getting packages in the mail is getting a MYSTERY package in the mail. I want to know if it’s good stuff or if you’re just cleaning the junk out of your office.

  168. Even if everything IN the box is useless to me, that is a VERY nice box. But I can’t imagine there being NOTHING in the box I could use. At the very least, there’s probably stuff I can donate to Free Geek and get people to like me and think I’m altruistic.

  169. I absolutely must know what is in the box. Once I do that, my cat will get into the box, which is an imperative.

  170. I must absolutely know what is in the box because I am in a box and that might be the box I am in and if it is then I can get a free trip home.


    why you absolutely must know what is in the box.

  171. I’m an architecture student and i need the cardboard to make a model and a chair…oh yeah, and the stuff inside would be cool :-)

  172. I could use a box that size.
    It could make a cool, recycled steampunk computer case, or maybe to make a Haunted Mansion diorama.
    I also like stuff, so that’s a huge bonus.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  173. I must, I must, what’s in the box. A fox, some sox, hopefully not the pox. I need to know, it irks my mind, I’m rife with awe and thoughts that bind, me to this box, my eyes, my heart. A bunch of junk or random part. Please let me know and send it here. I will not win this chance I fear. But box, with sox or fox, you know you’re mine. A valentine I’d wine and dine. Come to my home, I’ll let you in, and let the nighttime fun begin. Don’t be afraid, I’m not a cad, but don’t you think it’s time we had, a moment here, just one us two, I’ll be gentle, kind, and good to you. A box of wonder brought to me and filled with plunder I know you’ll be. Excuse my rhymes and faultless wit, I really really want this #@*%…

  174. I’d love to video tape me opening the box and posting it on youtube! finally the answer to Schrödinger’s cat

  175. I need to open the box so that I can press the button and receive a million dollars (hopefully the person that dies will be an evil S.O.B.).

    I promise to only press the button a few times.

  176. Even if everything IN the box is useless to me, that is a VERY nice box. But I can’t imagine there being NOTHING in the box I could use. At the very least, there’s probably stuff I can donate to Free Geek and get people to like me and think I’m altruistic.

  177. It’s too small to be the Ark of the Covenant…but maybe it came from the same warehouse! Please, I must know!

  178. I want the box so that I can make an Optimus Prime costume for Halloween and I’m sure the swag will make me more believable.

  179. I need to know what’s in the box, cause I lost my copy of Pokemon Blue ten years ago so maybe it’s in there? I’ve looked everywhere else.

  180. I must have this for my wife for valentine’s day. We celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 15th – the chocolate’s all 1/2 price and we started that as students in the 80’s. My wife can’t resist grab bags or roadside lemonade stands. Love u sweetie.

    I tweeted this – BoingBoing giveaway mystery box. I must have this 4 my wife @ <3 day She can't resist grab bags & lemonade stands. Love u L #whatsinthebox

  181. More than I like cream cheese and lox,
    I want to know what’s in the box.
    More than I like to wear warm socks,
    I want to know what’s in the box.
    More than I need to go pee-pee,
    I want the box and its gris-gris.
    More than a cat wants in a bag,
    I want that boxed CES swag.

    I could continue at length, but at some point the ghost of Dr. Seuss would rise up in wraithful wrath. I make stuff (as in “artistic stuff”) with gadgets and swag and cast-off bric-a-brac. Knowing that this box holds stuff from boing-boing is a guarantee that I would like— if not everything, then a danged high percentage thereof.

  182. I must, I must, what’s in the box. A fox, some sox, hopefully not the pox. I need to know, it irks my mind, I’m rife with awe and thoughts that bind, me to this box, my eyes, my heart. A bunch of junk or random part. Please let me know and send it here. I will not win this chance I fear. But box, with sox or fox, you know you’re mine. A valentine I’d wine and dine. Come to my home, I’ll let you in, and let the nighttime fun begin. Don’t be afraid, I’m not a cad, but don’t you think it’s time we had, a moment here, just one us two, I’ll be gentle, kind, and good to you. A box of wonder brought to me and filled with plunder I know you’ll be. Excuse my rhymes and faultless wit, I really really want this #@*%…

  183. The box, it calls to me. Like a siren song, it sings of unknown shores. The madness it contains only makes the song sweeter, knowing that opening it could be the end to an otherwise drab existence. Finding what is inside would be it’s pinnacle, especially with the knowledge that it will end me. I do not fear the box, I embrace it. Please, I must see in the box, if only for a moment, then to become part of it, and to pass the madness on….

    Laymen’s translation… “Can I haz box now…?”

  184. Because I was told. Something happens when that box is opened, something horrible… We never knew what it really was, what really came out of that box, and i’m not sure anyone really did want to know. But something horrifying came out of that box, and i’ve been sent back to prevent it being opened.

    I need that box so i can take care of it and make sure it never falls into the wrong hands.

  185. As a Tech-Addict,I NEED to know what is in that box… I can HEAR the contents calling me {grin} (and who can resist a good mystery!)

  186. Whatever it is, you say it’s worth hundreds of dollars. That’s why I absolutely must know what’s inside the box. Most honest answer I can muster. That, and I’m dying to know whether the cat is dead or alive, or in a superstate of positions.

    Also, dig that presentation. That’s one serious box. It must contain some incredible stuff. Otherwise, why all the mystery? I swear, if it contains a video camera, I’ll make a zombie porno. Even if I don’t win.

    Oh, dear God, what I wouldn’t give to know what’s inside that box. It’s become an obsession. I cannot be held responsible for what happens if I am not the sole recipient of the expensive contents of that box. The box is everything to me. Christ, I’ve only known about the box for a few minutes, and already I would KILL to know what’s in there.

    Did I win? I will seriously die if you don’t send me the box. It’s mine. No one else deserves it. That box is the very key to my survival. I will throw myself in front of a garbage truck or drown myself in a bathtub filled with heavy whipping cream if the box does not arrive at my doorstep. I am prepared to go the distance. I will do whatever it takes to ensure that the box is mine. Anything you ask.

    I will love that box eternally; nothing could ever change that. I’m the only person she needs. The box and I were destined to be together. Now that you’ve brought the box and its valuable contents to my attention, I honestly can’t imagine my life without her. I worship that box. Please, for the love of God, send me what is mine.

    God help us if that box ends up in the wrong hands.

  187. As Schroedinger once stated, “Until one observes what is inside the box, I will start killing one hostage every hour.”

  188. I must know what is in the box to discover the identity of this amazing follower so that I may in turn follow them!

  189. For the protection of our Glorious United States of God in the Democratic Republic of America I must be one hundred percent certain that there are no illegal items in that box, including but not limited to: music, movies, toys, foreign news, anti-Glorious United States of God propaganda, atheist reading material, books, pictures depicting music or movies or books or toys, renewable energy, or Sudafed.

  190. When i was a kid, the grab bags were my favorite. The Hope of getting something really cool… Well now I am older and I hate not knowing. It drives me crazy! I can’t plan for not knowing. SO TELL US ALREADY!!! WHAT IS IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!

  191. Mostly because I’m too lazy to look up “gris-gris” and find out what it means. Hopefully I’ll know it when I open the box and see it.

  192. I’m dying to know, because if it’s had Cory’s hands in it, I can lord the box over my writer friends, and if it’s had Xeni’s hands in it, I can lord it over my techie friends. I don’t even really need what’s IN the box, I just want the box.

  193. I need to know what’s in the box because YOU MADE ME NEED TO KNOW. YOU AND YOUR GODDAMN REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!!

    WHAT’S IN THE BOX? (prays it’s paltrows head).

  194. I deeply love Boingboing and have been a reader since the print days.

    It is unlikely that there is anything in the box as valuable as respect, thus there is no way I would spam my friends lists with this.

  195. What’s in the box? WHAT’S in the box? What’s in the BOX?!? What’s in the box? *tear* What’s in the booooxx? *look* *murderous glare* Bang Bang Bang

  196. Throughout history things of intense interest have been hidden in boxes and the response has always been, in the words of the sage Brad Pitt ‘What’s in the box! What’s in the box! Come on, come on; What’s in the darn box’ or so I paraphrased.

    I believe it is time we listen to Mr. Pitt’s pleas and like Mario searching for his latest fix we catapult ourselves into the box and claim our prize, may it be some sweet swag, a anthropomorphic flower or even [INSERT ‘SE7EN’ SPOILER HERE).

  197. I don’t care what is in the box, I just want a chance to do something with the items that the manufacturer never intended.

  198. I know what is in the box. It is the terrible horrifying secret of the universe that leads men into madness. I must have to box in order to save them and the world from the knowledge that would destroy us all.

  199. Few things in life hold as much potential as an unopened box or as many memories as one that has been closed away.

  200. I must know what is in the box. The voices in my head scream “NOTHING!” but as a QA engineer, I KNOW BETTER. NEVER TRUST THEM WHEN THEY SAY IT’S JUST A BOX.


    I’m betting there’s something…shiny. Possible…two..shinies. Must..possess…shinies…

  201. I absolutely must know what’s in the box because I am training to become King of the Nerds; sources indicate that something inside the box might help me in my training: but what?!?

  202. tell us why you absolutely must know what is in the box
    Two reasons. I could really use a good hit of happiness right now….and my cat would love the box…really….do it for my cat.

  203. I very much need to know what was is in the box. No one has ever let me know, for example, what the magic word is or even what the secret password. It has seemed my default position in a game of Piggy in the Middle has been very much front and centre, ‘La Grand Piggy’ if you will.

    World! it’s time to turn them tables, I’d very much like to know what is the box.

    I’ve never known a secret handshake for which I am probably glad, my favourite shoes have always been bought a day after the cool clock stopped. Oh what to do.

    If the contents of the box turns out to be a punch in the face, I do and I will, take every effort not to sob, but on the bright side, finally I will know!

  204. While what is inside is important (and I will not deny that I am significantly more than curious); only by opening it can we find out what is NOT inside. And that my friends, is the crux of all that matters.

  205. I’m pretty sure I will die if I do not find out what is in the box. Although I am not 100% sure, I’d really rather not risk it, so please, please, send me the box.

  206. I need this box, so that I can NEVER ever open it.

    For years, this box will remain sealed, ripe with the possibility of what it could hold. On days when I’m melancholy, I’ll savor the infinite realm of options which the box contains. I will take solace in the fact that, in a world where almost every mystery and miracle has been studied and analyzed, debated and canonized, there is *at least* one thing that will forever remain unknown.

  207. I need this box so I can satisfy the human need to know what is inside an unmarked closed box. Also, I really like stuff.

  208. I am launching a game that I made, and to promote it I will do exactly the same as you, but for each gadget.

    PS. I will probably keep something for me ;)

  209. Reading Boing Boing is like every day seeing an ever changing gallery of ideas I’m not familiar with, places I’ll never visit or perhaps never existed, and objects that I am far too poor to own.

    Owning this box would be like changing for one moment from the circumstances I am in to the circumstances I see and envy in which dwell those for whom I work, those next to whom I studied, even those to whom I am so painfully, closely related, and especially those whose writing I read every day on this blog.

    For one moment I would have physical relation to something which has had and will continue to have forever afterward a veil of gauzy white GUI between us.

    Plus, maybe its got a computer I can give to my girlfriend, hers broke a while ago and she cant afford a new one.

  210. I think I should have the box because I tell everybody about boingboing, in fact most of my more interesting stories come from things I’ve read on Boingboing…but does simply being a fan warrant the box? no but more to the point I’m quite sure that whats in the box, based on my affection of your site means that I will be tantalized and excited to no end by said items…that and I love cardboard!

  211. I need to know what’s in that box because my formative years consisted of movies like se7en and Ronin. Only, when I saw Ronin in the theatre the projector burned the film a few minutes from the end and when I finally saw the whole thing, I developed a complex about mysterious boxes.

  212. [Joke about Gwenyth Paltrow’s head]

    What’s in the bOOooOOOX!!
    NooOOOo! NOOOOO!!!

    (Please send it to me, SRSLY!)

  213. It’s a closed box full of Boing goodies! I don’t even want to keep most of the stuff in there (probably), but I have to know what’s IN the box. My friends and sister can have the stuff, as long as I get first dibs on anything extra-boingy.

  214. If I don’t find out what’s in the box I will grow old and eventually die. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

  215. Is it “hundreds of dollars” worth of peacock feathers? or rare truffles? Platinum ingots would be cool! Ideally it’d be something Boing Boing related. Maybe a robot cat spaceship.

  216. I have no idea what is in the box. Mayyyybe something bad. Mayyyyybe something good. I guess we’ll never know. Because, you’re going to guard it. You won’t touch it will you?

  217. I a have a collection of boxes that contain techie stuff and I want to add diversity to their gene pool.

  218. Winners chosen at random right? Because there are some witty-ass comments in here. I’d love a mystery box, personally. Hopefully whoever gets it will post a full inventory.

  219. I absolutely must know what is in the box because I because I’m curious like that. I’ll probably just give this “stuff” away but I’ll mess with it all first. If I don’t break it, I’ll find a good home for it all.

  220. Meatwad: See, check it. MC Pee Pants doesn’t just want [–] now, that’s childish. He needs it. And when you need something that’s a responsibility that only an adult (sees chocolate bunnies)..of my maturity.. Bunnies!

    (let me use all your good stuff. let me repurpose all the bad.)

  221. The crowbar next to my monitor started glowing when I opened this post. I need to know if this was a fake alarm or if that glow will lead me to more treasures in the future.

  222. I must have it simply because I don’t know what’s in it. If you told me exactly what was in it…I would probably still really want it. But my point is since I don’t know, every fiber of my being must get that box so that I can find out what is inside. Every. Fiber.

  223. I’m planning on winning a box of goodies from bOINGbOING and this box will be perfect for keeping the goodies in!

  224. Since the moment I read this post, thoughts about what’s in the box have been distracting me from the very little work I do at my job.

    Also, I actually logged in to my Twitter account so that I could follow Boing Boing. It’s my 1st time logging in since I signed up years ago, and Boing Boing is the only person/entity who/that I’m following. That’s how much I want to know what’s in the box.

  225. A new battery for my ipod (and the attendant shipping costs) would be lovely. Or a stack of EL sheets, wire, transformers and battery packs (natural blue, please). Maybe a Lego Death Star? Man, I’d love to get my hands on one of those, but I could never justify the expense. Ooh! I know! It’s a bundle of folded time! That would be mighty useful.

    Something tells me it’s actually full of unicorn meat, and this give away is the reason it was out of stock at x-mas time.

  226. Until I observe what is in the box, any of a huge number of things could exist simultaneously in quantum states inside! Send me the box so that the wave function into a single state of boingboing swag!

  227. I need to know what’s in the mystery box. I have until next week to avert worldwide catastrophe (can’t say what it is, sorry), and so far the only thing I have to work with is an old box of fishing tackle. Anything helps!

  228. #whatsinthebox
    That box looks so epic it needs its own soundtrack. It needs the 2001: Space Odyssey treatment. The bit where Dave Bwoman is an old man lying in that baroque room knowing too much about everything. Thats how ‘ll feel if I got this box. I’d play the soundtrack as I was opening it…

  229. I simply must know what’s in the box, because it’s so big and blank and inviting. It is practically bursting with potential goodness, or at least I imagine that’s what it is bursting with.

  230. Because of course, I am no cat. I do not fear being killed by my curiosity and what is in that box I must know!

  231. Maybe a cat… maybe not….

    I am AC because I have no FB, I don’t twitter.
    I don’t have a shiny jebus phone… and some how I do okay.

    Ask yourself this… is what in the box enough to make up for someone handing themselves to Zuck to be marketed and tracked forever?

  232. If we don’t find out what’s in the box, mankind will never be free from the tyranny of the tree people. Obviously.

  233. It’s probably the only thing you can open from the internet where you won’t end up getting Rick Roll’D.

  234. I need to know what’s in the box to satisfy my craving for Global Domination. An agent of the U.N. hid the all-powerful Time-Cube somewhere on this Earth.

    My minions have searched for years to no avail, so it MUST be in this box!

    Should it be, and bring my cause to fruition, I promise to be a benevolent ruler of the planet!

  235. According to Dr. Seuss:
    Chicks with bricks, Chicks with blocks, Knox on fox in socks in box, Socks on chicks
    and chicks on fox, Six sick bricks tick, Six sick chicks tock, New goo, Blue goo, Pig band! Boom band!, tweetle beetles on a poodle… and the poodle’s eating noodles..

    Who doesn’t love an UNOPENED box…
    Fun Game…Thanks Rob :)

  236. Because of course, I am not a cat. Curiosity wont kill me, it only makes me stronger. The only thing better is having the question answered!

  237. Sure, with the boat you get a boat, but that box could be anything…

    …even a boat!

    I have to know what’s in the box?

  238. Because I love a good gadget and with the exception of my EVO, I usually hold off actually buying them for myself!

  239. i need whatever is in that box! i’m fairly certain it will become part of my next sculpture or art project!

  240. There are so many people here who seem downright desperate to know what’s in this box of yours, so, as a gesture of humanity and a token of peace I offer this: when I receive the box I promise to document each and every item and give people what they all claim to want, the knowledge of what is in the box… also, if there are stickers I will totally freak-out.

  241. I must know what’s in the box. Not because i must have it, but because i must know what is inside it. It’s not merely a want of free stuff, but because i have a deep love of found objects (new and old) and figuring out creative new uses for them. I don’t really care if they are cheap or expensive, useful or useless, as long as the box contains objects that are interesting to me.. and i think not knowing what the box contains and the mystery surrounding it makes whatever is inside very interesting.

    My mind reels at the possibilities as to what i can do with, make, or use the items for. So ask you to pick me! I cannot demand but i can only dream and hope that i am lucky enough :)

  242. I don’t care what’s in the box, Facebook can pry my personal data from my cold dead hands and Twitter is too succinct to be usable by anyone with anything truly worth saying.

    I guess I’ve self-disqualified myself from being able to enter.

    What’s with the “you must have a Facebook or Twitter account to be an eligible person” attitude these days?

  243. I have 2 box loving cats but sadly I have only 1 box and so there is a never ending war over who gets to be in the box, now if I was to receive a second box certainly everlasting peace would be achieved.

  244. I’m a science teacher. That stuff in the box is essential for the kind of top-notch curriculum I would like to establish. I’m training future particle physicists, roboticists, and farmers. Whatever is behind those golden corrugated folds is just perfect for my students.

  245. I’ve been looking everywhere for any sign that things will change and optimism isn’t silly. Whatever is in the box, that’s what I’d see there.

  246. I’m sure the stuff in the box is awesome, and I would enjoy any and all of its theoretical contents (hopefully they don’t include a cat in a quantum state of existence).

    But as the parent of a two-year-old, the main draw is, of course, the box itself. It’s a spaceship! A car! A house! A tree! It is boundless potential, plus you can draw on it with a white crayon!

  247. The picture is setup to make us think the box is HUGE (ie the size of a doorway), but judging from the size of the floor tiles its probably about 15 inches wide. Therefore I don’t think there are any puppies, masked monkey waiters, or imperial walkers in there. However I’m not ruling out David Blaine. Boing Boing opened my eyes to the world of DIY tech wizardry, general wacky nerd stuff, and creative commons. I can only hope for a signed copy of the Axe Cop year 1 poster. I love Boing Boing, it is the perfect blog for me and I cannot wait to figure out whats in that box.

  248. #whatsinthebox
    That box looks so epic it needs its own soundtrack. It needs the 2001: Space Odyssey treatment. The bit where Dave Bwoman is an old man lying in that baroque room knowing too much about everything. Thats how ‘ll feel if I got this box. I’d play the soundtrack as I was opening it…

  249. I am looking for a watch phone, an iPad, a blue tooth handset that looks like a bakelite phone, soem cool LED things so I can Style at next years Luminary Lopet, and a laptop with battery life. I have looked in all my boxes and came up with shit.

  250. I have to know what’s in the box because I’m a TSA officer, ma’am. If you don’t let me know what’s in the box, you are directly supporting terrorism. My authority? Are you being difficult, ma’am? Please just let me see inside the box and then we wont have to get you arrested.

  251. Because even if I don’t have to know what’s in the box, my cat does. And he claims all empty boxes as his sovereign domain. Thus it shall be emptied for the greater good.

  252. I absolutely must know whats in the box because as I type this my arm is in a sling (due to surgery) and I am looking out the window as the snow falls and I have been stuck inside = I AM SO BORED. Please I must know whats in the box PLEEEEEASE…..

    Not to mention my curiosity quotient is extremely high and I might have a heart attack if I dont win.

  253. I need to see what’s in the box, because I need to destroy the time machine inside that box, because I am absolutely sick and tired of the time loop between now and 2/11/2011. I’ve changed my mind.

  254. I am a college student. In college dorm life, your importance is dependant upon the amount of STUFF you have. Like building a nest. The more stuff I have, the closer I am to being an alpha dog, and learning the inner secrets that are in the supply closet. Give me the box, so I may ascend AND CONQUER THE CAMPUS SUPPLY CLOSETS!

  255. I immediately thought what was in the box is a cat! Possibly dead, possibly alive. Of course this being BoingBoing many others have gone with Schrodinger’s cat comments.

    So I’ll say that inside the box is a device running an app with another box and a cat that is possibly dead or possibly alive (aka the humane way to run Schrodinger’s cat experiment without the poison and radioactive source, etc.). :-)

    To me swag most like says, quite a number of branded t-shirts, perhaps some branded bags, some branded pens and more.

  256. I need to see what’s in the box so I can use the time machine in the box to come back here and comment that I need to see what’s in the box.

    I don’t know what happens to the world after 2/11/2011, but I have a feeling it’s nothing good. So I’m going to stick here in this little three-day time loop and be safe forever.

  257. I need this box to ship my assorted belongings home from college. You know, pieces of tin foil, old pencil shavings, bits of gnawed Balsam, and things of the like.

  258. I fear the unknown.
    knowing would alleviate the fear.
    information wants to be free.
    The odds of receiving the box are better than winning the lottery or the HGTV dream home.
    /never tell me the odds!

  259. I would like this box because I would like to make a rocketship out of what’s inside and the kid on the first floor would like to make a rocketship out of the box.

  260. I need this box because I am moving, and this is the perfect size of box that I need.
    I am also betting that the swag inside-i.e. unicorn horn, stickers, stuffed jack’a’lope, last known whereabouts of D.B. Cooper, A lock of Doug Hennings hair etc.-will be good enough to barter with to aid in moving my other boxes.

    Although I am not sure about it’s ability to absorb moist materials, but I am willing to take this chance.

  261. Honestly? I don’t care. But I’d like free swag, free swag is kinda cool. And, I’ve never won anything before, so that would be cool as well.

  262. I want to know what’s in the box because I want to know what’s in the box. I’ll probably just end up playing with the actual cardboard box, though… because mentally I’m basically a seven year old

  263. I must have this box! It obviously contains the only known physical quantities of raw schadenfreude known to humankind. I of course will only use said materials for unicorn chaser creation and satirical clergy mocking.

  264. i wanna know whats in the box!! i wish to write a review of whatever it is and take pictures!! i BLOG FOR YOU!!
    personally i am hoping for chocolate. for that, i would as well write a review!

  265. I need to know what’s in the box because it may be the final component I need for my time machine so I can travel into the future and find out what’s inside the box once someone gets it.

  266. i would like the box because i’m hoping theres a big red button inside just waiting to be pushed. and then i’ll let you all know what it does after i push it. yay!

  267. Swagswag!Where’stheswag?!Ismellswag!SwagswagGottabeswag!Onlyonethingsmellslikeswagandthat’sswag!SwagswagswagswagTHERE!Fromthatboxwhat’sitsay?!ICAN’TREAD!Pleasepleasegimmiewhat’sinthebox!ChewyyummysmokySWAG!

  268. The box is closed and must be opened, after all it worked so well for that greek lady. I think her name was Pan… something.

  269. I need to know what’s in the box because it could be Schrodinger’s cat. I feel the need to let the kitty out of the box. That Schrodinger was not so nice to the cat and it needs some snuggles…or possibly therapy.

  270. It is entirely possible that unless I, myself, am able to open the box and verify its contents, nothing will ever be the same again as the One Who Sleeps under the sea rises to swallow the universe.

  271. I want to open it to check if it’s Pandora’s Box. If it is, then oops, but hey, at least I’ll know.

  272. As a child I would ask relatives if I could rummage through their stuff. My science teacher uncle had great stuff in his basement workshop. My librarian aunt had boxes of books in her closests. A rockhounding grandfather’s discard pile kept me happy for days one end. Various relatives had attics full of glass unicorns, brass telescopes and discarded toys. And to temper these worlds of wonder there were plenty of ignorant rednecked cousin/trolls who would yell at me for simply voicing my opinion, being a five year old athiest who hated cars was not easy.

    Boing-Boing is my virtual childhood. That box could be my lost and future childhood.

  273. A closed box full of unknown random crap? Of course I need to open it. It isn’t the robots or the zombies that will kill us off. It’s going to be curiosity. That last nerd who wonders, “What if I…”

  274. Single white mutant, 31, Jewish, green eyes, black hair seeking mystery box for wild romps on the net, candle-lit time-travel, and space colonization. All shapes and sizes welcome. Preferably Wifi-curious. Corrugated lining a plus.

  275. I don’t have anything witty to say to make you laugh and remember me as someone worthy of this mystery box. I’ve just been inspired to make something lately, and think whatever is in this box may help.

  276. I need to know what’s in the box because I think it may be some sort of earwax tool or unicorn chaser and I totally need one.

  277. I’m guessing it’s going to be a unicorn chaser, a banana some thing, just look at it, a ukulele girl monkey, angry monkey magazine, steampunk goggles, something with lots of knobs, buttons, and led’s, retro gaming gear, various wires and cords, a robot slave, and most importantly zombie apocalypse survival gear.

    All of which I really need to add to my creepy cat lady/geek/mad scientist/hoarder air I have about myself. You anything that makes neighbors, friends, maintenance, delivery people sort of do the head cock wide eyes back up move before asking “What is…… that?”

    Also I never win anything other than strange genetic defects doctors can’t fix or help….. which I never really NEED.

  278. I need to know what’s in the box because I have stated “I must know what is in the box”. I have perceived this to be true, so it therefore must be a reality. We must keep the threads of reality intact, or it may cease to exist. If I don’t find out what’s in the box, no reality, no box, no boingboing. Don’t you value the future of your site?

  279. If you send me the box, my cat will help to open it, dig all of the stuff out and then hide in the box, or put her toys in it, or jump in and out of the box like Maru. She really likes boxes.

  280. If I don’t find out what’s in the box Boing Boing will be directly contributing to the amount of ignorance in this world. Never take the side of ignorance, Rob.

  281. Boingboing is full of wonderful things, so I have high expectations for the contents of this box. I NEED to know what’s in the box.

  282. Why on earth would I want to follow the BoingBoing feed on Twitter? It’s dozens of messages a day would overwhelm the tweets of people I actually care about, and there’s apparently nothing in the Tweet stream that can’t be easily replicated with an RSS reader. It’s like everything that’s wrong about the way Big Media misuses communications tools like Twitter in post-ironic step. Boing should have millions of followers, but since it’s a nearly content-free stream, you’re left with tens of thousands of people that likely never read 1/10 of your Tweets.

    I remember when Boing used to be cool.

  283. I’m hoping the box contains bits and parts I can use to either complete my current project or that will inspire me to make new ones. And a unicorn.

  284. the box is full of old newspapers. old newspapers i need to make a nest. please and thanks yous.

    i am always up for being surprised.

  285. There could be a black hole in the box. If I open the box, I can confirm if a blackhole exists in said box. Also, it’ll bean I’ll be the second poor person sucked into the hole. After who ever tried to pack it in there.

  286. I don’t want to know what’s in the box. I need to know what’s in the box. The stake of the universe depends on it. Choose wisely.

  287. I’ve had some laundry accidents recently, and my dark shirts have bleach stains on them. Since I need new shirts, I’m hoping to open the box and find some nice conference shirts in there to replenish my wardrobe.

  288. Rob,
    Once a number of years ago, I helped run a LARP on the east coast, where the players had to open a box. We ran around the field whispering in their ears saying “open the box” because once they opened the box, it would trigger the end game event and let the game continue. Rob, they NEVER OPENED THE BOX…I want to open this box, I want to open this box so bad. I want to see if a jolly, candy like button is in the box, so I can push it and maybe erase the mistakes of my past by erasing history. But I can’t even see if there is a jolly candy like button in the box, until I get the box and open the box.
    I want to see what is in the box, please.

  289. I absolutely need to know what’s in the box. It’s your fault I can’t focus on anything else now.

  290. I need to know what’s in that box, mostly because there is a possibility that I’m in there and if that is the case you can hardly ship me somewhere else.

  291. Whatever is in that box, it’s the only thing I ever wanted…although in my experience, boxes are usually empty, or maybe with a little cheese stuck to the top. And one time, pepperoni. What a day that was!

  292. The existence or non-existence of a parallel universe may be, perhaps held within the confines of said “box”.

    Winning this box could, perhaps, lead to me enlightenment. Let me explain.

    My curiosity in the box has been spurred on by trans-personal explorations of time and space through ketamine, LSD, mushrooms, peyote and ibogaine. This exploration has led me to know the following:
    -reality as we know it is an illusion
    -the internal universe is equal to or greater than the external universe
    -the external universe is accessible through the gateway of the inner mind
    -the only thing that matters is the moment, is the moment
    -I choose my reality
    -time and space are constructs of our present reality system and are a myth

    Back to the box: On many levels it’s contents are a mystery. On other levels it’s contents are “known” since they were dumped into the collective consciousness of humanity (aka GOD). Those contents not only exist in the moment, but in the past and the future. So I know what’s in the box right now – but with my limited, constrained consciousness I cannot yet access that information.

    Back to parallel universes: that box and it’s contents exist on two planes. This one (here/there) and as anti-matter.

    By me being the winner of the box and the contents, this may, perhaps, create a personal epiphany of the “moment” of duality of existence. This moment could create an opening for me to attain “rainbow body” – I will be enlightened. So therefore winning would be nice. Rainbow body would be nice. If I win this box enlightenment may be just around the corner.

    I want the box and I want to be enlightened.

    Thank you.

  293. I can’t afford gadgets right now, baby formula is zapping my cash. Help, gadgets are much more fun then baby formula.

  294. I must know what’s in the box and if you won’t pass it through my naked box scanner voluntarily I will feel its junk in order to find out for myself.

  295. Having just rewatched Logan’s Run, I know ALLLLL about Box. And I want to make sure there’s no frozen people in it.

  296. If the box came my way it would be an excellent example of luck and semi random chance for my 9 year old daughter. Her mother and I were married because she (my wife) won a trip to Las Vegas a little over a decade ago. I got to see the Germs and meet Don Knots because of a coin flip. OK I know that I’m already lucky, I mean I was born in America in the last half of the 20th century, what more do I need right. Anyway its more for my progeny. Being born 3 days after 9/11 she needs all the luck she can get.

  297. Well, if there’s anything I like more than my favourite two things, it would be some third thing: which could be inside the box. Also, I generally think outside the box and this would be my opportunity to expand (contract?) my horizons and think inside it.

  298. I don’t know have any idea what is in that box, but I really want to know. The suspense is killing me.

  299. I must know what is in the box because I am woefully under-gadgeted and terminally swagless. Help me, BoingBoing, you’re my only hope.

  300. I need to know whats in the box because I suffer from anxious- needstoknowititis.. It could be fatal, would you want my blood on your hands?? Please, relieve us both :)

  301. I’m hoping for a collection of choose your own adventure novels, but I’ll settle for just having a box to add to my growing collection of boxes of various sizes and shapes. Contents are so unimportant, its the mystery that drives us.

  302. I must know what’s in the box as the customs guys at the airport will want an inventory when it arrives in New Zealand. They’ll also want to add tax and I’ll need to know the approx value of goods :)

  303. It’s filled with enough gold bullion to pay all my college bills. And I always did want a doctorate. And maybe a Macbook Pro. Those are as good as doctorates these days, right?

  304. It would be just swell if it was one of those fine wristwatches you post from time to time. But alas the box could contain another box… or this could all be the sneakiest way ever to clean out your basement. But my two kids would enjoy it very much if it was a box (future cardboard robot head or fort.)

  305. I must find out what gris gris is. Please let me see what is in the box. Could it be parts from a broken MakerBot?

  306. because it could be puppies in that box, and if it’s puppies they could die, since i don’t see any air holes in that box. don’t kill the puppies! send the box to me overnight!

  307. Because I sat here for 15 minutes trying to formulate an answer and my boss caught me and bawled me out for having BoingBoing up on my screen. The contents of that box and my future (at least at this job) are now inextricably linked.

  308. I could use the box because frankly not knowing whats in there is gonna eat at me. Like when you can’t remember the name of a song or movie. And you just sort of go “oh what was that…. wait wait… was it ghoulies 2? No no it wassss….” for hours.

    Besides if its full of “CES Swag” then dollars to doughnuts its got at least a couple of those little, foam rubber, stress things shaped like computers/cellphones/human hearts/fruit. And damned if those things aren’t perfect for hucking at coworkers.

  309. Being from the south, if gris gris are anything like grits, then count me in.

    Mmmm, I bet it’s cheese gris gris, with some bacon crumbled up in it. Yummy.

    I need.

  310. I need to know what’s in the box since I love to touch junk. I’m a TSA agent that submits info to Wikileaks in my steampunk outfit while taming wild monkeys and looking for planets that can sustain life. I just hope there’s a bottle of liquid ass inside.

  311. I want to know what is the box because it sound to be full of awesomeness … Wait a minute, I’ve been fooled like this before.

  312. I just moved out of my house and need a place to live!
    Also, you can all try to figure out if I am alive within!


  313. Replying to this thread in 7 easy steps:

    1) Laugh your ass off as you decide to make a cat reference. See 324 people have already posted it.

    2) Do the same for Seven and “Box, Dick in A” references.

    3) Think of posting “My god, it’s full of stars.” but try to come up with something else.

    4) Try to work in “Christ, what an asshole!” but find it just doesn’t work for this.

    5) Obvious contents are obvious? nah….

    6) Decide to just post that I have 2 boys ages 2.5 and 5 that would love the box.

    7) Almost click post until you change it to “It must contain all the normal and unimaginative thoughts in the history of man since the ‘inventive’ people are all thinking outside of the ox.”


  314. Why mustn’t I absolutely know what’s in the box? It must contain awesomeness. And maybe a unicorn?

  315. I absolutely must know what’s in the box because it’s my birthday this week, and I’m pretty sure it must be all for me!

  316. Love the pressed-tin fireplace mantel surround. Is that black marble truly colored like that, or is it a faux paint job?

    On to the task at hand: my children are desperate to know what’s in the box, so your only two options are to send it to us directly or else require the eventual winner (if not us) to tweet/blog/email the content list…under pain of bull-goring, cock-slashing, and forehead-inflating.

    Really, sending it to us is much simpler. And my kids will make an animated story about it, so everyone will find out what is inside in a much more interesting way that however anyone else would have done it. So there’s that too.

  317. I know whats in it!!! hundreds of dollars worth of stuff: gadgets, CES swag, gris-gris!!!

    now gimme!! :D

    pretty please??!!!!

  318. I need to know what is in the box because I need to know what is in the box. I am curious. All the time. About everything. I’ve landed in many an unpleasant situation because of my curiosity. I heard the saying about cats and curiosity innumerable times in childhood. Until someone told me to reply to my mother with “But the satisfaction brought him back!”

    So. Yes. What is in the box?!! You say it is swag. I like swag. I like gadget swag even more. Especially since, as a public service attorney, I can’t afford much gadget swag.

  319. WHAAA!!! They give out free boxes of bats at CES!?!?!? (The leathery winged kind, not the smashing stuff kind…) I absolutely must see what this looks like. I need that box! (& well… if its not bats, maybe I could use some the items ther-in to build some sort of bat trapping device (humane of course, likely involving free bugs for those bats who choose to attend).

  320. I would like to know what’s in the box because I’m a nice guy and would like to do the right thing disposing each of the items in the appropriate bin for recicling. I’m just interested in keeping the box.

  321. I need to know because I live in Alaska and work at a construction site building a prison. Cabin fever is setting in, and the box will keep me from going crazy.

  322. Because if I do not know then I will curl up and forever ponder the contents of the box circling around over and over not paying attention to the cries of others, just thinking and circling, all the while curled up in my own head…

    The cat has nothing on my curiosity…

  323. I am curious to know what’s in the box. It’s likely to include things I would enjoy, and possibly even things I would find useful.

    Nevertheless, for reasons I only dimly understand yet know to be true, it is essential that I never discover the box’s contents. If I receive the box –and I must — I will need to live with the daily, hourly temptation of opening it. I will know that to do so would be supremely easy, could even be easily concealed. No one would ever know that I opened the box. Yet it is vastly crucial that I do not.

    Barring accident or disaster the box will continue to exist after me. Humans have many hopes, opinions, and even certainties about what happens to their awareness, their consciousness, their sense of self after physical death. One or more of these may be true. Many of these traditions are consistent with attaining knowledge of the contents of the box. A spectral extension of myself, after death, would surely be able to perceive, in its way, the contents. In some traditions, the departed soul learns secrets that are denied the living. Yet these means, too, must be denied most emphatically, because it is not just for the present that I must never know what is in the box. It is for ever. And thus the box must be preserved; its contents must remain safely contained, and must endure as enigma, if only to me.

    There are enormous and powerful forces in the world, in the universe, that depend on this. I cannot know what they are, but I know the truth of this. I must own the box. And I must never know what it holds.

  324. Until recently I thought that a woman could only get pregnant via heavy petting while sitting under bleachers (that’s what my 7th grade girlfriend told me that her mother told her). So…thinking we were safely distant from any athletic fields or stadiums, my wife and I ignorantly and blissfully enjoyed each others’ company. Little did we know that, not only was Jenny Sacamato’s mother wrong, but increased age also increases the likelihood of multiples. We were shocked….I was in denial…I swore that somehow the porn addicted teen next door was involved. I insisted that my wife see an oncologist (I just knew that they were tumors, not twins).

    Alas…I was wrong. We may not be ready, but here they come. Twins…Jeez…still difficult to admit. Damn you Mrs. Sacamato!

    Point? As a poor(ish) High School English Teacher suffering from severe techno-lust and some bad sex-ed lessons in 1981, I feel deserving of an expensive but mysterious surprise. My wife has put the kibosh on any new purchases not consisting of small doubles. How will I satisfy my need to stay with the tech curve yet still provide for my growing stable? It’s up to you Boing Boing. Mrs. Sacamato failed me…please don’t fail me too.

  325. I could use some new swag, frankly. The gadgets of my life are showing their age, and a gratis upgrade would be of assistance.

  326. It’s not me so much who needs to know what’s in the mysterious box, but my staff of masked monkeys. They won’t serve the customers anymore, they spend much of their time looking at the box on my computer screen and touching the monitor so it’s all smeary now, and they’re back to flinging their poo.

    It would mean a great deal to me–and the monkeys, who are now starting to get a bit bitey–to know what’s in that box.

  327. I must know: is the cat dead or alive? If the cat is not in the box, is it in the hat? Is there a fox in the box? Does it contain Thing One and Thing Two? So many possibilities, so many questions.

    One thing I can promise: if given the chance to open said box, I will not let the stories of Pandora’s Box frighten me one bit.

  328. I must find the last piece of outsider tech to complete my time machine. Then I will be able to go back and solve all of your problems.

  329. BoingBoing is a daily mechanized cornucopia, dispensing cutting edge ideas in science, DIY, art, genre literature, evil, good and snacks. I’ve followed it for some time, but especially in the last year. Since my sister, Kage Baker, died last January, I have clung to life with desperate, palsied hands – you have been one of my mainstays, keeping my hope up and my mind functioning. My year of mourning now being over, I want to stride forward armed for a new life – so I need STUFF! The Stuff In The Box! I need it as the foundation of a new and ever-expanding life.

    Also, I suspect a potential cat is included, which is always a useful item.


  330. I need to know the content of this box because I am learning how to work computers. After reading Little Brother by the boing boing editor Cory Doctorow i decided i had to learn how to work computers! I even got my own crypto key! With this box, the power of my computer skills could be unlashed.. So please with a cherry on top send me the box.

  331. cause i wanna feel the sensation of receiving a “westpaket” – that’s what we eastberliners used to call pakages sent by our westgerman relatives (and 100% scanned by stasi > east german secret service), in that case my auntie bärbel, who had a good sense for surprising us with amazing toystuff, (others in kindergarten wouldn’t have had anything like it anyway because western toys were really rare…)

  332. My 3-year old nephew just wants the box. To build a fort. Of course whatever is in the box would probably look really good inside a cardboard fort.

  333. What’s in the box? I’m thinking possibly an electric monk, or maybe the script of the new Dirk Gently movie?

  334. Boing me that box! I tweeted, I’ve begged, I NEED THAT BOX, I”m on my knees! Just Boing it to me…. Please!

  335. i must have the box in the picture. i must have becasue of the same reason I must never tie the shoes on my feet and for the same reason i must enter all government buildings backwards. the reason for me to have the box in the picture is to prevent the gravity from going backwards and the things on the planet from going up. it is real important and it is the problem.

  336. I HAVE to know what’s in that damn thing. Could it be a bunch of Zac Morris Phones? A real-life Transformer? Even if it’s just a string of metal-carved binary codes, I’ll plaster the walls with them; I haven’t won anything since my 3rd grade cake walk!

  337. Oh, man. This is like the grab bags of candy we used to get at the local corner store, but more awesome. :D


  338. Well, my cat, Schroder and I are working on a theory. It involves quantum mechanics of which that box is crucial to our hypothesIs!

  339. I must know what is in the box because I don’t know what is in the box. How can I not need what I don’t know? When can I expect it to arrive?

  340. I absolutely must know what is in this box because I want to win it for the Metalab (Vienna Hackspace)^^!! I will soon to be a member; I found them because I wanted to learn about A.I./programming through osmosis. I was welcomed by eager boys (as there is always a need for more girls in this field ;) and now in the beginnings of getting to know and learn from this group of talented and ambitious people.

  341. Ohmigod omigod omigod! BB has pointed me in the direction of countless awesome stuff; I barely dare to dream what’s in that box. Gamma Go swag? Vinyl art? Sci-fi novels? Steampunk goggles? Aaaauuuggghhh, WAAAAAANNNNNNTTTTTT!

  342. I must know what´s in thebox cause now that I know that there is a box full of goodies lying in an empty room I cant live with the uncertainty of not knowing what´s inside… besides that I´m also in the process of moving from home and I need a box exactly of that size to move my books…

  343. I’m following on Twitter as BrassandLace, but I also agree that it’s more fun to post comments here.

    I absolutely must know what is in this box because my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and it just might be the thing he’s been wishing for but never knew until now. In fact, it might be that thing that I bought him but never arrived. Maybe they sent it to you by mistake?

    It might also include the birthday present of another person who, well, if you saw her you’d know that anything “gris-gris” absolutely belonged with her.

    Besides, I promised my cat Boris he’d get a new Boo Box when everything finally came and we just don’t want to think about what would happen if I failed to follow through…


  344. I love surprises and what better way to get one than from Boing Boing? You know there has to be all kinds of strange and exotic items hiding inside. I mean seriously who remembers anything boring on Boing Boing ever?

  345. Only by discovering the contents of the box, and the subtracting them from the set of all things that exist, will I finally be able to answer the question “what is outside the box” to my satisfaction!

  346. Trying to think outside the box, but it’s not working.
    Please help by giving the box to me, then I can expand my horizons!

  347. You got me! One more member added to your pose! Whether it’s Schrodinger’s cat, or Pandora’s box, I gotsta know. N’ome say’in?!!

  348. I need to box to help me think outside of it.
    As it is now, thinking about what’s inside of it has consumed me.

    Please Help! :)

  349. I am in the box writing this to you from my mobile. I just want to go home.
    I really need to see my family. If you could please just mail the box to my home address.
    I really do not want you to send me to someone else and they in turn would most likely enjoy a better gift from boing boing than me. i really am starting to smell and i need to go to the bathroom real bad. get this over quick please. help me. my battery is about to die. no funny stuff alright, you know why I am in here and the joke is getting old fast.

  350. Everyone, keep your hands off my box.

    I’ll let you know what’s in it as soon as I get it.

  351. there’s a smaller box inside this box. and so on. until theres a box so small, the folds would take all the room inside!

  352. I need to know because the family motto is: If it’s free, take it. If it’s a sack of sh*t, throw it out on your way home.

  353. Aaaagh – so many projects! My mind is a dizzying blur. What is next? Will I make a lunar tide-clock? A 6 foot flapping dragonfly? A shoal of silver fish weather-vanes? Wrinkly potato sculptures? Time-lapse Springtime landscapes? A pod-cast? I must know!

    Only the contents of that box will let me decide…

  354. This is my son Geoff Stearns birthday present. He works at Google YouTube and it is impossible to buy gifts for him. You know what I mean cause your relatives probably say the same thing about you!

  355. Because curiosity resulted in human evolution into our modern age of technology. I wonder what happens when I set off a nuclear reaction equal to 50 megatons of TNT? Sure we dont know if it will unbalance the earth, but lets just do for the HECK of it.

  356. I absolutely must know what’s in the box, because I’m (im)patiently waiting to hear back with an offer from my dream job (I kid you not- exactly my dream job with my favourite company), and the suspense is killing me.

    In the meanwhile, maybe I can open up the damned box and at least know SOMETHING FOR SURE. ::sob::


  357. I need the box to fortify a blockade to keep my 9 month old away from stuff she could choke on or ruin.

  358. I am a time-travelling supervillain. I can’t tell you what’s in the box, but what I can tell you is this: Someone will do very dangerous, very bad things with what’s in that box.

    I can promise that if that someone is ME, it will also be informative, intriguing and artful.

    The choice is really one of blind greed and artful living. Both at once, to be frankly honest.

  359. i am convinced, that upon opening said box, a storm of unicorns and various garage-made cyberpunk automatons will leap out and bring about a new era of DIY lifestyle in an anti-Pandora scenario. i would like to have access to this box in order to confirm or deny that suspicion.

  360. Why do I need to know what’s in that box? Simple. It cannot be kept a secret to the world. Information demands to be free!

  361. Oh I don’t have to know, I’m already sure that my amazingly geeky boyfriend will love whatever is in it and I’m going to give whatever it is to him. Does that disqualify me?

    Too bad I’m not dating Bluebeard.

  362. I would like it to help get over my fear of the unknown. I used to have serious anxiety issues when dealing with unknown situations and receiving a box like this could be a little therapeutic.

    I also promise to give a lot of it away at random to people in the street :)

  363. it’s smashed up apple products* isn’t it?!

    Wait, dont tell me….

    no. do tell…

    *still better than the working version of competitors

  364. Who doesn’t want to know what is in an unopened box. Plus the mysteries it could hold and the untold hours of playing, and tinkering, and learning with new gadgets.

  365. I must know what is in this box, most importantly because I can’t figure out what’s in this other box that I have. It won’t open. But, when I shake it it makes a lovely clanking noise. I need a box that will OPEN.

  366. Inside the BOX is DOOOOOOOOOM

    Or a kitten. I like kittens.I want to see the kitten.

  367. I need to know whats in the box because now I have the end scene from the movie Seven where Brad Pitts character in screaming “What’s in the box!” stuck on a continuous loop in my mind.

  368. oooooh boxy boxy boxy box…it is a most elusive box. And went where-ever I did go…

    (edit: sorry, posted this already but I forgot to log in)

  369. I’m sure I don’t _need_ to know what’s in the box – my life will continue unaltered if I never learn its contents.

    However, I am fresh out of gris-gris, due to budget cuts and not being selected to attend an industry conference recently.

    Also, I pledge to create an unboxing video so that everyone’s curiosity can be sated.

  370. I know whatever it is in the box will blow my mind and nearly make me lose my mind! I’ll even get use out of the brown box; it will become my 3yr. old Godson’s new Bat-mobile!

  371. Oh! Rare and Wonderful Things Ahoy!
    If I find the Potential this exciting, how could I not be enthralled were I to actually get to see what was in it?

  372. I need to know whats in the box because that box looks a lot like a box i lost, and im going to sue the shoes off you guys if thats my box
    please choose me

  373. Oh! Rare and Wondrous Possibilities ahoy!
    If I’m this excited about the Potential, how much more could I delight in the discovery of the Actual?

  374. Darling Rob,
    I was once a child of fancy, of indulgent whimsy and imagination. A child that would stare at a box in delicious anticipation of the wonder that is within. That adorable kid is now gone, crushed under the cynical wheels of the Internet blog. For years I have found only joy in watching the hilarious failure of others. But now, from the destroyer, comes creation! A box that will boggle the mind and ensnare the senses! A box that will transcend life, the universe and everything! A box that will not betray itself with thinly veiled pop culture references! I need that box like a drowning man needs a drink of water, Rob, and I believe you are the man to make it possible. Bring back the twinkle in my eye, Rob.
    Be my hero.

  375. Because as a PhD student writing his last chapter, I would do anything, literally anything, if it was a distraction. This included, clearly.

    John McLane

  376. Well, I was going to come here and quote the great philosopher P. Griffin on boats and boxes, but I see that at least three other people have beat me to the punch. So…

    I want the box because I like stuff. A lot. Especially tech stuff. And this is a box full of tech-like stuff. Add in the mysterious nature of the box and the random chance, and the dopamine flood in my brain compels me to enter to win the box.

  377. It’s as “dimensionally transcendental” as a Tardis. Being given away so that the Bescizzal can fulfill his Karmic destiny. The contents of the box will cause a paradigm shift……..Sorry, I stayed home today with the flu. I’m slightly hallucinating.

  378. I must know what’s in the box because I want to know what gris-gris is.

    Also, I would follow you on twitter if it had any significant unique content. There’s no point in following an account that’s a primitive RSS feed. That’s what I have a reader for.

  379. I doubt they give away cats at CES unless Schrodinger was there, but I must really know the state of what’s in the box more than what is actually in the box.

  380. We’ve had Pandora, Schrödinger, Se7en, all ideas that I thought would be unique and get me noticed. Blatantly I have failed so I need to know what is in the box to make me feel better after the realisation that I am part of the herd, however fab & geeky that herd is.

    Ohh and I have to find out what the gris-gris is as my first thought was that you had some cool climbing gear in there until I checked and I was thinking of grigri.

  381. That looks exactly like the box of expensive gadgets I accidentally dropped into a spacetime wormhole a few weeks ago. It could be the same one. That is why I must know what is in the box.

    Taylor Ashton

  382. You say gris-gris, but it looks like ticky-tacky to me. And I need it! I wouldn’t say the need is addictive, though. It just helps me relax.

  383. What is this Gris-Gris… i need to know what contents the box holds or i will spend the next year of my life wondering what was in that magical box of mystery, that i needed so badly!

  384. I want to know what’s in the box to decrease the total entropy of the universe.
    Humour is not one of my strong suites, but thankfully information theory is..

  385. I need to know what is in the box because my natural human curiosity is the defining characteristic that separates man from the box itself. After all, one without said driving desire would be little more of a person than a construct of cardboard and tape.

  386. In dozens of parallel universes, I already know what’s in the box, and there’s a 50-50 chance it already killed me. I need to know what’s in the box in this universe if only to improve the odds!

  387. If given the box, I would carefully document the entire contents of the box, photographing them in “Things Organized Neatly” fashion and writing detailed descriptions of the items. Then I would release this documentation to you, along with an account of how I plan to use the objects.

    This makes your project complete because it creates a satisfying conclusion for the experiment, provides documentation for future generations, and will legitimize the project as having actually taken place.

  388. after being cheated out of so many box secrets in LOST i really could use just ONE box, this one, that i can open and have my curiosity satisfied.

    thank you.

  389. I don’t really need to just know what’s in the box, but I’d very much like to have what’s in the box. Because you said it’s worth money and is most likely non-perishable and I like your style. WANT.

  390. Well, seeing the box reminded me of the quip in the ‘Future War’ episode of MST3K where Crow says he’s ‘boxed in’, and then Mike replies that he’s ‘card-bored’, and I figure that anything that is good enough to do that is obviously pulling for me.

  391. I know what’s in the box; I am.
    So please handle with care.

    I do not really have a preference as to where to you might ship me, but I do admit I have always wanted to see the earth from above.
    Do you by any chance have readers on board the ISS?

    Best Regards,

    Please excuse the brevity and/or typo’s, this message was sent from a mobile device. In a box.

  392. I must know what is in the box as without it my life cannot have completion.

    You wouldn’t want a man to suffer forever, would you? Well, even if you would, don’t and I’ll tell everyone you did.

    Box me baby!

  393. As someone with a special, uh, ‘intimate affection’ for brown cardboard boxes, I want the box for my own personal purposes with which you need not concern yourselves.

    You may keep the contents.

  394. “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” So the box may hold the information I need since I am CRAVING AN APPLE PIE SO BADLY!!!!

  395. The desire to fill in the black and empty spaces on the map. Inside that box may reside Monsters or Beasts of heretofore unheard of majesty and grace.

    It is my sacred duty to expand the light of knowledge in ever widening pools, casting away the demons of doubt and ignorance.

    That is why I must see what resides in the box.

  396. Clicking your Facebook “like” button puts my copy of Firefox into an endless loop of page-refreshes. Sorry, but I can’t spend the time to debug it for you. If you give us a functioning way to indicate that we like BB, I’ll be glad to do so; until then BB and I both lose.


  397. I should like to know the contents of that box because it matches the description of the box that stole my families precious jewels. Knowing the contents would allow us to derive a motive and perhaps recover them.

    Also, I have an uncommon affection for stuff.

  398. I gotta know what’s in this box! I imagine it is filled with only the coolest gris-gris your blog has to offer.

  399. I’ve been dreaming (or nightmaring) about that ding dang box for fifty-four years now…about time it became reality, or not.

  400. <---- Classic "random stuff" Re-gifter. Yep. I am queen of thrifting, dumpster-diving, coin-finding, and junk-giving, especially to people who will not know 1) what the junk is , or 2) what to do with said junk. And boxes are my favorite. Sort of like that cute cat.

  401. If you give me the box, I promise to tweet, comment and FB about everything that was in it. Also, I love gadgets, trinkets, knick-knacks, and ephemera of all kinds. I will put it all to good use!

  402. Reminds me of the movie Se7en! “What’s in the box!! Oh, no, What’s in the box!” Do we really want to know? I do and I’m a poor 38 year old undergraduate who could use the gadgets to get ahead on campus!!

  403. Look, tide comes in, tide comes out, you can’t explain it so give me the mo#(*F@)(‘n box!!!!

  404. By giving me the box and its contents I will be able to continue my gadget addiction. Since every gadget is obsolete after 6 months I will be ahead on the next cycle fiscally since this round was free. Please give me the box. Pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee. Thank you.

  405. It seems envy will be my sin if I don’t win this… Don’t make me end up like Kevin Spacey. Please?

  406. I like tearing apart stuff and making new things from it. I already have enough gadgets. I just want an excuse to break something.

  407. I teach physics. If awarded the box, I would challenge all of my students to use each object in the box to measure the height of our building.

  408. If I don’t find out what’s in the box, I’ll go blind.

    If I don’t find out what’s in the box, I’ll run away and join the circus.

    If I don’t find out what’s in the box, I’ll fall down some stairs while texting my mom.

    If I don’t find out what’s in the box, I’ll be trampled to death in an aphid stampede.

  409. Because it’s a veritable treasure chest, and who doesn’t love those? I mean, it’s an actual box of mystery, and my inner child is itching to explore it!

  410. I need to know what’s in to box to know what I’m missing out on. Because whatever it is, I’m probably not eligible to get it, because I live in Australia.

  411. Schrodinger and Se7ven aside, I’ve been unemployed for over a year, for the first time in my adult geeky life. What’s in the box? Joy, hope, and the future.

  412. Without knowing what is in the box, I may never have a neat idea for a project based off of what is in the box.

  413. Because I work at the National Aviary, and the parrots dig cool boxes! (Also, I will let you pet a penguin if you come visit me after delivering the box!) :)

  414. A secret box is like secret presents. And adults don’t get secret presents anymore. I mean, it’s nice to know you’ll get something you really need for christmas/birthday etc. instead of hideous penguin pajamas, but secrets make everything so much more fun….

  415. As a librarian, I fear that the first thing people will do with new tech is try to use it in a lame, malinformed manner to “promote library resources and pursue outreach.” If you send it to me, I swear to not let this happen.

  416. I absolutely must know what’s in the box because after many years of the price is right I still can’t shake the urge.

  417. i’m not that bothered about the contents of the box… i just think the box looks like the perfect size to play in like mauru!

  418. I absolutely must know what’s in the box because after many years of the price is right I still can’t shake the urge

  419. When there were ~300 comments, I was going to read them all so I could say “I earned what’s in the box by reading all 300 comments before me.”

    I walked away from the computer for a few hours. I logged in to write my comment, and upon refreshing suddenly there are 616 comments.

    So: I need to know what’s in the box because… I’m lazy?

  420. I absolutely need to know what’s inside the box because I love animals, and dammit Erwin, I can still save the cat if you’ll just open the box!

  421. I Must know whats in that box because my curiosity will drive me crazy for the rest of life if I don’t know….

  422. I have been searching high and low for this box. How did you get it?! I must have it….have it I must!
    Is there a door #2? No? Then I have to know what’s in that box!

  423. It looks large enough to serve as a pedestal for my latest Styrofoam statuary creation. Plus, it is obviously messing up the architectural harmony of that photo scenery. By relocating the box to my current abode, you’ll never run the risk of messing up with the scenery, ever again.

  424. I have a rare neurological disorder which causes me to NEED to know what is in closed boxes. If I don;t find out, I could die! Or diet. Or something.

  425. I must know what is in the box, as like the 600+ others already indicate, a mystery box is just so…. mysterious.

    Who doesn’t love getting a big box in the mail?
    Who doesn’t like swag from events you have no chance of going to?
    Who doesn’t like their browser crashing with gigabytes of comments added to a single BB article?

    These things and more. Stuff has potential to make me happier :)


  426. I am studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and when I return home I will be broke, a step away from destitute. A box of techo-gizitry would lighten my spirit. Then as I am living out of my van and eating ramen I can distract myself from my crushing abject poverty with electronic what’s’it’s’nots numbing myself to shock of re-entry into US life.

  427. I need to know because humans have a basic need to know and understand, in order to self-actualize and become what we are capable of becoming… Help a brother out, man; this is our species we’re talking about.

  428. I have been locked away for the capacity of at least one week, studying logic and argumentation for an admissions test. I spent all of my Gil, Rupees, and Nuyen on tuition and grad school applications, so now I have to fight a boss to get my sweetheart a fabulous gift for V-day. Much in the same way I have been locked away inside an academic bubble, I feel the contents of this prize are detached from any specific reality. Fudging the results to allow me to laugh all the way to the bank with this Question mark Box (à la Riddler) would be a particularly moral action, in allowing all of my schemes to go to plan.

  429. I want the box so I can leave it sealed and display it. Unless it has an odor. Then I suppose we’ll have to open it.

  430. I must know what’s in the box because I work the for Federal Box Inspectors and I have a sealed FISA order.

    This comment is also sealed, and any individual who reveals its contents is guilty of a violation under federal law.

  431. Last time I was given an unmarked box it had a head in it. I’m hoping this has the rest of the body.

  432. I don’t *need* to know what’s in the box, I just want to destroy its amateurish layer of security in the name of transparency. I’ve contacted the EFF and Wikileaks and filed a FOIA request, so do yourself a favor and just let me open the box already.

  433. Well, considering I am currently out of work a box of gadgets would really brighten my day. Plus, I’ll be home to accept the delivery.

  434. Because an unmarked cardboard box like this has been designated as a suspicious object. Send it to me for processing and summary destruction. Thank you for your cooperation, Citizen.

  435. There isn’t any reason to give me the box over anyone else, but this is just a random draw so I won’t claim that there is. But I am curious about what’s in the box.

  436. I need to know what is in the box, because if it’s a cat and a poison pellet, then the cat will be both alive and dead until I open it up to find out which outcome has come to be in this reality.

  437. I must know what’s in the box because I have a burning desire to know what’s in all unmarked packages!

  438. I’m hoping against hope that it’s a miniature Etsy style set of plushie versions of all the Boingboing editors, (And of course, Corey would be sporting his goggles and cape from the XKCD strip) or maybe it’s just some cool swag. I’m burning with curiosity! I CAN HAZ?

  439. Maybe there is a cat in the box… Maybe there isn’t. Until we see the inside of the box we can never truly be sure. So until the inside is observed there is both a cat in the box and not a cat in the box. We must know! Right now the inside of the box is a quantum entanglement!

  440. BoxOfFreeStuff BBBox;
    BBBox.available = TRUE;

    printf(“Pretty please may I have the box?\n”);

    if(BBBox.winner != me)
    printf(“Awww, too bad, thanks anyway!\n”);

  441. I need this box to add to my basement box pile! At least a quarter of my 1000SQFT basement is covered by an ever growing collection of (mostly) empty boxes, and this one would be a perfect addition! Oh, there’s stuff in the box you say, cool stuff, hmmm Guess I can put that in the office or something. Really I’m all about the box. I’ll even send you a picture of this box one I add it to my pile.

  442. Oh, but if I am picked we can become gadget-pals and I will send YOU random gadgetry and other interesting goodies… Plus – my wife would totally freak out of Boing Boing sent us something – we love you so much. Cheers,
    Matthew (and Molly)

  443. Are the contents alive or dead? I’d like to be the one to create reality, observing the opening of the box.

  444. I have quite the healthy obsession with found objects, quarter machine toys, and any other variety of surprise :) Please send me ultimate mystery surprise box!!

    Also ,I wouldn’t be greedy and horde all of the delights myself. I am a sharer. Hence, you would be giving fun to many instead of just to one!

  445. Typing this on a beat up droid so mistakes are expected, also my net is down.

    Love my monopolistic cable company. I bear through this out of sheer childlike curiocity. Though the odds of scoring it are pretty astronomical I wanted to poke my head in and take a chance even if its a box of broken pez dispensers and old frosted mini wheats shrapnel. My cats could sure use a box to play in.

    Id write more but this is insufferable on this laggy phone. Pray that things sort themselves out (after i yell at the cable company) its like the dark ages of 1994 up in this piece.

  446. I’m a college student who goes to school in a snowy, cold climate. I would love to receive these electronics to brighten my day. I would even review them on my school’s blog and help spread the word for the sponsors of the box.

  447. I’m a poor college student who has no patience due to the nature of my generation’s need for instant gratification. My brother would also be undoubtedly stoked because I would share since he is 1000 times more affected by Schrodinger’s cat.

    infact he lives 1000 miles away and I haven’t spoken to him in a couple days… therefore, there is a 50/50 chance he’s in that box. In which case I want him back

  448. I absolutely must know what is in the box because you said it has a gris gris and I haven’t the foggiest what that is but Google said it is a voodoo amulet that protects the wearer from evil and that would be very cool. And who doesn’t love gadgets?