Adorable hi-def slow-motion chipmunk

Video Link. THX sound effect remix now, please. (thanks, Joe Sabia!)


  1. Organism from another time scale. Drank the Talosian Water from original Trek.

    So, if you slow down an ant colony, does it look like humans strolling unhurridly around on city sidewalks? Starfish are the ultimate horror: a cloud of toothless piranha, whizzing mobile stomachs which will reduce you to a skeleton before you even try to run (but only perceived in timelapse underwater photography.)

  2. You know when folks talk about seeing works of art in person, and literally having to sit down and maybe cry a bit…

    I swear, this video… I swear… OMFG.

  3. This is the answer to “what else looks cool in slow-motion besides popping water balloons?”. More slow-mo cuteness, please!

  4. That’s either a really big chipmunk or a set of rather small adult-looking hands. I’m hoping it’s a big chipmunk.

    If they’re taking requests, I’d like to see some otters frolicking in super slo-mo.

  5. Not that it’s a big deal, but I recently learned that that’s not a chipmunk, but a ground squirrel. Chipmunks have a much more pronounced strip on both sides of their face.

  6. I’m curious what camera was used to shoot this. I assume the same one that shot the cat slow-mo video? What kind of camera is it?

  7. For some reason when i watched this i had the “ohhhh yeaaaahhh’ from that one song playing in my head…

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