Axe Cop meets Steve Jackson Games

Nerd legends Steve Jackson Games have announced an Axe Cop adaptation for their kick-ass World of Munchkin game:
AXE COP exploded onto the net in 2010 with art by Ethan Nicolle and stories by his five-year-old brother Malachai. Axe Cop, Dinosaur Soldier, and the rest of their team fight crime . . . with Super Secret Soda Attacks, "Faint" bullets and bombs, and of course, chopping off bad guy heads!

So . . . you guessed it . . . that big new Munchkin announcement we've been promising is Munchkin Axe Cop!

Axe Cop and Munchkin are a perfect match. Doing this project will be total fun for me. Axe Cop has a manic energy that goes with the Munchkin story . . . kill the bad guys, take their stuff, and level up!

Munchkin Axe Cop will be a third-quarter release, featuring the art of Ethan Nicolle. It will be a stand-alone Munchkin core set.

Axe Cop! Munchkin Axe Cop! (Thanks, Brett!)


  1. You just know that, after one of your “buddies” has helped the monsters you were fighting and thwarted you, that they’ll play a “I got his blood all over me” card and steal one of your super-powers.

  2. I have to second what emmdeeaych said!

    I shall be at my local game store with cash in hand when the time comes.

  3. Thanks for the coverage and favorable response, guys. We’ll have game on shelves later this year and will be posting updates and teasers throughout the summer. -Phil Reed, Steve Jackson Games COO

  4. Oh, I am so getting this. Too bad it’s a standalone and can’t be combined with my other sets.

    1. I’m pretty sure SJ is planning on making Munchkin Axe Cop compatible with the other Munchkin core sets. “Standalone” is just short-hand for “you don’t need any other games to play this one.” (Paul Chapman, SJGames Marketing Guy)

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