Jesus (Cheese-us?) appears in a three-cheese pizza


From Australia: "In a purported "miracle'', the face of Jesus Christ has appeared on a three-cheese pizza made at Posh Pizza in New Farm, Brisbane. Posh Pizza's Maree Phelan said her pizza oven was seemingly blessed with the presence of Jesus Christ, who chose a three cheese pizza as his medium." (Thanks, Oxblood)


  1. That’s definitely Jim Henson. The pizza is obviosly doing it’s best to ask to be made into a puppet.

  2. Even better, if you turn it upside down it looks just like a delicious cheese pizza.

    Time to go out and have my own cheese, tomato, and bread baked blessed event.

  3. It’s Cheezus Chrust!

    Are there any food manufacturers who do this on purpose? Why not?

  4. It’s a sign of the “Endtimes” people!
    I recently read this “sign” too:

    I found ‘Allah’ in my potato
    Mar 31 2011

    A Scots Muslim mum has found the word “Allah” inside a potato she was peeling.
    Mariam Nadeem told the Record: “It’s like a special blessing has been sent to us.”
    Mum-of-two Mariam, 30, of Glenrothes, Fife, discovered the Arabic writing inside the spud as she peeled a batch of potatoes to make samosas.
    “Then I noticed the brown writing in Arabic against the yellow of the potato.
    “I couldn’t believe it when I spelled out ‘Allah’.”
    “I showed it to our neighbours and they too were surprised.”
    Nadeem then took the potato to her local mosque.

  5. I’m yoyoing between Barry Gibb and Skeletor. I have to say, that’s not what I thought I’d be doing today.

  6. c’mon, people, that’s kenny loggins. the high cheese factor should’ve tipped everyone off to that.

  7. Clearly it’s Jim Morrison… or Che Guevera… or a Death Eater…

  8. You say Jesus chose a three cheese pizza as his medium, I say Jesus chose a medium three cheese pizza.

    Also, looks more like Sir Paul McCartney from the cover of Let it Be.

  9. I went to the National Gallery of Art and Jesus appeared in a bunch of the Renaissance paintings I looked at. It’s a miracle!

  10. When I was younger, no one could figure out whether I looked more like Charlie Manson or Jesus. So they have a strong resemblance already. Part of Charlie’s many identity problems.

    The pizza though is just another in long string of ploys by the Christmeister Himself.

    He wants you to eat Him, because He’s just so delicious.

    It goes with a nice red, btw.

  11. And if you find that you can’t eat the entire pizza in one go, instead of throwing it out, put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow, because remember: Jesus Saves.

  12. non-christian (real) me: wow, you need a lot of imagination to see Jesus there.

    imaginary christian me: that’s obviously not Jesus, because everybody knows three-cheese pizza is the work of the devil, a corruption of God’s four-cheese original.

    1. You don;t need imagination; it’s quite obviously been burnt in intentionally.

      This isn’t like a random slice in an apple looking like jesus (which is of course just random); this is just a pizza that’s been intentionally made to look like jesus. You can even see bits of uncooked cheese at the bottom – I mean I know Christians are dumb, but this is insulting even to them, surely?

      I guess business is bad at said pizza place.

  13. It’s the fact that Jebus can make himself appear on a pizza that convinces me that he must have been real.

    If he can travel in his head (or holy spirit) 2,000 years into the future and create his likeness on the surface of an Italian dish unheard of in Bethlehem or Nazareth AND believe that it would convince doubters of his existence then I’m sold.

    Praise Jebus!

  14. From the linked article,

    Australian Catholic University associate professor and director of the Institute for Catholic Identity and Mission, Patrick McArdle, said the pizza was “almost definitely not a miracle” and would be hard to prove. ”There are a lot of misunderstandings in the making of saints and miracles,” he said. He said generally only “medical miracles”, such as healings, were accepted by the Catholic Church because those incidents could be tested using scientific means.

    So the Catholic church would likely reject this pizza as being miraculous … reserving that designation for scientifically verifiable acts of God ;-)

    1. The church can reject it if they like, but as long as it was there in 30 minutes, they’re paying for it.

  15. Is that representative of what most pizzas look like in Australia (disregarding the Viggo Mortensen face, of course)?

  16. That’s supposed to be a three cheese pizza? It looks like flat bread with not enough cheese to me. I’d feel ripped off if I was served that.

      1. Y’r n dt.

        Processed cheese, which American Cheese is an example of, was invented by the Swiss.

        Second, the vast majority of US cheeses are not processed. The US produces more cheese each year than France, Italy and the Netherlands combined. To say processed makes up most of American cheddar is ignorance writ large.

  17. How the hell is this place baking it’s pizzas? Eeew!

    I second the Skeletor, and I’ll raise you a Chewbacca. It’s Skeletor Chewbacca-Christ. :)

    I bet this sells for a MILLION DOLLARS on ebay.

  18. In some denominations, only a member of the clergy would be allowed to deliver this pizza. Could mean longer delivery times. Just sayin’.

  19. That’s NOT a three cheese pizza! Through the mystery of the trinity, they are all one Cheesus.

  20. The sacr-emmental pro-fetas comte save your soul, nacho stomach. Ripen your heart with love and tolerance…of lactose.

  21. Also, I forgot to comment on the subtlety of the “three-cheese” touch – you know, the holy trinity and all that.

    Though it looks more like a late 70s Bee Gee to me :-P

  22. “Hey, guys! Convert to Christianity! Look, I fucking burned a pizza for you! It’s got my head on it!”

  23. Maybe I’m misinterpreting pareidolia, but I’ve always taken it to mean that Jesus has completely given up on the whole bible thing. He’s decided to enhance his visibility with synergistic social networking paradigms.

  24. There was an artist in Cambridge,MA who built a toaster that cooked an image of Jesus onto every slice of toast.

  25. haha, he died for men’s sins, resurrected, joins his dad in the heavens, waits for 2000 years, and then uses his almightly powers to burn his polaroid on a pizza.

    I really really want to believe now that there is a god, this is true, and can’t wait to meet the maker as he obviously has a fantastic sense of humour. Maybe bill hicks was right, god did go around planting dino fossils just to mess with our minds, WAKAKAKAKAKA [Bill Hicks Cackle (TM)]

    1. If so, it was one big, greasy communion wafer. See Sekino@43 for the blood of Christ.

  26. Three cheese pizza, of course. Son-cheese, father-cheese, and holy-ghost gorgonzola: the three subsisting in the one pizza.

  27. I see Darth Vadar!! Right as he throws the Emperor into the pit, and the electric current displays his face through the mask.

    Its a sign from the Dark Side of the Force. Obviously.

  28. I think either that the owners of the pizza place has tried to get free advertisment or jeus is trying to tell us something.. never ever make fun of jeus as we respect him.

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