Video of hot elf women in sinister forest heralds arrival of Elfquest fan feature

Elfquestteaser1.jpg Fans of classic indie comic Elfquest, tired of waiting on Warner Brothers to get cracking on the official movie, recently finished work on a "fan trailer" featuring some of the series' female characters. Shown off at Wondercon by creators Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes -- with the blessing of original authors Wendy and Richard Pini -- the live-action scene-setter captures the saga's weird combination of European and Native American folklore. elfquestteaser2.jpgElfquest, now available free online, was among the first indie comics to be sold in bookstores or to attract a significant female audience. It's also credited with hitting some transgressive notes back in the 70s: mixed-race relationships, genre-spanning stories, matter-of-fact violence, and a free-love lifestyle made apparent in events such as war orgies and bisexual goings-on in the night. See if you can guess, before watching it, which of these attributes the trailer somehow seems to suggest without really trying. ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining: Teaser Trailer [YouTube] [Official website via i09]


  1. I’m sorry. I thought I was going to a movie trailer, but stumbled upon a commercial for some new Calvin Klien fragrance…

  2. Certainly “swish!” and “pat pat” indicate goings-on in the night of some measurably prurient interest. I approve. And would fund on some significant level, had I more dollars than sense.

  3. You know, it’s the kind of thing I might have been interested if it didn’t appear as plotless girl-on-girl soft porn.

    1. You know, it’s the kind of thing I AM interested AS LONG AS IT IS plotless girl-on-girl soft porn.

    1. Hah! I didn’t notice at first, but you are exactly correct. (Showing our age, I guess).

  4. You know, when I collected comics Elfquest was going strong and still making books. I never got into it. The art style didn’t fit my taste in ‘fantasy’. My loss.

    But – last year I found they had all their comics online.

    I killed 2 days at work and read the first 21 parts of the original quest. It really was a good story. YMMV, but try it out.

  5. They’re going to have a much harder time with the he-elves, but CGI could shrink Jean Claude Van Damme (or whoever’s on deck these days) in the way they shrunk Elijah Wood, I suppose.

  6. Elfquest bound collections were in my library when I was a kid in the eighties. I knew nothing about comics except for your supermarket-shelf big titles. These were definitely different. The violence was a bit more realistic, although not disturbing. There were suggestive scenes and bits of nudity. I am looking forward to looking at that archive, to fill in the story gaps left by the library’s missing copies. It was the perfect exciting entertainment for a 12 year old, and it’s still good now.

    About the movie.. well it’s a really long and epic story so I expect it to be ruined just like most comic book movies are. It’ll probably just end up being some LOTR ripoff with Riverdance playing in the background.

  7. I am going to try to work the phrase “bisexual goings-on in the night” into at least three conversations this week.
    Okay, one a day.

  8. Oh my. I remember discovering Elfquest when I was around 10 or so back in the 1980s. I would say this was the root of my interest in elves for years after. And it also made me wonder why other comics couldn’t be like this (and by this I mean the sex and violence).

  9. Oh, great. This comes out the day my ‘Milfquest’ project goes into turnaround. Salt in the wound.

  10. You know that creepy feeling some people get around furries? Yeah. I always got that vibe from Elfquest.

  11. OMG! The first link I’ve clicked on at BoingBoing that opened a new window. Amazing!

  12. So this is a trailer for a…trailer?

    Site has a countdown which I can only assume it counting down to the release of the full trailer, instead of the teaser?

  13. It’s been awhile, but I don’t remember them with quite so much makeup in the comics. I foresee a lot of acrobatic pole-dancing moves in trees.

  14. > It’ll probably just end up being some LOTR ripoff
    > with Riverdance playing in the background.

    Ralph Bakshi’s Elfquest

    > Wow, Rhoda Morgenstern really kept her figure.

    Leaving Minneapolis really did her a world of good.

    Changed her name, though. Now going by Rhoda Morningstar.

  15. Do you watch pr0n for the sets and costumes and terrible acting and writing but wish there wasn’t all that crass nudity and sexual content? Well then this looks like its right up your alley.

  16. If they really did pull this together for $7k, that’s less than 1/1000th of the budget of “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge.”

  17. Elfquest was the first comic series I got into as a kid. I still have every issue stored in boxes somewhere. They are all tattered and many are missing covers, but I was so enchanted with the world that they depicted, that I couldn’t stand to part with them.

    Kudos to Wendy and Richard Pini for Making the whole series freely available online as well as letting the fans do something like this. That kind of generosity seems exceedingly rare these days.

    The trailer looks better than I had suspected, but I really don’t know how good a low-budget version of this story can be. Prosthetic ears are one thing, but the world of Elfquest is pretty fantastic, with lots of imaginary creatures and animals. Many of the main characters ride wolves and others fly on the backs of giant birds, not to mention the fact that trolls play a significant role as well.

    I’m crossing my fingers.

  18. I’d no idea these were available digitially, and free to boot!

    Uncle Bunny’s gonna have to share links with the same nephews that’ve gnawed their way through my SSoC collection!

  19. As someone who never read the original comics, was I supposed to take something from this teaser beyond “this movie contains women wearing almost no clothing”?

    Because all I saw was that and more women staring passionately at the camera.

  20. The EQ feature will be done with MoCap, as this is going to be Warner Bros. answer to LOTR and Avatar and their next big thing now that Harry Potter is done. EQ is a HUGE story literally spanning thousands of years, but if they do it well it could be tremendous.

    The Pinis were selling over 100,000 copies per issues at $1.25 a copy for the large format size the first 20 issues covering the first quest, which in the late 70’s was completely improbable for a non Marvel or DC comic. They, and Cerebus (to give credit where it’s due), proved an independent comics market was both viable and profitable.

  21. Hot dog! I -loved- me some Elfquest as a youth. I was about 5th grade or so when I discovered a tattered edition of #18 at a friends house: I scraped together my ducats and searched a dozen comic shops over the span of more than a year to get all 21 of the WARP graphics black and white issues. Still got em. In a small chest of drawers with my Elfquest bound additions. And print books. And ephemera, miniatures etc. Even my Skywise costume.

    Actually. . .no. . .that’s gone.

    Another item I have there is a signed copy of. . . Law and Chaos, I believe? A book detailing Wendys’ attempt to animate Moorcocks’ Elric saga. . .totally boss. Next time I go to my Dads house I’m getting out my Elfquest issues and reminiscing because it has been quite. a. while.

    So. The movie/trailer. . .I’m going to need more than pretty ladies stretching and peering. I need androgynous lithe forest killers riding ravenous wolves. Leaping on the murderous spears of cavemen in fire and song and blood. . .Horrible squat trolls, more fierce and ugly than almost any internet variety: Betrayal! The parching desert! Challenge and Romance!

    Winnowill laughing: that’s good. But you need the silhouette of a muscular creature, hammering and chanting in front of a great fire. A hideous batwing moves to reveal. . .a Face!! Giant vulture riders and Eskimo orgies! A wolf leaps through the battlefield to tear the throat from evil! Hell yeah. . .Love and Death! Exquisite Beauty and Shattering Grief!! Power and Redemption! ! !

    and. . .tinkerbell.

    yeah. if the trailer had all that I guess i would be happy. maybe. :D

  22. The Pinis have had a very long road with getting EQ to the screen they way they want it. They had to sue CBS in the 80’s when they decided to take what was originally a dovetail to the D&D cartoon at 11AM and make it “elf babies” at 9AM. They finally got the rights back and have been very cautious ever since. If all they wanted was to cash in, they could have sold EQ to Disney at any time, but they held out, and held on to the goal of getting done properly.

  23. When I was 13 or so we had to stay in a womens shelter for a few months after my dad tried to kill my mom for the umpteenth time. There was a play room in the basement of the shelter and being the quiet timid bookworm I was I spent the vast majority of my time there which is how I discovered the Elfquest series. It was an odd place to find something like that considering the sex and violence but I was absorbed and spent entirely to much time drawing characters from the books. That was a long time ago and I barely recall anything about the story except that it had some (at the time) pretty outrageous themes. If they do make a movie (or better, a web series) I’d be awfully disappointed if it turned out to be a cheap vehicle for porn.

  24. @joe Petalwing no like cheesy rapeofpublicdomaintinker-thing. Petalwing make wrapstuff and hide them in Yucca Mountain.

  25. The laugh in the trailer reminds me a lot of “Fatima Blush” from “Never Say Never Again” cackling just before she explodes. Barbara Carrera still looks great and would be a great MoCap performer for Winnowill.

  26. Awesome production values as far as cinematography and title effects are concerned. Boy, what Bob Guccionne ciould have done with today’s technology and overabundance of film school grads.

    Urp. Counting myself lucky he didn’t. Remember Caligula?

  27. Argh.. The laughter reminds me soo much of Naga the Serpent. Will she be in the movie too? The costumes certainly match hers.

  28. Wait. Wait a minute!!11oneoneone No Cutter? No tongue-silver Skywise? “F-k-you-in-the-face” Longbow?

    This film FAILS.

    Sincerely yours,
    Long-time fan and owner of all kind of Elfquest comics

    1. I think you mean Strongbow. and this isn’t THE movie. this is a Fan Trailer Teaser. it has an all female cast. sounds like you may need to do some catching up! :)
      Shade and Sweet Water

  29. I guess this comes out a step ahead of all the Star Trek fan-made stuff in that they actually bothered to find pretty people to sort of… pose.

  30. Love it. The comic, that is.

    The trailer however isn’t too convincing — too much makeup; they look rather artificial.

  31. There are three movies I hope I live long enough to see – a live action/CGI Evangelion epic, a properly animated Elfquest, and Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League.

    I have fan art in EQ #21

    1. Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League.

      Amen. Ever since I saw the original in the theater I have been waiting. Even if they make it as an “elderly superheroes who still have it” movie.

      1. shameful, true confession: I have a half-written letter to W.D. Richter that i was working on last week, begging him to please get BBAtWCL done before the principles die off.

  32. I am so tired of all the sexist imagery splashed around on this site. Currently, the front page is showing three images of women’s breasts.

    This kind of display and the comments it invariably brings makes the site very unwelcoming to me, as a female geek.

    What makes it so much more jarring is that, on other issues, the contributers seem concerned and interested in seriously discussing gender issues.

    There are tons of spaces available online where men can ogle and sexually objectify women. Can boingboing please not be one of them?

    1. I assume you’re joking, maggotstail, as two of those images are 1) female geeks dressing up as superheroes, and 2) the author of the post showing a picture of herself.

      1. I’m sure I can find you a feminist who’ll explain to you that these women act and dress like that not out of their free will but because of the brainwashing of a male-dominated society.

        1. And I’m sure I can find you a sexist who would use one opinion to dismiss all feminism and egalitarianism.

          As for breasts, they happen. Maturity is often gauged by the reactions, or lack thereof, to their presence.

          1. Yes, but your point doesn’t invalidate the fact that at least two of the three instances on the homepage come from consenting adults who like to dress that way.

      2. No, I am not joking. I realize that these clips and photos are sometimes produced by women, and that the women (hopefully) participated in the acting and costume choice.

        The fact remains that I come to this site because I enjoy most of the content. This small portion of posts makes me feel unwelcome because of its sexist slant. They make me wonder if boingboing is just another boys’ club.

        I feel that this is a valid concern. If I were running the site, I would want to know if I were doing something that was off-putting to readers.

        1. See… I just don’t get it. What exactly is sexist, because they are pretty and show skin? Especially since the costumes reflect how they look in the comics, and they were drawn/designed by a woman.

          This echos some of the comments that Wired was being sexist when they had a ‘cleaned up’ (not photoshopped) pic of a woman engineer on the cover.

          In my mind sexism would be the women portrayed as helpless nothings, depending on a man to save them. Or they were dominated by the males. Or they were portrayed as stupid, and all the men smart.

          I think some of this has to do with our puritanical roots, as I don’t think this is as big of a deal in Europe.

          1. the puritans came from europe (or is england part of some other continent?), and the u.k. as well as the entire european continent has its share of gender inequality and sexual violence to this day… remenber, witches were being burned in germany long before it happened in the colonies. we do the same horrible things, just not necessarily in synch.

          2. Yes – they came to America from Europe because they didn’t play well with one another. Puritanism is ~500 years old, and the sects that migrated from Europe were different than the ones who stayed. Not that Europe didn’t have it’s own prudish laws and what not (see the fig leaf), but in ‘modern times’ nudity is much less of an issue and sex is much less taboo.

        2. I thought that Rob’s post was making fun of the fact that, out of all the available EQ themes, boobage has somehow, shockingly pushed its way to the top.

          1. Well, that still does look as though Timmain is about to test how Nightfall keeps that from falling off.

            Could someone ask Wendy Pini how she kept that top from slipping of the Nightfall mock-up doll she made back in the ’70s?


            Darn it, Maggotail and Antinous! Now I can’t think of anything except “ElfBreast“!

          2. Actor in a costume, yes. I am no stranger to some of those tricks of the thespian trade.

            I meant the Wolfrider character, Nightfall. I don’t think she’s supposed to be sticking on her clothes with tree sap. And yet, the World of Two Moons must have gravity.

            I think back in the day we decided she was mildly telekinetic, but could only affect her shirt.

      1. No, I am not a troll. I am a long time reader of the site (though first time poster) who is raising what I consider to be a valid point in a reasonable and rational way.

        My nickname is a college holdover from my entomology days at Purdue.

        1. Uh, ’cause “Maggotail” sounds like a troll-name from Elfquest? Like Picknose? Or Oddbit? Or… Old Maggoty? So it’s a double-entendre on commenters who threadjack, otherwise known as…

          Never mind. Should never explain a joke.

          But I don’t see BoingBoing as being disempowering, sexist, or well, any of that prejudicial crap.

          Firstly, it’s the Boingers’ blog. They post what they post, and Everyone Else in the World has to deal. This is always Rule One.

          Secondly, breasts. Xeni posted a pic of unicorn pasties earlier. That was categorically breasty. Then she posted a pic of herself in a plug for Yuri’s Night, showing the sticker on her chest. It’s Xeni expressing the fun of the event, but I guess you just saw cleavage. But then she posted on Iman Al-Obeidi’s horrific story. Then Rob posted on this Elfquest cosplay, where the fans are all dressed in the costumes Wendy Pini designed in the 1970s. Again, cleavage, but EQ was always pretty damn feminist, accepting women and men in all their emotional and social ranges.

          Frankly, I never understood how Nightfall kept that thing on, but she did, and she always kicked ass.

          But breasts? The pasties made me think of breasts, but the other stuff was in their own spaces, all of it part of this mad mutant world, with joy and peace always a photon’s breadth from disaster, cruelty and pain. The Boingers, especially Xeni, understand this and face this mix unflinchingly.

          Don’t bother asking them to flinch.


          As for policing what women can be seen wearing, that’s a slippery slope of it’s own:

          BoingBoing has always done a thorough job of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. Including bashing the fashion magazines, the real venue for body image & objectification enforcement.



    2. A quick perusal of the link provided shows that this short little piece was produced entirely by women. Granted I’m not up on current women’s issues theories, but isn’t it even remotely possible the the author posted this because he’s a fan of Elfquest and thought this was interesting? He’s posted on Elfquest before.

  33. I’m also confused by this trailer, and the countdown. Is the countdown for a longer version of the trailer? It’s not really explained as far as I can see. As it is, the teaser trailer isn’t really much of anything and seems to miss the point of a teaser trailer… it doesn’t suggest anything beyond “plotless soft-core porn”.

    The cinematography, editing, costumes, etc. are nice, but there’s nothing really going on.

    If they did spend $7K on this as another commenter says (not sure where that’s mentioned, certainly not on their site), it should be understood that the video set-up they’re using (Canon 5D MK2 with external display and unknown lenses) easily would have cost them $4-5K, and a computer to edit it on $500-2000. Add expenses like food and transportation for the crew (which numbers 4-5 according to the behind the scenes photos) and actresses, plus whatever the actresses and crew were paid, and you’ve easily blown a $7K budget before you even got to pay for costumes, special effects, etc.

    That’s why I’m a little skeptical of the content here… the teaser is well-made, but I don’t hold much hope for the full trailer (assuming there is one) having much more content than hot girls posing.

    I don’t mean to sound too disparaging; I think it’s a neat project and much better executed than most things like this you see on the internet, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak and I hope the full trailer has some real content!

  34. This reminds me more of a certain infamous World of Warcraft porn parody site than Elfquest.

  35. Paula Rhodes (the elf in green with the red hair) is a dear friend and a wonderful filmmaker who was kind enough to appear in a trailer that I produced a while back (Google her name to watch some of her award-winning short films). Producing film trailers out-of-pocket for a project that is important to you and to a zealous (and sometimes judgmental) fanbase is a difficult and often thankless endeavor with no promise of positive results. Kudos to Paula and I hope her trailer attracts enough investors to bring Elfquest to life!

  36. You know that creepy feeling some people get around furries? Yeah. I always got that vibe from Elfquest.

    And yes, furries are totally implicated here.

    It’s a bit beyond “implicated”, considering the Wolfriders.


    Wait. Wait a minute!!11oneoneone No Cutter? No tongue-silver Skywise?

    I understand the EQ reboot will star Chris Pine as Cutter, Karl Urban as Skywise and Zachary Quinto as Rayek.

  37. I once met a woman in SF who had her ears altered to look like elf ears. Her real ears, not prosthetics. She was very fetching. I think her radio name (in LA?) was something like the Wood Nymph or something.

  38. Anything snarky that anyone can say about this is tempered in my mind by the fact that Paula Rhodes was absolutely BORN to play Nightfall.

  39. Those pesky facts getting in the way again…

    Fact: This is not the entire fan film; this is a snippet; the full 5-minute trailer will be posted in (as I type) 1 day, 11 hours, 48 minutes and 24 seconds.

    Fact: This effort has nothing to do with the actual movie that Warner Bros. is developing (which the disclaimer should make abundantly clear to even the most hard-of-thinking).

    Fact: The main reason for this fan project by these many lovely and enthusiastic folks is to raise WB’s awareness. Yes, the studio’s put serious $ into the real movie’s development but they haven’t yet given it a green light. The more they can be shown that there’s a large EQ base out there, the more hopeful we all may be that they will ultimately say “yes”.

    So please wait until you’ve seen the entire thing, and keep in mind the reason it exists, before airing this episode of “Snark/Countersnark” – thanks.

  40. An indie film budget will not include camera gear, lights, or editing stations- those can be borrowed.

  41. I like Nightfall and the shining Winnowill eyes, but the sound is distorted and why only females? Not having Cutter or Skywise is a big miss!

  42. OMG – I am just shocked at some of the reading comprehension on site that usually has very ‘smart’ topics.

    The first sentence says, “Fans of classic indie comic Elfquest, tired of waiting on Warner Brothers to get cracking on the official movie, recently finished work on a “fan trailer” featuring some of the series’ female characters. ”

    “FAN” made. Which means the women involved are probably big Elfquest geeks relishing dressing up like their favorite character. Even if not, it has NOTHING to do with the creators of Elfquest or the real movie that is in the works.

    So getting pissy at this is as productive as writing Paramount about some Spock on Kirk fanfic you read. Being it is made by amateurs who are doing a labor of love, no one is practicing sexism or exploiting women.

    IIRC, those costumes are really close to the comic, and in the comics the female characters are very strong (making sense, as 1/2 of the team is female).

  43. “Video of hot elf women” says it all…

    I’m with you maggotstail. The same comments always appear: “these are adults who choose to dress that way/ show themselves in that way”. They get pissed because it makes them uncomfortable because they like to ogle women and act like there is nothing wrong with supporting this sexualization of women. They act like there is not a mainstream society still today that rates women based on their bodies and sexual attractiveness. A society that ever woman is pressured into believing as a child, teen,and adult. If they were showing illiterate , old-timey slave imagery, they would probably have black boingboing readers that would complain, with comments in response saying how they need to shut up and take a joke in the most sarcastic manner possible.

    They might even find a quote from “a woman” saying something like “I like to be sexy, it makes me feel good, and doing it on stage/video is part of my art.” Well, of course women will continue to choose to sexualize themselves because they will be fulfilling the role they’ve always been told to have. I would not be surprised if these are the same people who say men need visual stimulation and women like romance novels and chick-flicks…maybe even mention something about evolutionary psychology…

    1. If you don’t like the way modern men think/what they are attracted to/how their brains are wired don’t blame us. Blame your mothers, grandmothers and all the women who came before you. They chose what traits to pass on with who they chose to reproduce with.

      Or you can do like my mothers did. Can’t find a good man? Raise one.

      Seriously. Your griping about a blog where almost half of the posts are from strong, independent, comfortable with sexuality women. Besides isn’t Xeni into boobies?

      In closing…. BOOBS!

    2. re: “Well, of course women will continue to choose to sexualize themselves because they will be fulfilling the role they’ve always been told to have.”

      One could argue, for both sexes, that evolution dictates this and presenting oneself as a desirable mate is one of our base biological mechanisms.

        1. …but that is not actually an argument I’d wish to make; it was just presented to n my mind by that article i cited. (imho, personally, as to the difference between the sexes: vive la difference!)

          There is a difference between the mechanisms of natural and sexual selection as to the survival over time of genes; and it might be best to keep that distinction in mind when discussing this topic.

        2. I get your point, but I don’t think we have evolved the base ‘lust’ for a physically attractive specimen. Not to say we are slaves to it, as we possess the ability to weigh pros and cons, such as financial stability, sense of humor, intelligence, similar interests, or women who inherited HUGE tracts of land!

    3. Mary, of all the frustrating ill thought out comments I’ve seen in this post yours gets the honor of being bad enough to warrant a moment of my time. Congratulations.

      I was a crew member on this. I have never read Elfquest and thus have no attachment to the material. I came on board because the driving forces behind this project are friends of mine who are some of the most talented, creative, and passionate women I’ve run into in the industry. I would claim that they resent your insinuations about their character, but frankly they are probably too busy to have read your little rant. I can only speak for myself.

      You seem to be under the impression that the only women who could make something like this are those who embrace sexuality because they have no other choice. You assume that these are people whose only virtue is their beauty and their only recourse is to exploit it. You are most assuredly wrong. These are women along with holding masters degrees, having been professional athletes, etc. have a very strong reputation as producers of successful independent content, none of which is sexual in nature.

      In your haste to strike a grand blow for feminism you either willfully or ignorantly ignored the possibility that these women are exactly what they claim to be: fans who wanted to spend two days in the woods making a movie in tribute to something that greatly influenced them as kids. When they thanked us all for “helping them make their childhood dream come true” I sincerely doubt they were referring to having people check out their cleavage. And while I don’t know Mrs. and Mr. Pini very well, I doubt the tears in their eyes while they watched us film had anything to do with pridefully advancing misogyny.

      If you want to take issue with how people respond to scantly clad women, fine. (Remember that the women men are saying lewd things about are my friends.) If you want to claim the depiction of women is often harmful to society, I would agree. But don’t assume that just because a woman’s mid-drift is on display that she is incapable of making her own choices or unaware of what she’s doing. That line of thought reveals far more about what you think a woman’s role in society is than anything else.

      Have a wonderful day.

  44. Hey maggotstail and maryofkentucky – have either of you read Elfquest? Seriously, go read 1 through 20 of the original. It was and still is an AMAZING series, not afraid of having hot elves of BOTH genders. Not to mention a damn good read.

    And on a side note, does anyone here have a link to A Wolfrider’s Reflections? The only copy I can find is a CD on Amazon for $25. I was hoping that it might be in MP3 format somewhere out on the Internets.

  45. I’m sure it could be crappier but I don’t see how. Back in the 80’s all I remember about elfquest from skimming the comic was angry elf guys riding wolves, saving indian looking elf girls and knifing bad guys.

    No knives and no indian girls as elves makes it’s a failquest.

  46. Personally, the nature of many of these comments, and the original post itself, strike me as distasteful and not fully respecting of women and…. oh hell, who am I kidding…


  47. ok, soooo … all the elves are female, all the humans are male, Leetah isn’t dark-skinned. Is that the best they could do? And what’s with the corny evil chuckle for Winnowill?

  48. I didn’t think this was excessively sexist, but discussing how men are genetically programmed to be attracted to particular shapes and women simply have to put up with it makes me wonder.

  49. I seem to remember there being male elves as well. Not that I mind seeing a jiggly Nightfall, but this seems to be a bit short on the other half of the elves.

  50. IMO the “porn makeup” brought the quality of the piece down quite a bit. Otherwise, I see a pretty faithful and beautiful tribute to the awesomeness that is the ElfQuest series and the incredibly strong and beautiful female characters it has to offer. You can say what you want about feminism and the proliferation of boobies on the internet; but as a female fan, ElfQuest was one of the first (and few!) examples of really good character writing for women in a comic. Yeah they were sexy, but they were also nuanced and believable characters who had a lot more going on for them than their sometimes improbable cleavage. Plus, the comic gave equal treatment to the men and prominently featured tight little elf butts whenever the opportunity presented itself. I think instead of yelling “Sexism!” when we see something like this we should give people a little more credit for being able to think for themselves and separate the message from the mammaries. BB is not a “boys club” its a geek club; and nothing is geekier than spending ridiculous amounts of money to dress up as a bunch of fictional characters and play in the woods for a weekend.

  51. This is like some sort of calender softcore fantasy video, no males, no story, only girls in makeup and being sexy. That girl in green, those are some impressive mammary glands.

  52. The trailer made me wonder why they had not bothered to hire someone that could sew and whether I could apply as a seamstress for the sequel. And then I though about the fitting sessions and got pretty bothered and hot. And then I realized that I had just violated some feminist code.

    Waiter, please bring me a Unicorn chaiser! With a 32 sided dice please!

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