Augmented reality toys that change pants and personality


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  1. shadowfirebird says:

    “A new type of content platform” -> “A new way for us to make money”.

    Cute idea, but frankly, too limited. Although these are almost certainly the fastfood-giveaway-toys of the future.

    My 10c.

  2. bjza says:

    “Toy” seems like the wrong word for these things. As interesting as the AR demo in the last minute of that video may be, it’s far too passive for the way my younger self interacted with toys.

  3. OceanRobots! says:

    I disagree with the view that this would be boring. Think about the possibilities for narrative and interactive stories. Throw in a gyro and gps and other sensors, and give these guys a decent web AI and these could be 1000x better than those old Tamagotchi toys. We’re talking Diamond Age Primer type stuff. Love it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Weird reference to the Bourne Identity film. “Look at what they make us give..” when Bourne kills the other treadstone agnet.

  5. scifijazznik says:

    Novel, but it sure doesn’t look very fun. I’ll double down on shadowfirebird’s ten cents.

  6. slgalt says:

    Is this a stealth advert directed by David Lynch?

  7. Sparrow says:

    I find that my pants, or lack thereof, have an immediate impact on my experience of my environment. I still haven’t figured out how to swap my head, though.

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