Hidden art in Woody Woodpecker


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  1. Zoll says:

    The woody cartoon is meh… I’m mesmerized by the Universal logo at the beginning, how did they make it?? Neeed…. to… stop repeating it… but can’t…

  2. blatantdisregard says:

    I’ve always been fascinated with the in-between art lost in the action of cartoons. During explosions or when a character is mashed or stretched, taken as a single piece of work some of the cels are really incredible.

  3. sievetronix says:

    I don’t know much about the Avant-Garde but I know this, That Woodpecker is a dick.

  4. bolivar13 says:

    If you’re looking for the painting(s?) check out 4:41.

  5. Sweet Zombie Jesus says:

    I object to the implication in the article that cartoons are not genuine art.

  6. DimensionalPunk says:

    Wow, I’m ashamed to have been a fan of Woody when I was little. I’m glad he didn’t rub off on me at such a young age. Woody’s negative influence must have been overshadowed by characters like Optimus Prime.

    • Pantograph says:

      For me realizing that Woody was a dick was a seminal moment in growing up. Discovering that the Tom and Jerry cartoons by Chuck Jones weren’t merely weird but far better than the rest was another.

  7. nehpetsE says:

    Woody woodpecker… Christ what an asshole! i alway hated him.

  8. nehpetsE says:

    btw, non-art based continuity error @5:38 The construction guy’s stubble disappears for one whole scene. Did they think we wouldn’t notice?

    • nixiebunny says:

      The guy in the continuity error at 5:38 looks like he was drawn by a different artist. He in the background in that scene, instead of being a character as he is in the rest of the film.

      There are layers in animation, and when you shift a guy from one layer to another, it’s like sending him through a portal to another dimension.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with nehpetsE… even as a child Woody W. struck me a s a complete douchebag, not in an anarchic, cool way a la Bugs Bunny, but in a dickish way. He was inconsiderate, self-absorbed, violent… and no subsequent notionsI have formed of the Id really excuses him, in my eyes.

  10. gwailo_joe says:

    Smoothing concrete properly is hard. It’s an art to do it well.

    Woody Woodpecker. . .he ruins everything he touches.

    And his pecks to the head look like they would really hurt.

    crazy unmedicated bird. . .

  11. Nawel says:

    I always loved Woody. I didn’t remember this particular cartoon, but thanks for posting the story.

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