Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-134 launch: snapshots from media camp

Some iPhone snapshots by Xeni.


  1. Sucks, but I’m kinda glad. I was just rushing out of the final oral exam for my master’s straight into proctoring a test, and I was worried I was gonna miss it all.

    Reading around on the great wiki last night in regards to the space shuttle era, and I felt like a kid again. Like going to the planetarium for the first time. Awed by the magnitude, longing to go.

  2. Hey Xeni, If you’re in the area till launch stop by the glassblowing studio in town (cocoa beach) and say hi…There are all sorts of interesting things around here… There are hundreds of manatees in the bananna river marina right now (its a manatee reserve). You cant touch them but swimming in the marina isn’t forbidden and they will come close to check you out/try to scratch themselves on you. They scratch their backs on the hulls of the boats in the marina…. feels like you are going to be tipped over in the middle of the night… There’s lots of kiteboarding etc too.

  3. I really could have used the sleep, people, instead of rolling out of bed with four hours of sleep, getting the car packed, and then the two hour drive south to sit while the sun refused to shine and was actually on the cool side, waiting a 1/2 hour for the porta-potty just so I could pee, and be done in time to find it was scrubbed. At least I wasn’t the couple from MO that flew in the night before, rented a car (their only checked luggage was their folding seats!) and then picked a spot at 6:30AM. And they’re flying back tomorrow! Sucks to be them!

  4. I drove up from Miami the previous day, woke up at 4am, hopped on a bus to the Kennedy Space “Theme Park” and waited hours to get to the causeway… only to have the launch scrubbed.
    Oh sorry, guess I’m a little bitter.

  5. Here’s an interesting quote from James Howard Kunstler:

    “Against the background of what comes to look like a thirty-three ring circus in America’s affairs is the remarkable stream of lying that emanates even from places previously thought to be mentally normal. I listen to the radio when I linger around the kitchen at suppertime and on Friday evening a NASA official came over the airwaves extolling all the future space exploits of the agency. Mining asteroids for high grade metals! Journeys to Mars and beyond! I thought: is this jaboney out of his skull? We’ll be lucky if anyone can drive a powered vehicle from Hackensack to Paramus in ten years. An aerospace scientist ought to know that.”

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