Sony Xperia Mini is tiniest (HD-recording) Android yet

xperiamini.jpeg The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini and Mini Pro have 3" 320x480 displays, 1GHz processors, Android 2.3, and are touted as the smallest Android phones to record HD video. The Mini is touchscreen only, whereas the Mini Pro has a slide-out keyboard. They'll be out in the fall. [Sony Ericsson via Gizmodo]


  1. And in light of all the recent news, anybody who buys anything from Sony deserves whatever they get.

  2. As much as I hate sony, they ironically have one of the more rootable android product lines out there.

    Still tho… I’m really having trouble making myself want to touch anything of theirs…

  3. Who cares if it records HD video. Who cares if the camera takes 500 megapixel pictures. The camera itself is still a crappy, borderline useless phone camera with no optical focus and the digital receiver is cheap rubbish, as with all phone cameras.

  4. Yeah, but it’s Sony.
    Sony, who gives you one and only one chance to get your own
    recording off of your own minidisc.
    Sony, whose hardware prevents proper data paths in HDCP.
    Sony, who root kits your PC from a music CD you put in it.
    Sony, who leaks your information. Again. And again.
    I know: this time it’ll be different.
    But it’ll still be Sony.

  5. Anon: Yes, it’s Sony. And in the past, yes, they fought tooth and nail to keep their proprietary formats. But I have an Xperia mini (last generation, not the new one). It has a micro USB and standard earphone jacks. It uses aan SD card. It plays MP3, not AAC. It is, in other words, as non-proprietary as you can get. Apparently they are (somewhat) reformed. As long as you don’t give them your credit card details :)

    As for the HD video, HD is still smaller than the full size still pictures it can take, so optics shouldn’t be a problem: it’s more an issue of CCD speed and hardware performance. I don’t have HD video on my model, but the still camera is really good.

    It’s far from flawless, it’s a bit buggy and slow at times, and by making it so small you’re giving up a lot of functionality (no multi-touch and forget about decent gaming or web browsing), but for what it is, a compact phone you can stick in your pocket and still have a lot of functionality when you really need it, it’s pretty damn great.

    1. Michael, the point is not that SE has points of technical goodness. The point is that we as consumers NEED to show that the left hand of $corporation cannot actively work to udermine our rights without consequences. Until this is made perfectly clear by the fall of a giant the MAFIAA will continue to trample our rights and pinheaded executives will continue to try to finacially ruin people for daring to describe methods for using anything we buy anyway we want to. Sony has been on the wrong side of consumer rights since the early 80’s It needs to wither away and die.

      THAT is the reason why I & everyone else is saying “But it’s a Sony, don’y buy it”.

  6. who cares? how much money do you have? i’m worried about next month’s rent. just send your cash this way.

  7. Yeah I was going to say this is pretty much my perfect phone (small, physical keyboard, android) but, again, Sony…

  8. These things have been available in the UK for some time. I’ve got one. It’s a nice piece of kit, but my huge complaint is the speed with which the batteries run down. If you’ve nowhere to recharge you need to carry about 4 spare batteries around with you for a single day’s usage. Also, a lot of the apps switch themselves on while I’m not using the phone. I’m forever checking, and closing them down again.

    It’s great fun to have. I like using it. But I’m seriously considering getting one of the cheapest, most basic phones as well, to make actual calls on, and keep my SEX MP (did you notice the initials?)for use as a pocket computer.

  9. @allybeag You’re probably talking about the X10 mini. This is the Xperia mini, which is the successor to that model. The screen’s been upgraded to 3″ (320×480) and it has a 1Ghz processor.

    1. SE still claims only 5-6 hours of call time, so there is some battery issues to be taken care of yet.

      Btw, to those that say this is Sony. Actually it is a jointed venture between what used to be the handset divisions of Sony and Ericsson. With the former doing the product design, and the latter providing the electronics engineering.

  10. This is a poor clone of the N900 nearly 2 years later. Unfortunately, we can’t hope for anything innovative from Nokia…

  11. Contrary to what most commenters here are saying, SE phones aren’t really Sony. I’ve been using Ericsson phones since before the handset division was spun out and later bought by Sony, and they kept many design and UI elements. Today I use the SE X10 mini pro (looks pretty much like the model pictured) – it’s very usable despite the tiny screen and low (320×240) resolution. I think it has the best UI of all Android phones, and I think it’s far better than any Nokia model on the market today.
    I’m no Sony fan and I don’t think I’ll buy any of their audio products; Certainly not any sort of PlayStation. But I really like SE phones.

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