"Transparent Rugs" rug

sonyarugs.jpg Sonya Winner makes these brightly-colored rugs "after Matisse," which means you have to write in to find out the price. [via Design Milk]


  1. Pretty tacky how she tags her logo right there on the corner of the carpet. That completely ruins the concept as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Agreed.
      “Who made your lovely rug?”
      “Oh, her name’s on the back.”
      Problem solved.

  2. Agreed on the unfortunate tacky signature. Also, for what it’s worth, her site design is frustratingly horrible; so glad BoingBoing included a link to the Design Milk blog.

    ( Another fun article at Design Milk, about a product I hadn’t seen before: anti-theft lunch bags. http://design-milk.com/anti-theft-lunch-bags/ )

  3. Also, as a lighting designer, my first thought was “oh cool, a rug that looks just like a big ol’ pile of gel!”

  4. Yeah, my first thought was: That’s pretty rad! Then I saw her signature, and was like: That’s lame!

  5. The name is tacky. But! If it’s customizable to whatever you want, it’s awesome!

    It’s probably not…

  6. Cool concept, and something like this on the wall might be nice. As a rug, though, it would drive me insane. The room would never look like it was completely picked up and straightened.

    Also, I agree, the aggressive branding makes it tacky.

  7. Hey folks… I just actually looked at her site and on the first page that opens after the intro, there’s a picture of the same rug in an office and it does not have her signature on there.

    Just so you know……

    1. OK, at first I was all “OH COOL!” then I was all “OHNO! LOGO!” Now I’m back to really wanting one of these.

      Putting a logo on is actually OK for a demo piece. Hell, I might even want THE ONE with the logo.

      1. Hell, I might even want THE ONE with the logo.

        Maybe it’s worth more money on the used rug market too.

  8. Hmmmm…Looks like she recently discovered the “Multiply” transparency function in Illustrator. Looks cool, though. Agreed about the signature. And…after Matisse? Well, only in that Matisse also cut-up paper.

  9. Almost thought this was a cool model of subtractive color, until I noticed a couple of panels that just don’t jive.

    Still pretty, though. I wouldn’t mind having it on my floor.

  10. On a wall, yes, pretty. On a floor, hoovering it would be a bit difficult with all those corners. Just saying.

    1. I think even walking near it will pose a little bit of a problem. I can see those corners blunted and curled up like elf shoes within six months or so.

      I think this is something I’d only put out during the times I take the plastic covering off the furniture.

  11. Hmmm A lot of logo haters out there…which is cool if you are real honest about the whole thing:No bags with little ‘c’s or ‘LV’s on them, no little hurley tags on shirts or ‘calvin’ on the waist bands, no polo pony’s anywhere…

    I would venture to guess
    When you get dressed
    You look like a billboard
    Across your chest.
    (More or less)

    I think the rug is colorful and fun…not matisse but not a Pier One rug either.

    There, my two cents …now where are my RAYBANS?

  12. Hi this is Sonya, this image is of my prototype rug- no others since have had my signature on there as it was way to prominent. Check out the other images on my website of this design and you will see there is no logo there. Thanks for your feedback.

    1. Hi Sonya! As a graphic designer, I’m drawn to this rug like a Pantone Swatch book LMAO… I think it’d be great in my home office! :) Dare we ask price range on your rugs?

  13. Dear Rayven,
    If you are interested in prices for the ‘After Matisse’ rug do make an enquiry via my website.
    Many thanks Sonya Winner

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