Gator and canoe, Texas summertime (photo, Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


Photographer and Boing Boing reader Fred Facker of Houston, TX shares this image with the Boing Boing Flickr pool. "Just a floating log next to our canoe."

"You can go get the canoe," he writes. "I'll catch up."


    1. Yes, this ‘gator doesn’t look all that threatening – more curious. It’s like he’s casually interested in what these people are doing with their canoe…

  1. I’ve come close to stepping on gators twice that size. Which was neither intentional nor a good idea. But yeah, not the most threatening alligator I’ve ever seen..

  2. Is that canoe pink with a G on the front? I’m just sayin….
    Being from Houston as well, that is a tiny gator. …

    So Cute!

  3. I was thinking about how good I have it here out west. While in the woods hiking or swimming I really only have to worry about two, maybe three critters. Mountain lions, big, stay in at dawn and dusk, don’t act like food. Rattle snakes, most of the time they buzz first. Bears, protect your picnic basket.

    The rest of the country is loaded with critters that will kill you for having fun outdoors.

      1. what’s the desert got to do with scorpions? my family’s homeland is Anahuac, TX (i’m a ‘double L’ Willcox for any of you folks from the area), gator capitol of the US and there’s gators, scorpions, and rattlers galore…. but that’s nothing… imagine the horror of waking up to crawdad mounds in your front yard.

  4. Interesting perspective shot… had to think about it a sec. Then I realized that’s exactly where I would have taken that shot.

    Half way up a tree.

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