Cyclobe: otherworldly electronic music

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When the aliens land, I imagine that the sounds of Cyclobe will ring out from the crop circles. Cyclobe is the electronic music duo of the hypertalented couple Ossian Brown and Stephen Thrower. Both were members of Coil, and Thrower is the author of several books on horror and psychotronic films. Cyclobe has a new album just out, titled "Wounded Galaxies Tap at The Window" and it's an exquisite hallucinatory cycle of soundcscapes best enjoyed with headphones on, mind open, and eyes closed. Or in the case of the video above, in a dark room on a big display. This is the duo's first proper release since 2001's gorgeous album The Visitors and 2004's "Paraparaparallelogrammatica," a 40-minute "remix" of a Nurse With Wound track. With cover art by Fred Tomaselli, Wounded Galaxies is now available on CD, limited white or black vinyl (yay!), or digital download from iTunes. Also, keep your wits about you at Halloween for a Boing Boing special feature showcasing Brown's spooky found-photo collection and new book, Haunted Air.

Cyclobe (Thanks, Mark Pilkington!)