Cyclobe: otherworldly electronic music


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  1. muteboy says:

    This is very nice! Not to be confused with British experimental hip-hop/electro/ambient artist Cylob (aka Chris Jeffs).
    He made this awesome performance synth that makes excellent use of the iPad touchscreen:

  2. Cowicide says:

    It’s an exquisite hallucinatory cycle of soundcscapes best enjoyed with headphones on, mind open, and eyes closed.

    You need some Shpongle
    If you haven’t already.

  3. littlegreenman says:

    I can’t get it to play – Ubuntu 11.04 with all the medi … err medi … damn I’ve just had one of those memory wipeouts what’s the name of the website where one can download all the codecs for ubuntu? I keep on getting these moments more and more as I approach 60 :-(( Anyway I can’t get to play, just comes up with a window with the usual arrow keys and pause keys on it but no movement. Some label on it about Vimeo – is this another sort of player? Help/guidance appreciated.

    • Marktech says:

      Vimeo embedded videos don’t play for me in Firefox on Linux; if I click on “Vimeo”, it takes me to the video on Vimeo’s site, and it’ll play there.

  4. ummm… Any idea why they’re using the logo from the Symbionese Liberation Army?

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