Swim goggles made from fish scales

Neat post about an experimental plastic substitute made from fish scales over at Brian Lam's ocean-themed blog Scuttlefish. So far art student Erik de Laurens "has made not only goggles, but eye-glass frames, drinking cups, and a wooden table with a fish scale inlay" from fish scales.


    1. Do you eat fish scales? (i.e., they get thrown out anyway–it’s not like making these products from a byproduct of fish consumption would necessarily call for more fish killing).

  1. I’d be interested to see what materials tests he’s done on the “plastic”. I don’t just mean strength either. He’s currently only using heat and compression to hold the scales together, so I wonder what kind of testing he’s done doing things like hand washing the glasses. How well do they hold up to dishwashing liquid? It may be that he needs a bonding agent to coat and protect the scales. That said, using a waste product as the bulk of production is still a terrific starting point.

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