Canada: Prime Minister Stephen Harper likes posting cat pictures to Google+

Canada's Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has figured out what Google+ is good for: cat pictures. Apparently he has a history of using kitteh as political props...

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  1. The Head of State of Canada is The Queen, represented by the Governor General. The PM is just leader of the government. Canadians LOVE pointing this out.

    1. I clicked through solely to point this out. However, I was going to say it thusly: “Canada’s Head of State is Her Majestry Queen Elizabeth II of Canada.” Although English-speaking folk think of the English-speaker queen as the only one, there are a number of royal families around the world in addition to the Windsors.

  2. “If you would just…a little to the left…no, no, too far…closer…closer, no too close. Go towards the wall…”


    Really, though, you knew this. It’s just comment-baiting, right?

    1. F.C.King wrote Public Administration In Ireland, Vol 1. You’re not F.C.King! I hope Google deletes you from the internet!

      1. I know F.C. King, F.C. King was a hobby of mine. Senator, you’re not F.C. King.

  4. OK stripey Stanley the kitty in the first pic is beyond adorable, exuding all the insanity and joy of a baby kitteh of that size.  Me want (Stanley, not Stephen Harper).

  5. I think he posts these photos in order to add ‘thrust’ to his appearance whilst on the Senior’s Home campaign trail. That tour included the “…chaos is lapping at our shores…” speech. Gah.

  6. I think he convinced the aforementioned demographic that they voted into office, rather than Oh, Canada…

  7. Actually Xeni, Harper has a history of using his Cabinet Ministers as political props.  I think he actually likes cats.

  8. Who could hate someone petting a kitty? Who cares about his disastrous policies, hes holding a cat, and its so cute!

     This is holding babies photo op 2.0 for the internet age. 

  9. Not much of a fan of Stephen HerpyDerp but to be fair he also used it to raise awareness about east African drought fundraising.

  10. Somehow I find it hard to believe Harper would find his way on to Google+ within its first few weeks, but… you never know.

  11. “Canada’s Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper”. Why point out party affiliation?

    Would you say “USA’s Democrat President Barack Obama”?

  12. Three fun facts:

    These photos are from months ago when his family asked the public to vote on facebook for the name of his new cat.

    There’s also debate as to whether it’s actually his G+ account.

    He is also a criminal and most of our country doesn’t want him in office.

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