How To Make A Purrito

This purrito cat is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and she is a Ragdoll/British Short mixed Munchkin Female who was adopted 3 years ago. Read the rest

Watch 2 cats watch a cat run across football field mid-game

Recursive Kittens Are Recursive

Watch 12-week-old kitten take 'coffee break'

This adorable 12-week-old kitten needed a snooze during their little 'coffee break.' Read the rest

Video: 'My daughter’s reaction to our new kitten'

You're gonna want to unmute for the happycrys. Read the rest

Kitten discovers walking is hard when you have 4 feets

The sound of his tiny squeaking mews! Read the rest

This pigeon is protecting her baby kitten and will attack if you come near her

Don't mess with this fierce pigeon or she'll take your finger off. She's protecting her kitten, and snaps every time a human hand reaches towards her. Read the rest

Meet Bettie Bee, a darling two-faced kitten trying to survive

Bettie Bee, a lovely two-faced kitten, was born two weeks ago in Eastern Cape, South Africa. According to her Facebook page, she is receiving wonderful care and doing quite well even though so-called Janus cats rarely live very long. The medical term for the rare condition is diprosopus.

Updates on Bettie Bee at her Facebook page.

Read the rest

Kittens play in an Easter basket

This is the perfect use for that post-Easter Easter basket. Read the rest

Perfume to smell like a kitten

Demeter, the fragrance "library" that famously released a cologne with the smell of used paperback books, now offers a Kitten Fur scent. It's available as a cologne, body lotion, shower gel, and other toiletries. (Note: Wow, that's one tiny kitten next to the one ounce bottle in their product photo above.)

Cats. Love them or hate them. There is no in between. But everyone loves Kittens! Now after 15 years of effort, Demeter has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind a kitten's neck.

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Trump mocks Arnold Schwarzenegger's TV ratings; Arnold suggests they swap jobs

A normal morning in Trump's America: the President of the United States turns the National Prayer Breakfast into a platform for one of his inane grudges against another celebrity, then gets owned by that celebrity on Twitter.

“Hey Donald, I have a great idea: Why don’t we switch jobs?” Schwarzenegger suggested in a video posted to Twitter. “You take over TV because you’re such an expert in ratings, and I take over your job, so then people can finally sleep comfortably again.”

Schwarzenegger’s message was in response to Trump saying that when he ran for president “they hired a big, big movie star” to take his place on “The Apprentice.”

Here's Trump's remark:

Here's Arnie's response:

Funny to think that this is orchestrated if not scripted, another siren calling sleepwalkers to the water, that the screen you're looking at right now is the sea of glass that John the Apostle saw in his nightmares, an immortal parody of human empathy to embrace until the missiles fly and the final gasping panic sets in and here's a compilation video of kittens getting brain-freeze after eating ice cream.

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Who captured the best pet as Princess Leia?

Some cute competition below, but Wendy Robbins gets my vote. Read the rest

Kitten Academy livestream

Welcome to Kitten Academy, hosts of a livestream featuring "kittens learning to cat".

"If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 4 hours to see action," the description promises. But the kittens are out in full force this morning.

Brief FAQ: - We are kitten fosters, trying to help rescued cats get adopted by loving homes. - We're in Illinois, USA. - Yes, it's really live 24/7... forever. - We turn off the lights at night, but we have good night-vision set up. For the cats, it seems dark. - We don't get paid for this -- we pay for this. - This stream began on April 20th, 2016. YouTube's time is incorrect. - ADOPTION: Kittens may be adopted through Animal Outreach Society of McHenry

There is a "cheat sheet" to help ID specific kittens. GIFs and other kittenalia are collected at @kitten_academy. Here's a nice video of the kittens sleeping:

Read the rest

Kittens photographed mid-pounce

As promised by the headline, nothing more, nothing less, just kittens photographed mid-pounce. The raw adorable feed: Seth Casteel. Read the rest

360-degree kitten-cam

Complete with the sort of music that accompanies peaceful villages in Japanese adventure games, newStory's 360° footage of four adorable kittens is here to brighten your day. Drag and click inside the video to look around! [via Metafilter] Read the rest

Kitten with head stuck in jar rescued

A feral kitten with its head stuck in a jar is rescued by a jolly hammer-wielding Azerbaijanian. It takes a few whacks to free the poor little critter. Read the rest

Kitten pops a water balloon in slow motion

See the extended director's cut gif here. Read the rest

Kitten fails to impress tortoise

[via] Read the rest

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