Fine art with marching-ant selection borders instead of principal subjects


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  1. chaopoiesis says:

    Principal (marching ants with spelling fetishes).

  2. As a photoshop user of 15 years, I find myself reflexively wanting to hit ctrl+h.

  3. They are interesting looking, when you think about it. I imagine they are moving diagonal stripes of black and white moired against a solid white outline.

  4. Tau'ma says:

    Oh snap, wider than 400 pixels.

  5. Merzmensch says:

    Genious. Magritte would be amazed.

  6. Mate Sršen says:

    Interestingly enough, if you look at it closely (top of left shoulder, close to the collar) you’ll notice that the selection isn’t a closed curve, and so couldn’t ever be made in Photoshop or GIMP (and isn’t, in fact, an actual selection. If there is such a thing.)

  7. Pete Baldes says: from 2005

  8. DewiMorgan says:

    Not sure I get what you mean, but maybe because I use PaintShop Pro
    almost exclusively. In that package, if you select by color (the”magic”
    wand tool) an object with internal areas of the “wrong color”, you can
    get multiple closed loops. For example, selecting the black part of the
    figure “8″, you will have three “closed loops”, two around the inner
    circles and one around the outer outline. This picture seems also to be
    composed of three such loops – one for the outline, one for the eye, and
    one for the collar.

    • Mate Sršen says:

      No, I know what you mean but that’s not what I meant. Look at the outermost selection, on the part left of the collar/tie inner curve (right where the shoulder curves up to the neck). There is an actual break in the line, several pixels long.

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