Cosplay of excellence: Gender Bent Justice League


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  1. absimiliard says:

    Damn, Superma’am’s hot!

    -abs guesses that if he was a straight woman, or a gay man, he probably would have clued in on Superman’s hotness before now, but as it is . . .. . . 

  2. PlutoniumX says:

    That is crazy awesome. 

    Great costumes!

  3. herrnichte says:

    But but… where’s wonder-woman… man? cat-woman… man?

  4. Hanglyman says:

    Swapping character genders is always a fun thing to do. My favorite is Batma’am’s nemesis, Poison Ivan.

    Is it just me, or does Superma’am look a LOT like Lois Lane?

  5. absimiliard says:

    Poison Ivan == 100% Pure Awesome!

    -abs would pay (though not much) to this one done up right

  6. Deidzoeb says:

    Very cute, but the older, more popular male characters usually have canonical female versions: Supergirl, Superwoman, Bat-girl, Spider-woman, She-Hulk. Funny how it rarely happens the other way (like herrnichte said, Wonder-Woman-Man, Cat-Man). Funny how many of them are -girl instead of -woman.

    • Garnett Schuyler says:

      There is a Catman.

    • Guest says:

      That would be the infantilization-of-women thing. ‘Funny’? yeah, I guess, but not ha-ha funny. It mostly pisses me off. Especially considering what a HUGE comic book fan I am. I think comics saved my life! Especially Elfquest and Love and Rockets. I never got into Marvel or DC comics because of the dearth of strong, non-hypersexualized and believable female characters. And, I do love. LOVE superheroes…

      I am madly in like with Super Woman/SuperMa’am. Wow. :O

    • Sekino says:

      In many cases, the ‘-girl’ ones were teenaged characters, not adult women (so a bit like “boy wonder” Robin). And there was a Batwoman as well.

  7. Avram Grumer says:

    I love that Super-ma’am’s hair reproduces the little curl on Superman’s forehead. 

  8. Make Mine Marvel!  X-Women!  Ms Fantastic!  (How about the Fabulous Furry Freak Sisters…)

  9. PlutoniumX says:

    Ladies of Doom? 

    Easy ones to name:

    Miss Mxyzptlk
    Lexi Luthor
    Toy Ma’am

    Less Easy ones:

    Marlyn (heh for Green Arrow)
    Solowomon Grundy?

  10. Rich Keller says:

    Does Rule 63 also apply to Brock Samson?

    • Deidzoeb says:

      They’ve had Hank and Dean crossdress before, with Dean as Slave Leia and Hank as Columbia from Rocky Horror. Just a matter of time before Brock does it, if he hasn’t already.

  11. Traska says:

    So basically, Earth-11 Justice League.

  12. GeekMan says:

    I love these. Some appeared at a previous con (I forget which) and the lady Green Lantern was a huge internets favourite. I also give props to “Power Boy”. All so great. :D

  13. adamrice says:

    Nice. It’s a good thing they went with costumes adapted to their sex rather than straight-up crossplaying…the woman doing Martian Manhunter might have run into some trouble.

  14. Julian Fine says:

    I’d already seen Power Boy, but Hipster Flash is awesome.

  15. Guest says:

    I think there should be a cosplaying workshop offered somewhere (hopefully near me, so I can attend!). I want to dress like Alita (Battle Angel) so bad for my first con this fall, and I have no clue how to even begin putting together something as awesome as these women have!  /envy face

    • Rich Keller says: might have something on workshops or at leat some how-to info. I don’t know for sure, though. I’ve only looked at pictures of some of the outfits.

      The only anime/manga character I’d be able to pull off successfully would be Van Hoenheim from Fullmetal Alchemist. I just need a brown three piece Edwardian era suit and a mopish look on my face.

  16. rrh says:

    It is interesting that I can tell gender-swapped Superman and Batman is not Supergirl and Batgirl.

  17. andygates says:

    I’m impressed with how creepy and exploitative Power Guy’s costume is.  Fanservice, ho!

  18. Donald Petersen says:

    It’s great that Batma’am’s pose and demeanor and, er, pecs make her look at least as imposing a physical foe as the brawniest male incarnation of Batman.  And Superma’am is somehow completely, totally perfect as well… but for some unidentifiable reason, her boots bother me a tad.  They obviously shouldn’t be sexy, shiny, slender, heeled boots, nor should they be practical, clunky, steel-toed Docs.  Hmm.  Maybe they just look a size too big.  But that’s a teensy quibble.  If Superman were rebooted next week in this guise, I’d totally subscribe.

    Another great, subtle touch: the wee flower on the edge of Plastic Lass’ white goggles. Power Guy, though.  Man.  That’s an eyeful.

    • Kit Quinn says:

      I actually really like my boots, I wanted them to match my cape, so I made them from the same fabric.  As far as the shape of the heel goes…yeah I’m not made of money so I just made my Wonder Woman boots for this.

  19. penguinchris says:

    The Superma’am and Batma’am are clearly the greatest, but wow, “Psykitten Pow” as Flash is super hot. Like, my ideal woman aesthetically, and a nerd too (I’m not a comic fan but still).

  20. Kit Quinn says:

    Thanks all, glad you’re digging what we’re throwing out there! And thanks Boing Boing for the repost of the LA Weekly article.  We all think it’s the most accurate representation of what we’re doing, and it’s greatly appreciated. Liz and Shannon rock major socks!


  21. Kit, any chance you’ll bring the Gender Bent Justice League to Dragon*Con in Atlanta come September?

    • Kit Quinn says:

      There’s actually not a lot of us going to DragonCon sadly.  Power Guy and I will be there, but no one else from the league.  I’ll probably bring Superma’am because well, it’s comfy/easy, and Power Guy will probably bring the costume.  But yeah, as of right now we’re the only ones confirmed going to D*C WonderMan and Martian Maneater may go, but not looking great as of right now

  22. Brainspore says:

    I’m not enough of a comics buff to know the answer to this, but with the dozens of Bizarro Worlds, Multiple Earths and Alternate Realities populating the D.C. Universe it seems hard to believe no comic writers had come up with this idea before. It’s certainly at least as worthy of a storyline as “what if there was a dimension where Superman was evil and Lex Luthor was a hero?”

    • hypnosifl says:

      You missed Traska’s post above, which mentioned something called Earth-11 that apparently used exactly this concept. The costumes from the comic don’t look as cool, though.

  23. Gulliver says:

    Wait. Wouldn’t this cause an increase in crime?

    Aqualass’s trident is bitchun, as Mr. Doctorow might say!

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