Sad Etsy Dogs


12 Responses to “Sad Etsy Dogs”

  1. Trent Baker says:

    This is why some people should just not have pets.

  2. Or, indeed, boyfriends.

  3. Mr_Smooth says:

    On the Internet, sometimes everybody knows you are a dog. I need to start a sad Etsy dog rescue operation.

  4. Cowicide says:

    I think the dog in the horrific green and orange gear looks less “sad” and expresses more like:

    “one day… mark my fucking words!!…  one day… I will kill you for this.”

    This owner had better pray there’s never a Planet of the Dogs.

  5. ackpht says:

    That poor dog. “I know I’m being punished for something- I just don’t know what.”

  6. phreatic says:

    The photo titles are gold.  For example, for the photo above: Juggernaut of Unfortunate Choices Dog Stunned by Own Unacceptability.

  7. Phoc Yu says:

    I cracked up at Angry Etsy Cat.   Poor thing was just trying to warn us about Diabeetus

  8. No, now I know what “squick” means.

  9. MDwebguy says:

    Anyone who would stoop so low as to dress their proud canine companion this way would likely attempt to do the same thing to their boyfriend.

  10. tamgoddess says:

    Many small and short-haired dogs need a sweater and/or something on their feet in order to go for a walk on cold days. I really don’t see the problem with their owners having a little fun with it. The dogs don’t care what it looks like.

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