Moon to screw up chances of Americans watching Perseid meteors

Bad news for U.S.-based astronomy buffs. You probably won't get a good look at the Perseid meteor shower happening Friday night. The Moon (you know, the Moon) will be getting all up in your business. Some particularly bright meteors might still be visible, however.


  1. As soon as I get my nuclear moon missile in working order I’ll show that bastard The Moon!  Won’t be stopping our meteor viewing anymore, let alone screwing up our oceans with your fancypants tides.

    1. And THEN what do we do with all those songs?  Walking on the Moon, Moon River, Bad Moon Rising, Blue Moon anyone?  Not to mention all those films and books that won’t make sense any more.  Werewolves without the howling? I don’t think so!  

      Get thee hence and watch Duncan Jones’ lovely movie.  Yes, you guessed it, Moon.  Where has all the love gone????

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