Custom R2D2 sweater


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  1. Zvi Gilbert says:

    Oh, if only he was wearing a matching cap… something like this: 

  2. robertdee says:

    $450? I’d expect the real R2-D2 for that.

  3. ill lich says:

    This will be the only time you’ll ever hear me say “if only he were shorter and fatter.”

  4. Ryan Kittleson says:

    Just don’t ask him to plug into the main computer database

  5. Mister44 says:

    Pfft… Now Boba Fett armor and I’d have to either find the money, buy the pattern so my wife could make it.

  6. mat catastrophe says:

    I was searching for the right word for this when my wife walked by and said, “Unfortunate”.

    Of course, she said it in Klingonese, so she really has no room to talk.

  7. tamgoddess says:

    Two things: yes, $450 is reasonable. It takes ages to actually knit a sweater by hand. The stuff you buy in a store is made by a machine. Even using a knitting machine at home is time-consuming compared to mass-produced knits.

    And: you have to be exactly this hot or hotter to pull it off, but he actually does. Come on. If you don’t like the sweater, just make him take it off. (All your wives who said it looked terrible were actually just trying to save your feelings. Mere mortals who wear this will look horrible.)

  8. William Nobilis says:

    Personally, I am wondering about the pants, myself.  And do they come in black?

  9. Given the shape of a certain class of geeks, especially Star Wars geeks, I’m hoping they come out with a Death Star one that will accommodate our more…spherical shape.

  10. Michael Dawson says:

    For once a costume that would look better on a fat person!

  11. semiotix says:

    Pff, a roll-neck? Yeah, the Chancellorship of Finis Valorum called… they want their fashion trends back.

    • ill lich says:

      This is not the droid sweater you are looking for.

    • penguinchris says:

      Yeah, I actually think it looks pretty cool and it really works – and it’d work no matter what size you were, which is great – but I’d definitely do something different with the collar. And, those pants are pretty bad.

      Well, this would probably actually work really, really well as a t-shirt. Unfortunately I think if Lucasfilm made a t-shirt they’d get it wrong. It needs to be subtle and softly-colored like this one, but they’d probably do it based on the garish Clone Wars animation style.

  12. The things guys put up with for sex…

  13. Jim Smith says:

    Fail. Who would know if you are not told.

  14. tangle says:

    $450 is a steal. She reports that it takes 60-70 hours to make. Materials are likely well over $100 dollars which leaves roughly only 6ish dollars an hour. That’s stupid cheap.

  15. Jacasimov says:

    something about the sweater being too small, and then something else about the model’s impossibly veiny hands.

    also, the rivets on the pants.

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