Photographer gets $9K worth of stolen camera gear back with GadgetTrak


9 Responses to “Photographer gets $9K worth of stolen camera gear back with GadgetTrak”

  1. usuallyconfused says:

    Good thing he’s in LA.  Here in the crime central, our local police can’t be bothered to react to things like positive identification and GPS locators.

  2. Jack Myers says:

    Death to camera thieves!

  3. MDwebguy says:

    Stealing another man’s camera??  What scum!  Lethal injection with battery acid!

  4. travtastic says:

    Just out curiosity, is this serial number removable through firmware, or what?

    Curiosity, really.

  5. mozzlegoggles says:

    If they’re talking about exif data, Im surprised that it hasn’t been done earlier. If they’re talking about examining images for the bias of individual pixel reception components as the FBI supposedly does in cp investigations, then it’ll feel like the future properly. 

  6. Peter Harris says:

    ok I tryed but you must make sure you don’t erase the exif data

  7. Graydon Taylor says:

    You have to be a POS to steal another mans camera gear

  8. SipperSal says:

    all thieves are scum, lazy parasites.  so he got his gear back, what about his images-?

  9. SipperSal says:

    just answered my own ?

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