The Kid Should See This: cool web-stuff for kids

The Kid Should See This: a collection of kid-friendly, kid-exciting Internet stuff, with loads of science, nature, music and fun. Co-curated by a parent and a three-year old. (via Kottke)


  1. I like this idea! I just recently started a tumblr (is that what you call it? a tumble-log?) with short films, animations and other cinematic experiences from the web ( for the curious here is a link : ) and just this morning I decided to make one more focusing on kid friendly movies. 

    I really wish there was a way to dub youtube/vimeo videos though, because there is so much good stuff out there, but since I am danish and my kids are too, they can’t understand most of what is out there since its in english. It is such a shame, so will somebody please invent a way to do dubs/voiceovers on online videos so I could make my own translations/voiceovers of some of those great educational and entertaining videos floating about the interwebs?

    1. You can find browser plugins (for Firefox) that will allow you to download YouTube videos, then you could use video editing software (visit for a good list of open source alternatives) to dub the videos.

      1. Yeah downloading and editing is a possibility, but it sort of loses the whole point of sharing it all on the web. That is basically the same as what I do already when I translate videos for my kids while we watch them, but those kids’ endurance surpasses my patience by quite a lot in the long run.   

        I would really like a way to dub videos and share it online in a simple way. Like that project with crowdsourced subtitles on videos featurede previously on Boing Boing :

        Unfortunately I am not smart enough to build such a feature myself.

        1. I’ve built something similar for Critical Commons at USC, using audio mp3s as commentary on videos with regular audio muted, using plumi/plone and a bunch of other tech. I’m sure they would let you use their software, as it’s based on FLOSS…

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