Space Invaders couch


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  1. Art says:

    Very graphic!  Almost Bauhaus-like in it’s own unique way :)

  2. zombiebob says:


  3. nosehat says:

    Amazing, especially if you picture it in a very clean, bare, minimalist loft apartment or the like.

  4. Jeffrey Duckworth says:

    I’d be afraid to own this unless it came with a laser cannon.

  5. Gulliver says:

    All your seats are belong to us.

  6. nosehat says:

    Now that I think about it, if I owned one of these I’d have to install it on a rail so it could move slowly back and forth through the living room.

  7. icastico says:

    Would look best in a theatre…stadium style seating.

  8. baronkarza says:

    Looks almost painful to sit in. Nice as art, but not furniture.

  9. unicharge says:

    @boingboing-47df106e94587cc01b55ebe519cf1ac7:disqus it’s blocky, but the description says it’s made from memory foam…might actually be pretty comfy.

    • Gulliver says:

      Nah, it’s only got 8 bits of memory foam.

    • Thorzdad says:

      Memory foam *cushions*. See all that white? I’m betting that’s rigid wood-or-whatever. It’s a cool-looking couch, but I doubt it’s something you could survive stretching-out on. Looks like it would be a painful rest.

      • Brian Easton says:

        I don’t know, those white areas seem to be the places where the frame would be on an ordinary couch anyway. If you’re talking about the arms that’s what a throw pillow is for,

  10. querent says:

    I could never keep it clean enough.

  11. Rephlex says:

    I’d lounge on it eating Spacer Invaders Toast prepared carefully on my Space Invaders Cutting Board.

  12. MythicalMe says:

    For $5000.00 I could think of of lot of other things worthwhile to buy,

    Seems to me that it could be made to order (from the description) in about 3 days,

  13. $5000 seems a lot of money for a conversation piece you can sit on. Beautiful in an austere setting but it doesn’t look very comfortable.

  14. MarcVader says:

    I imagine lounging on this couch browsing to to play Space Invaders emulated in JavaScript, feeling a bit nerdy and loving it.

    (If you want to give it a try too, look for the ‘animate’ and ‘enable audio’ buttons, and you may have to disable ‘find as you type’ in Firefox.)

  15. robuluz says:

    That is fucking awesome.

  16. Matt Evans says:

    That is phucking awesome!  A great gaming couch. But yikes!  It costs $5.3K  (assuming I’m not one of the first 10 suckers, erm, customers).

  17. Palefire says:

    Another win for IKEA.

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