Space Invaders couch

I have no idea if Igor Chak's "Retro Alien" (ahem, Space Invaders) couch is comfortable, or if it looks as good in real life as it does in renders, but it sure does look good in them renders!

Retro Alien Couch by Igor Chak (Thanks, Eric!)


  1. Now that I think about it, if I owned one of these I’d have to install it on a rail so it could move slowly back and forth through the living room.

  2. @boingboing-47df106e94587cc01b55ebe519cf1ac7:disqus it’s blocky, but the description says it’s made from memory foam…might actually be pretty comfy.

    1. Memory foam *cushions*. See all that white? I’m betting that’s rigid wood-or-whatever. It’s a cool-looking couch, but I doubt it’s something you could survive stretching-out on. Looks like it would be a painful rest.

      1. I don’t know, those white areas seem to be the places where the frame would be on an ordinary couch anyway. If you’re talking about the arms that’s what a throw pillow is for,

  3. For $5000.00 I could think of of lot of other things worthwhile to buy,

    Seems to me that it could be made to order (from the description) in about 3 days,

  4. I imagine lounging on this couch browsing to to play Space Invaders emulated in JavaScript, feeling a bit nerdy and loving it.

    (If you want to give it a try too, look for the ‘animate’ and ‘enable audio’ buttons, and you may have to disable ‘find as you type’ in Firefox.)

  5. That is phucking awesome!  A great gaming couch. But yikes!  It costs $5.3K  (assuming I’m not one of the first 10 suckers, erm, customers).

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