Catthursday (Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


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  1. Jack Myers says:

    That little cutie is a Mackerel Tabby. You can always tell by the M on the forehead. 

  2. emschelle says:

    squee.  that Peck’s-Bad-Boy-dirty nose is Killing Me.

  3. Calimecita says:

    *were ;-)Cute as a button but probably very scared/stressed, judging by the dilated pupils…

  4. Paul Renault says:

    Uh, it’s Curs’ day.  Not Cat-hursday.

  5. Oh, I – uh…I think I just squee’d myself.

  6. dagfooyo says:

    Beware – the cats are taking over our week – first it was caturday, now catthursday, soon they’ll own all the days.  Then they’ll take over our minds!  We can’t let this menace be… um…

    …awwwwww… keeeyewt!!!  Who’s a good kitty den?  Lookit his tiny widdow paws on the pipe :-D

  7. Art Carnage says:

    He’s obviously planning on how best to kill you in your sleep.

  8. opmaroon says:

    I love cats! Here’s a video of mine learning about DIY.

  9. Hammerchuckery says:

    You’re too early for Caturday. Check your calendar.

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