Chinese netizens angered by "princelings" -- spoiled children of the rich and powerful


30 Responses to “Chinese netizens angered by "princelings" -- spoiled children of the rich and powerful”

  1. Eric Parfitt says:

    Time travel party, B6/5.  Bring the ideal elevator algorithm.

  2. LaHaine says:

    Just like in every other capitalistic country.

  3. peregrinus says:

    “best known for his renditions of patriotic military songs” – does anyone really expect that kind of person to install a backbone and moral fibre into his kids?

  4. Granted it’s my own experiential sample bias, but in my decade of adulthood I’ve started to see this increasingly often among kids in up-and-coming families, ones fighting to hold onto their gains before the tough economy by, today, parroting the childishness of spoiled rich kids.

  5. snagglepuss says:

    Indeed. And why SHOULDN’T the Chinese get their own Paris Hiltons, to contribute to the decay and disintegration of the moral fabric that holds their society together ? It would be WRONG for Western culture to hog ALL of the narcissistic brats to ourselves! SPREAD THE WEALTH, I say!

  6. Daniel Sobol says:

    No license, lousy driving and look what he did to that poor BMW!!!

  7. Andrew Singleton says:

    Welp. I guess I should be happy sensless douchbaggery isn’t monopolized by the American celebrity Idiocracy.

  8. Guest says:

    The capitalist contains within itself the seed of its own devolution.

  9. riceagain says:

    Berated? More like mercilessly battered a husband and wife. Little shit was also carrying a replica firearm in the car.

  10. Roxanne says:

    Sounds like Asia is becoming more Americanized than we thought huh.

  11. Steve Flack says:

    How quickly can we get these people reality TV shows?

  12. Don Hosek says:

    “to sanction” does not mean to punish, it means to give approval. Cory, you’re a writer, you should be getting that one right.

  13. sdmikev says:

    Here’s where flogging could really be put back into practice.

  14. MGO says:

    Best concentration of “princelings” or “little emperors” in North America is in Richmond (a suburb of Vancouver), BC.

  15. Don Hosek says:

    Although the 1978 citation for that meaning just goes to show my point: 1978    Daily Mail 29 Nov. 9/1   Sir Geoffrey Howe‥referred to Ford’s being ‘sanctioned’.‥ Nobody‥made a protest about this violence being done to the English language (or about normal meanings being stood on their head).

  16. Viral Videos says:

    Li Tianyi has no honor and lacks discipline!!

  17. AirPillo says:

    It’s tragic but amusing how a communist revolution inevitably leads to a plutocratic society.

  18. zeruch says:

    If you think this has any strong causation from “capitalism” and I’d say you are delusional.  From Republic to Autocracy, privilege has been abused under regimes/administrations where rule of law is applied highly unevenly (or even arbitrarily).

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