Pop-up, flat-pack camping house for transport on your car's roof


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  1. gwailo_joe says:

    Four people sounds about right: 6 glass windows and a metal frame?  How much did the darn thing weigh??  To say nothing of all the crockery they brought…

    I would prefer a blanket on the bracken under a shady tree thank you very much.

  2. Huwman says:

    I bet that roof section could be engineered to be removable for use as a small boat too.

  3. dainel says:

    A 6×9 house for 4 people? Kind of snug, You might as well sleep in a tent. Lighter to carry around.

  4. Childe Roland says:

    How’d you like to ride out a tornado warning in that?

  5. nosehat says:

    This is all kinds of awesome.

    Plus, a pith helmet!  :)

  6. Stephen M says:

    I thought me driving around with Maggolina Extreme roof top tent permanently adorned to my vehicle was bad enough but this is absurd….. though then again not *that* different in concept.

  7. Rephlex says:

    Ha! That is quite awesome.

    My first car was a 1962 Land Rover – Series II 109″ – Safari model. One of the neater things about the car was that it had a bunk in it that would rise to the ceiling and could be lowered to sleep in. The safari models were made for warmer areas (Africa) and I was told that this edition also had a roof tent that was easily installed (See picture). The idea being that you were safe from lions and other critters that could kill you in your sleep.

    I loved that Landy to death, but it was impractical once I moved to the city, as it took up 1.5 car spaces at a meter. Sucked gas like nobody’s business too, but I will miss pulling people out of ditches with PTO winch and putting the front windshield down in the summer. Good times.

    Here is the “Dormobile” variant as well, which was quite cool.

    I am going to submit a 1980s video of the Land Rover Santana just for kicks, which was just absolutely amazing. Aka the Landsformer.

  8. LaHaine says:

     That’s what we had in East Germany instead:

  9. digi_owl says:

    I wonder how many summers i have seen one of these on Norwegian camping grounds:


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