HOWTO be desaturated

It’s not easy being desaturated. []


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  1. sfslim says:

    Link is b0rken. :(

  2. Thorzdad says:

    And avoid opening your mouth at all costs. Once you do, that full-color orifice ruins the effect.

  3. Dave Clendenan says:

    great pic – need to try that for haloween

  4. corydodt says:

    (At least in the quote..) she makes it sound really hard, why not just create the full-color costume, take a photo of that, and desaturate it to your liking in photoshop/gimp? Then use a color picker to get the colors you need, and carry those around with you while you’re redoing the costume in gray.

    • Lexica says:

      Based on my own experience with fiber arts, I’d guess the problem is not just identifying what the appropriate shades of gray would be, the problem is actually finding fabric/clothing/accessories in exactly the right shade(s) of gray.

      Matching blacks is difficult enough, as anyone who’s tried to combine two or more different black fabrics in one garment can tell you. Gray… yow.

      • Brody Scotland says:

        Thankfully, I just had to deal with one shade of gray fabric to construct the Santa suit. To grab the right colour, I spent well over an hour wandering around a giant fabric store with a printed-out photo of a Santa suit that I’d desaturated in Photoshop, matching the desaturated-red to an appropriate gray fabric that was also believably “Santa Suit”-ish (no nap, patterns, etc). PAIN IN THE ASS. 

  5. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    That is very silly!

  6. Brody Scotland says:

    Correct link to the entire blog can be found at:

  7. There’s still some issue though. The environment lighting of you (courtesy by the sky and all the red guys standing around you) throw colored light onto you, which reflects off your monochrome outfit into the camera. That’s a tricky problem to solve, as you need to rely on the environment light to illuminate you (otherwise the camera would see nothing).

    I believe that you could solve that problem in either of the following ways:
    - make a test photo and tune your grey to be counter-opposed to the environmental illumination at that spot (note this might be a little difficult with people moving around and it’s not easy to apply makeup and new shades fast).
    - fashion your cloths (and makeup) from color e-ink displays that adapt to the environmental illumination in a quicker way.
    - try some metamaterial that doesn’t reflect light of certain wavelengths (like red) and only reacts to other wavelengths (like blue) by emitting it as white (note this would have the added benefit that you not only look desaturated, but also pasted in with photoshop due to missing near environmental illumination)
    - if you have one around, you might try hacking the firmware of a klingon cloaking device to help you achieve proper desaturation .

  8. OriGuy says:

    Now how do you sepiafy yourself? I want to dress in a sepia Victorian outfit and go to the Dickens Christmas Fair.

  9. peromyscus says:

    I use Photoshop. Even if you do it by hand it takes less than a minute. (It also does sepia!)

  10. jeligula says:

    I have been working with Photoshop since forever, having graduated the Art Institute of Seattle in 1988.  This is actually quite easy and I am asked to do something similar at least three times a month.  Not HARD.  But Photoshop is all about making selections.  Everything else is imagination and knowledge of the program.

  11. Bill Wood says:

    Am I missing something with the eyes? They are grey as well. That, at the least, is shopped, right?

  12. Bill Wood says:

    With my incredible internet skillz, I answered my own question. those contacts must have cost. Awesome performance, BrodyQat.

  13. Metostopholes says:

    This is uncanny. Mere minutes ago before seeing this, I clicked “Random” on TV Tropes and got this article:

  14. “And I looked, and behold a pale reindeer.”

  15. Trevour says:

    I think they did something like this for certain scenes in 1998′s “Pleasantville.” Makeup vs. actual desaturation of the footage. It was in one of the bonus features on the DVD. Could be wrong though… I haven’t watched that DVD in 10+ years. Gonna have to go back and watch that now!

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