Fractal Menger sponge made from Post-Its

Nicholas Rougeux made this fabulous Menger sponge fractal out of mini Post-its, which he swears by for erecting fractals:

Each Post-It was torn into 16 equal squares, then folded into units and assembled into the sponge.

Post-its offer surprisingly structural durability and are easy to get in large quantities making them ideal for assembling structures like these.

(via Kottke)


  1. Any idea as to the size?    Here is another  Constructed from standard American business cards, they were built by a friend , J9 Mosely.  Depth zero  is a cube, 5cm on a side, made from 6 cards.  By combining cubes, you can get a Depth one , which is 15cm on each side.  Depth two  is  45cm per side. The largest one she has constructed,  a Depth three (same complexity as the post-it one above) is 1.35 meters on a side. It took in excess of 60,000 cards, and is too big to move in a typical minivan.

    For those that would like a unique keychain ornament, a small sponge is one of the standard demo pieces for 3D printers.

    1. @rjnerd:disqus 

      Any idea as to the size?

      If you go to their Flickr stream, there are a couple of images with hands in the shot that makes for a nice scale — looks like each level-zero face is a little less than one centimeter.

  2. Now this is something I could see cooling my drink.    Internet, I hereby challenge you to make this into an ice mold.

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