Fractal Menger sponge made from Post-Its

Mini Post-It sponge []


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  1. Any idea as to the size?    Here is another  Constructed from standard American business cards, they were built by a friend , J9 Mosely.  Depth zero  is a cube, 5cm on a side, made from 6 cards.  By combining cubes, you can get a Depth one , which is 15cm on each side.  Depth two  is  45cm per side. The largest one she has constructed,  a Depth three (same complexity as the post-it one above) is 1.35 meters on a side. It took in excess of 60,000 cards, and is too big to move in a typical minivan.

    For those that would like a unique keychain ornament, a small sponge is one of the standard demo pieces for 3D printers.

    • flarktobble says:


      Any idea as to the size?

      If you go to their Flickr stream, there are a couple of images with hands in the shot that makes for a nice scale — looks like each level-zero face is a little less than one centimeter.

  2. Rockmetteller says:

    You can also write on them.

  3. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    Shouldn’t that thing be wearing pants?

  4. Mike Norman says:

    I’ve seen this movie. Don’t tease the ghost of the little kid. It will not end well.

  5. .. .__. says:

    SOMEONE has a lot more time on their hands than I do…

  6. pablohoney says:

    Your notes will be assimilated. 

  7. rabidpotatochip says:

    Now this is something I could see cooling my drink.    Internet, I hereby challenge you to make this into an ice mold.

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