Handmade vacuum tubes


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  1. RadioSilence says:

    He uses light bulbs? pshht! this guy hand-makes everything on his diy tubes.

  2. Thomas Shaddack says:

    Properly mastered vacuum technology gives amazing possibilities to a garage lab. For example high-speed high-voltage high-current switches – thyratrons powerful enough to switch megawatt radar pulses, or even krytrons and sprytrons, switches fast enough and with consistent enough performance for triggering the EBWs of a nuclear bomb.

    Then there are the magnetrons, klystrons, traveling wave tubes, crossatrons, and lots and lots of other -trons.

    And lasers, from a helium-neon through CO2 and excimers to the state-of-the-art free electron lasers. (Is there any homebuilt FEL out there?)

    And particle accelerators. And thin layer deposition. And… and… and…!

    And don’t forget high-power triodes, or even a humble diode, as very high voltage diodes capable of considerable current are not so easy to obtain in the world of solid state electronics.

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