Exciting Silicon Valley startup to launch new 'telecommunications' device

Apple has gathered gadget bloggers and tech journalists to unveil an update to the iPhone. Gizmodo, GDGT, and Engadget have boots on the ground and/or liveblogs in the ether (some are covering remotely). Ars Technica and MacWorld liveblogs are down at the time of this blog post. Oh, wait, Gizmodo and GDGT liveblogs are down intermittently too. Geez.


  1. Umm, quite sure Gizmodo does not have boots on the ground, following the kerfluffle with the iPhone 4. They are live blogging other people’s live blogs, though.

  2. Oh, I see today is “Xeni ignores the ethos of Boing Boing to provide free advertising for Apple” day again.

    Man, I was starting to respect the old BB again, too.

      1. But look at this awesome banana %s!  Just look at it!

        And at least this explains what all that  “Siri” twittering was about – it’s Apple’s 1987 Knowledge Navigator video, but actually implemented.

  3. Given that almost every major tech site is overloaded at the moment, I would say this goes beyond “free advertising” to, you know, “news.”

  4. @grimc

    Clearly they are in the pocket of the Banana Lobby.

    Either that or they’re happy to see me.

  5. Generic comment claiming payola with no evidence and holding BoingBoing to some sort of coherent unified editorial voice.  Continued gripe with imagined conflicts with non-existent standards.  Whining about devices not being covered comparing spec sheets but ignoring usability or design.

  6. Wow. They’re risking a lot on Siri (your voice-recognizing, humble personal assistant). iPhone 4S could turn out to be insanely great or…another Newton.

    1. Risk to their reputation as trend setters? I suppose they might. But they’re sitting on a small nation’s worth of cash. Not much of a financial risk for them to include a new software feature.

  7. Holy moly. It’s just a PHONE. Sheesh. Next up: Liveblogging the announcement of Tyson’s new Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken Dipprs!

    Apple’s marketing people must laugh themselves to sleep.

    1. Tyson’s has new Chicken Dipprs!!  When are they shipping?  Can I preorder??  Come on, man, don’t tease us like this.

  8. I have a phone. Its a Siemens. Or a Samsung. Something with an S, anyway. I can probably find it back if you give me twenty minutes.

  9. The title is deliciously sarcastic. Couldn’t we have had at least one decent paragraph in the same spirit, followed by something like, “But seriously, there’s a new iPhone out today”?

  10. New and improved, with 60% less workers that have killed themselves over sweatshop conditions!

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