Exciting Silicon Valley startup to launch new 'telecommunications' device


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  1. Greg Miller says:

    Umm, quite sure Gizmodo does not have boots on the ground, following the kerfluffle with the iPhone 4. They are live blogging other people’s live blogs, though.

  2. Draxlith says:

    Ars is back up, it just wasn’t live updating and you had to refresh. Looks good now, though-

  3. Daniel A. Russ says:

    Oh, I see today is “Xeni ignores the ethos of Boing Boing to provide free advertising for Apple” day again.

    Man, I was starting to respect the old BB again, too.

    • grimc says:

      I stopped reading BB because of all the free advertising they give bananas.

      • billstewart says:

        But look at this awesome banana %s!  Just look at it!

        And at least this explains what all that  “Siri” twittering was about – it’s Apple’s 1987 Knowledge Navigator video, but actually implemented.

  4. Adam Cox says:

    Given that almost every major tech site is overloaded at the moment, I would say this goes beyond “free advertising” to, you know, “news.”

  5. Abe Massry says:

    My friend and I make a skit about the new iPhone. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwUGCfuKFXM

  6. Ean Moody says:


    Clearly they are in the pocket of the Banana Lobby.

    Either that or they’re happy to see me.

  7. dculberson says:

    Generic comment claiming payola with no evidence and holding BoingBoing to some sort of coherent unified editorial voice.  Continued gripe with imagined conflicts with non-existent standards.  Whining about devices not being covered comparing spec sheets but ignoring usability or design.

  8. s2redux says:

    Wow. They’re risking a lot on Siri (your voice-recognizing, humble personal assistant). iPhone 4S could turn out to be insanely great or…another Newton.

    • Bottle Imp says:

      Risk to their reputation as trend setters? I suppose they might. But they’re sitting on a small nation’s worth of cash. Not much of a financial risk for them to include a new software feature.

  9. andrewkantor says:

    Holy moly. It’s just a PHONE. Sheesh. Next up: Liveblogging the announcement of Tyson’s new Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken Dipprs!

    Apple’s marketing people must laugh themselves to sleep.

  10. Frank W says:

    I have a phone. Its a Siemens. Or a Samsung. Something with an S, anyway. I can probably find it back if you give me twenty minutes.

  11. Bersl says:

    The title is deliciously sarcastic. Couldn’t we have had at least one decent paragraph in the same spirit, followed by something like, “But seriously, there’s a new iPhone out today”?

  12. pjcamp says:

    Oh Jiminy! Oh Jeepers! Can I buy? Can I buy? Will Steve tell me how I can use it?

  13. eric Francis says:

    New and improved, with 60% less workers that have killed themselves over sweatshop conditions!

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