Math Girls novel is "Glee for math nerds"

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  1. baronvond says:

    it would be better as sum(2..inf) of 1 / (heart ^ k), because then the sum of all love would be unity.  

    • Oskar says:

      Of course, if heart>1, then that sum diverges, so there’s infinite love in the world. 

      (on the other hand, if heart<1, then it's 1/(1-heart))

  2. Fang Xianfu says:

    Next stop: Math Girls Gone Wild?

  3. The fanfic practically writes itself!

  4. Bento Books says:

    Yalp! Our poor little server… We’re currently upgrading our slice, which will hopefully get the server back up off its knees. Apologies for our lameness. And thank you, Sohagan for the submission!

  5. Bento Books says:

    Looks like we’re back up. Apologies for the delay.
    Loving the equation suggestions… We’re looking for new equations to use for the rest of the series. =)

  6. Mark Gritter says:

    I love that the book appears to be typeset in math-textbook style, and maybe even with a Computer Modern font?  (I’m no expert but a couple spot-checks look like a match.)

    Now if only there were snarky asides in the margins like “Concrete Mathematics”…

  7. Sean O'Hagan says:

    Thanks to @dgakane:twitter for tweeting me about it! Looking forward to the book.

  8. monopole says:

    I’ve read the first volume of the manga, awesome! Imagine that Martin Gardner was reincarnated as a cute tsundere manga girl. That’s what it’s like.

  9. teapot says:

    Isn’t rule 1 of marketing “never compare your product to something as awful as glee“?

    • Bento Books says:

      but… but… it’s Glee with *math*! ;-)

    • MadMolecule says:

      I dunno, I saw an episode of Glee once.  It was bland, but not really “bad,” I thought.  Plus they were doing Tom Jones and Cole Porter songs; if it gives the kiddies an entry point into the American songbook pre-1996, I’d say it’s doing a good thing.

  10. mirrorfield says:

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