Edible pencil made from licorice root

The Matitizia is an edible pencil made from (delicious, delicious) licorice root, created by Cecilia Felli.

(via Neatorama)


    1. Licorice enjoyed in excess can have deleterious effects, yes. So can liquor, sex, and dancing. Still, four of the best things ever. 

  1. If you’re only neurotically gnawing or sucking your licorice root pencil lightly (rather than eating it), it CAN have a mild sedative effect.

    1. Falling asleep and pooping your pants – just what everyone wants in class and the office. Perhaps this is a “teaching” pencil to train people not to gnaw on their writing devices?

  2. No.  No. Licorice is NOT delicious.  Michael O’Donoghue called it “the liver of candy,” and he was being shockingly unfair to liver.

  3. We used to buy chunks of licorice root to chew when we were kids.  We also made sassafras tea from sassafras root shavings.  I guess that’s considered unhealthy now because safrole causes liver damage.

  4. That pencil looks really beautiful (reminds me of pencils I’ve seen made out of twigs with the bark still on). But, how hard/bendy is licorice root? I have never had one so I have no idea. If it is in any way bendy, that graphite rod will break when you use the pencil… BTDT when trying to make my own pencils out of polymer clay (was fun, though).

  5. I’m very confused as to how the lead is put in there. Anyone know?

    Most pencils are made by cutting grooves into a board, laying the graphite rods in the grooves, and sandwiching another board on top. The individual pencils are then created by cutting between the graphite rods.

    It doesn’t look to me that these roots have been split, and I don’t know if you create a curved piece of graphite anyway.

    Maybe the lead is only a cm long, and just pushed in a small hole drilled in the tip? That’s my guess (and makes this only interesting as an artistic piece).

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